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Maskman's Two Cannons

Maskman was the first Super Sentai to have a change of equipment.  Here's how it was done:

The first was the Shot Bomber weapon.  I could not understand what that freaking backpack was there for but anyway, I did like this weapon's design a lot.  However Kiros was able to destroy this weapon the first time he appeared with the help of his horse which was really an underground monster.

The Jet Cannon was made to replace the broken Shot Bomber which I think was well-written despite it being an obvious plot to sell another toy.  I was amazed at this weapon's sleeker design plus it could fly, creating a really cool weapon.  I pretty much enjoyed this weapon in its own way.  Too bad this concept hasn't been used ever since- that is the flying cannon.

Super Sentai Series I've Enjoyed Superficially (Maybe in Part) for the Girls

Special Police Dekaranger asks, "Do you Sean Akizuki plead guilty or not guilty of attempting to flirt with Jasmine?"


Now moving on, I'll put the Super Sentai series I've enjoyed superficially and I've ranked them by era since as said, flowers wither and flower blooms like soon enough, I'll wither too but some of these older girls may be aging but are still pretty (but not hot, of course time flies!). =P

80s era:

Four.  Bioman- I'll plead guilty I had a crush on Hikaru!

Three.  Liveman- Despite the season being a deeper series, hee hee Megumi cheers up the dark atmosphere for me!  In fact, I'll confess I find her prettier than Nanami!

Two.  Turboranger- Haruna is pretty hot so yeah but the teenagers fighting to save the world theme really appealed to me eventually more than she did!

Top one goes to Maskman- It was all for that childish admiration of Momoko I watched the show before as she was just too hot, at least she's got …

Super Sentai Series I Didn't Enjoy Superficially for the Girls

I will plead guilty I've enjoyed some series superficially for the girls but maybe here are those that I didn't...

Chikyu Sentai Fiveman- Okay some boys find the Hoshikawa sisters their type but me, well I enjoyed them for who they are.  I didn't really find Kasumi or Remi really hot, I was more admiring their battle skills even if it's not really spectacular to me.  Or that even in the middle of some burn outs by Hirohisa Soda, the series can't be counted as horrible either after I revisited it.
Chojin Sentai Jetman- I'll admit I don't find Ako Hayasaka pretty or anything, in fact I enjoyed this show for its value.  I didn't really even have a crush on Aya back then, my crush was on Ako for who she was pretty much she was my ideal girl though my favorite was Ryu.  For one thing, despite other series having prettier girls, I could not let go of Jetman in my heart as my top Sentai. ^_^
Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger- I don't really find myself really that e…

The Beastnoids of Bioman

I decided to make a post dedicated to one of the biggest "mysteries" in Super Sentai, the Beastnoids.  I really have my thoughts on these guys...

Just who are these guys?  Well those who've watched Chodenshi Bioman will automatically remember the fact that the show lacked human-sized monsters that were enlarged, rather these five played as the human sized monster of the week that were sent retreating by the Biomen whenever they were damaged by a Bio Electron move.  There was Messerjuu the birdlike monster with laser powers, Psygorn the three-faced psychic with pyrokinesis, Juuoh the de-facto leader for some reason despite his stupidity who only worked with Monster, Mettlzer the stealth warrior with a lot of deceptive tricks making him Farrah's favorite and Aquagaiger the water warrior who's apparently the least competent.  Psygorn happens to be my personal favorite with how badass he can get or how he really gives the Biomen a lot of trouble.

Messerjuu- He is the…

Not Sixth Rangers But Still Sixth Members

Well there are members in Super Sentai who became sixth members but not by the right of spandex but as different types of heroes.  Now moving on:

Ninjaman in Kakuranger

Signalman in Carranger

Gosei Knight in Goseiger

The Evolution of the Sixth Ranger?

I haven't done any evolution discussion so far but looks like I'll talk about how it all came about in my point of view in the midst of facts:

In Bioman episodes 35-36 it was a two parter involving Shota Yamamori who was a protector of nature who fell in love with Jun Yabuki. In those two episodes, Shota tries to join the Biomen resulting in hilarious results, at the same time teaching kids never to imitate what they see on TV. After he realizes he can't join because he doesn't have ANY bio particles whatsoever, he is dejected. He is fooled by Farrah who turns him into the Magne Warrior (under mind control) to which Jun frees him from. Pretty much brainwashed and crazy.

