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Gobusters Not Popular with Kids?

I just read from Rising Sun Tokusatsu this article and I wish you can all share your thoughts:


Up ahead are my musing over Go-Busters and its ratings – not just its overall ratings, but how it’s doing with kids. (hint: it’s not good) Lately, there has been an increased discussion over ratings and whether or not they really matter to tokusatsu. I’ve always been of the mind that they do and that people can be a little too quick to write them off, but they’re a necessity. Why? You need to know who your audience is and whether or not your show is doing well with the intended audiences. There are two kinds of ratings, the bare rating that gives you the rating of the episode and the demographic ratings. Demographic ratings split the viewing audience into groups based on age, the group Sentai is aimed at is kids, obviously. By looking at demographic numbers, you can see which shows kids tune in an…

Chodenshi Bioman Reunited!

"One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  Chodenshi Bioman!"  Well here's the roster of Bioman's roster (and sadly we'll never know what happened to Yuki Yajima as Sumiko Tanaka is here in her place to entertain us) in full bringing back childhood memories.  So what are you waiting for, "BIOMAN!" and remember now they fought against Gear and how the series inspired other Super Sentai series in the future. :)

Sentai Rangers that Befriended Monsters

In Super Sentai, there were times that a ranger would befriend a monster and here they are...

Hikaru Katsuragi befriended the New Empire Gear's mechanical creation called Brain, who was the brain of Anchor Kans.  By teaching Brain about friendship, her efforts caused Brain to save the Biomen from sudden destruction at the cost of Brain's life, causing much hurt in the process for her.

Daichi Yamagata befriended Sumo Bouma after he defeated the monster in battle.  The friendship disgusted the hate loving Zimba who killed Sumo Bouma, made the monster go feral and fight the Turborangers in giant mode.  Daichi felt sad for Sumo Bouma after they won the giant robot sumo battle with him piloting the Turbo Robo.

Youhei Hama befriend Chime Bouma.  Their friendship was put to the test when Chime Bouma who wanted to be peaceful, was bribed by Jarmin concerning her tribesmen that she will kill them if she refuses to kill the Turborangers.  It was a pretty sad episode and Jarmin was at h…

Super Sentai Rangers' Development I Find Very Well-Written

Well for Super Sentai while some rangers are "pretty standard" but here are some I just enjoyed viewing their development for some reasons...

Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four 2- While treated as a "shadow" to Mika Koizumi due to sudden replacement but her development was really well-written.  While starting off as a pretty childish character, she matures throughout the series evidenced by her change in outfit and her chemistry with Shiro Gou.  I find her whole episode of choosing archery and being a Bioman to be where her development kicked off and made her a fully shaped Bioman.

Takeru/Red Mask- Well I just thought that his love story with Ial was an interesting backstory and seeing how it could cloud his judgment proved he was simply human.  With love as his motivation, then again forbidden love if that's what Igam calls it.  I thought his rivalries with Igam and Kiros were pretty well-written arcs especially with Ial involved- Igam doesn't approve of the relations…

Some Maskman Dub Differences

Well Maskman was my childhood Super Sentai and I'd like to write on the Filipino dub differences.  Here are they:

The names of the Maskmen in the Filipino dub are Michael Joe (Takeru/Red Mask), Leonard (Kenta/Black Mask), Adrian (Akira/Blue Mask), Eloisa (Haruka/Yellow Mask) and Mary Rose (Momoko/Pink Mask). The name of Sanjoru Sugata was changed to Samuel Sugata as well.  To remain consistent, surface world dwellers were given English names as well.

The Great Five's equipment had some name changes.  The Photon Riser Sword was called "Mega Laser Blade" with its finisher renamed from "Aura Final Burst" to "Victory Blow" and the Five Shield was renamed to "Bio Shield".

Now for the bad guys there were some few changes.  The name of Prince Igam was changed to Princess Igamu, the name of Baraba was changed to Dargan, the name of Oyobur was changed to Vulco and the name of Anagbas was changed to Arabus.  What I find weird is how the dubbers o…

Some Unusual Ways of How Super Sentai Teams Get Formed

I just thought I might write an entry of most unusual ways of how Super Sentai teams could get together.  Here are they:

The Biomen

I just find this weird why Peebo would at first shower five individuals in the past exactly 500 years ago with Bio particles and later gather their descendants like action figures.  Seriously I can't blame Mika for not wanting to join the team at first due to being freaked out.

The Jetmen

Okay Skybase was really looking for qualified soldiers and Ryu Tendo and Rie were chosen to be the first two Jetmen but when Radiguet blew off the space station, the Birdonic Waves began to scatter and hit random four people- a lone wolf named Gai Yuki, a farmer named Raita, a rich girl named Kaori and a cheery teenager named Ako.  Seriously, these four guys never dreamed they would be under Ryu's leadership nor that they would save the world!  Hee hee and Gai Yuki was the hesitant hero as well.

The Megarangers

Just my thought that the beginning is pretty one of …

Super Sentai Villains I Find to be Expert Deceivers

In Super Sentai, villains do get deceptive and here are some of them I consider to be on that category...


Farrah was one to use sneak attacks compared to most of her teammates.  While she did use subtle tactics, she also came with her own series of deceptions used throughout the series making her a dangerous adversary.  Sadly she became pretty standard later on.


She was a master of disguises to which Mei rivaled with her.  Compared to her husband, she preferred to use deception to win.

