Tusk's Love For Books

So I guess I'm going to do some episode reviews for Zyuohger like I did with Gokaiger. I used to do Shinkenger reviews but only based on Youtube videos. As said, this isn't much of a news blog and I'm usually beaten by Henshin Grid, JEFusion and UkiyaSeed with the episode reviews. Plus I felt like I should have done them when I was watching GoGoFive and Gingaman or other Super Sentai that's still not so exposed to a newer generation of Super Sentai fans.

Watching this episode may make a grown up Super Sentai fan cry for awhile. It's not really a sad episode, there's some funny stuff in it but maybe, just maybe some can relate to Tusk's love for books and the old man. The old man is pissed at the new generation who hardly reads and Tusk is one who likes to read. The story featured is the story of an elephant with a short nose. The Zyuohgers participate with their own cosplaying. The old man who owns the bookstore discovers something about them and later decides to help keep their identity a secret.

The monster of the week is Hatena who steals the language of people. This leaves the other Zyuohgers without ANY language. This almost felt like some silly plot taken from Machineman when Professor K tried to steal the words from children's textbooks. As for Hatena, I'll admit he does look like some kind of Evorian monster from Abaranger or some of the Deboth monsters in Kyoryuger. The monster can't be hurt as long as he's got that hat. The Zyuohgers are forced to play charades and well Tusk couldn't guess them. I feel the frustration on both sides. I wasn't able to guess the charades either.

Hopefully, I'm kicked in to do some Zyuohger reviews. Then again, I might start doing some episode reviews for older Super Sentai series that I haven't written much on yet like Dynaman, Changeman and Flashman depending on my mood and time constraints.