Lt. Colonel Gara

The fake Gara in herself was a really deceptive minion.  While Farrah sadly became pretty standard, she somewhat remained consistent to what Farrah was meant to be as a villain.  Her tactics usually involve deception as evidenced by the kind of Gorma monsters she chooses or how difficult it is to figure out her deceptive tactics.  In the end, she was a prop of deception herself created by Shaddam which I find ironic.


The head of the Gorma triumvirate, I consider h…

Most Honorable Ranger to Villain Rivalries in Super Sentai

While most Super Sentai villains were dirty cheats but a few did deserve a place of honor and here they are:

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon vs. Buuba in Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Well what makes me think this is honorable?  Compared to most Gozma, Buuba was a space pirate who despised the Gozma's cowardly ways.  In fact, it worked itself to the near finale episode where he died.  After he betrayed Gozma, restored Shiima to her true self and marked himself for death, he decided to die in a fair fight against Change Dragon so he could die an honorable death.

Jin/Red Flash vs. Kaura

Kaura despite the fact he kidnapped the would-be Flashmen as infants did show some honor in their rivalry.  First he chose to actually deal with Red Flash himself.  After his defeat, he revealed to Sara who her parents are and does his best to put an end to Keflen but in vain.

Takeru/Red Mask vs. Igam

Their rivalry is intense, yes but Igam and Takeru both have a sense of honor most of the time even if once, …

Some Interesting Super Sentai Senior Gathering Photos I've Collected Just Yesterday

Here are some amusing Super Sentai senior photos I've found.  Now only if somebody can tell me what they are in...
Kihachiro Uemara in a reunion... and like the fact he made a cameo in Gokaiger!

Masaru Shishido in his Toku-themed bar.

Akito Osuga, the legendary red ranger stuntman Kazuo Nibori, Naoto Ota, Ryosuke Sakamoto and Michiko Makino

Kenji Ohba with Touta Tarumi.  Thank you Kenji Ohba for being Gavan!

Naoya Makoto and Ryosuke Sakamoto.. now both elderly.  Mom and I will want to meet them!

Kenta Satou and Yuuta Mochizuki who in here has gained some weight- funny Austin St. John also gained weight as well.

Galactic Empires in Super Sentai

Well here's a list of those intergalactic empires in Super Sentai and my analysis on them. Okay I could be wrong so corrections are welcome. Now here are the evil intergalactic empires in Super Sentai that have presumably occupied one planet after the other. Here are they:

Great Star League Gozma

It was run by Star King Bazoo though at first appearing to be a giant torso in space was in reality a living planet in itself. Bazoo ran his empire by fear and intimidation of his followers, threatening to destroy their home worlds if he didn't get his way or by brainwashing people into his servitude. The empire followed a survival of the fittest mentality to which the strong rule over the weak, which is why they just destroy one world after the other in different ways. Bazoo seeks to become the supreme ruler of the universe in himself while treating his followers like garbage. I thought that this wasn't very cardboard especially how the members Shiima, Gyodai, Gator and Buuba reb…

Villains I Thought Were Very Well-Written

Here are a list of Super Sentai villains I thought were very well-written and my reasons why:

Dr. Man- I would find him to be unique for this reason- while he was the big bad of the show with all his whining that "I should be the leader of the world." nonsense, he does have his inner conflicts especially that we discover he was really "once a man".  What I pretty thought of his backstory with his son Shuichi helped develop a powerful conflict with him- his remaining humanity vs. his selfish ambitions which worked its way until his death where his humanity soon resurfaced.

Buuba- He starts off as a pirate who joins the Gozma but later rejects Gozma's cowardly ways.  His rivalry with Tsurugi was honorable at best.  While he clashed with the Changemen, he refused to use cowardly methods.  In the end, he really did one redeeming deed by setting Shiima free from her mind control (but made her look dead) to which he and Change Dragon had a final duel so he can die a …

Bioman Mecha Analysis

I just thought it's PRETTY MEAN of me to forget making an analysis of one of my childhood Super Sentai robots.  Now on to analyzing the mecha of Chodenshi Bioman...

The Bio Dragon- I pretty thought it's a pretty simple design to carry the mecha though I always wondered why flying fortresses existed in Super Sentai.  Can anybody share their thoughts?

The Bio Jets 1 and 1- The designs are pretty cool actually.  I also enjoy the song that goes along with them as they are launched.  Now Gattai Hyper Cross (Bio Integrate) into...

The Bio Robo- I pretty thought that the robot in itself having multiple sword finishers was a cool idea.  I really did care less about the stay in your own cockpit design.  It was sent by the Planet Bio's people to Earth to protect it, somehow it didn't awaken until the rise of Dr. Man (hee hee) so perhaps the Biomen were aware of Dr. Man's rise in the near future.  My favorite part of it was when the Biomen attempted to charge the Super Mazer …

Turboranger Mecha Analysis

For Kosoku Sentai Turboranger, the mecha simply may have begun a trend that carried itself into other Super Sentai series despite the initial flaws that it displayed.  I just thought fairies x magic may have inspired also the mecha in Carranger considering that both are automobile themed, Carranger was more so although I like Turboranger more.  Now here's what I think about the mecha...

The Turbo Machines- Well I did think that it fit with the automobile theme quite consistently.  My personal favoritge had to be the Turbo GT which for some reason had the 'flight mode' going on.  Hee hee.  As for the Turbo Truck, now it looks more like an industrial truck.  As for the Turbo Wagon, Turbo Jeep and Turbo Buggy they appear to be civilian vehicles.

The Turbo Robo- Well it became another robot after the Bio Robo to have more than one finishing move.  There was the dashing slash attack, the other was where it had the Turbo Crash attack or it could use the twin cannons (which are f…