In Maskman, we have X-1 Mask who was pretty much experimental again. This time, he was a senior to the Maskmen and a prototype that Takeru tries to convince them to join but failed to do. He was an anti-hero jerk like Gai Yuki but also in a way emo. Did this guy inspire Burai's creation?

Pink Rangers and Short Shorts?

It seems to be very prevalent for most Super Sentai seasons to have pink rangers and short shorts (I wonder if this is even intentional or just trendy since short shorts don't always appear) though it's not always the case but here's some I've noted:

Peggy Matsuyama/Momo Ranger

Karen Mizuki/Heart Queen

Maria Nagisa/Miss America II

Akira Momoi/Denzi Pink

Best Done Revelations of Heroes and Villains in Super Sentai?

While some Super Sentai secrets were known to the audience first and not to the characters, however some secrets are just too hidden from both characters and audiences until much later or some mid-series.  Like I could name some of them that I thought are in that category:

Dr. Man's origins were what I'd call pretty well written making him still a memorable character.  To be honest, some may have never thought he was actually a human being because of his costume made him look too mechanical.  But it did make some sense behind Shuichi's being his son with his really tragic background that he forcibly turned himself into the world's greatest genius.

Commander Ibuki being an alien.  He was disguising an alien for some time, it's amazing to know he was really an alien who wants to prevent the Earth from being destroyed.

Bazoo as a living planet.  It's pretty much something while you think he's some kind of huge lifeform, you may never expect him to be actuall…

Minor Wishful Thinking for Some Villains

Here's a few villains I had some wishful thinking on designs and in part, casting.  These are just nothimg more than wishful thinking and despite these "flaws" I'd say everything still turned out well:

Zeba- I wish his disguise was made far less obvious, that is rather than an underground monster with a very obvious disguise that he's not at all human, why not make him look more human?  I mean, the mask already could have alarmed suspicious thoughts among Tube but they were all too scared to do so since he's already killed a GOOD NUMBER of opposition against him.  If he had a more human disguise, just think of this... nobody would suspect he was a monster in disguise that he was really the second Lethal Doggler in disguise. I mean, monsters have already disguised themselves as humans with human faces so why not him?  So with that human face, I'd really love to see a freaky revelation that who they think is human was actually a monster disguised as one, re…

Bandora Song Translation

Well for all those who think the Bandora song is cool, here's the translation.  RIP Soga Machiko.  Now for the English lyrics:

Listen up, you foolish people
I am the greatest witch of all BANDORA

Do Do Ra Do Ra!  Do Do Do Do Ra Do Ra!
Do Do Ra Ra Do Do Ra Ra Bandora!
Do Do Ra Dora Do Do Dora Dora!!

Do Do Ra Ra Do Do Ra Ra Bandora!

Viewing so far away the Earth is like a mysterious blue sapphire Aside from my Dora Scope the planet's just a swarm of filthy trash As I trush up the precious Earth there's a gang of the stupid human race Now all of my minions will crush them in a landslide like mashed potatoes Totbat, Buckback, Griforther, Priripcan, now let's go!
Do Do Ra Do Ra!  Do Do Do Do Ra Do Ra!
Do Do Ra Ra Do Do Ra Ra Bandora!
Do Do Ra Dora Do Do Dora Dora!!

Do Do Ra Ra Do Do Ra Ra Bandora!
What do I hate the most in this world? Children!  Children!  Anything but them! The goal is to be tough, make them cry, shut them up! More worst like infested rampant mold!
Do Do R…

Wizard of Oz Tribute for the Deboss Army?!

I don't know how many of you watched the Judy Garland (RIP_ version of the Wizard of Oz movie but notice this rather bizarre picture.  So we have Canderrilla as "Dorothy", Dogold as the "Cowardly Lion", Aigallon as the Tinman, and Luckyuro as the "Scarecrow".  Hmmm thoughts anyone?  Forced?  Well this picture isn't mine, it's from J-Hero.  I wish you all comment but my apologies, I am currently trying to water my other blogs but thanks to all Power Rangers, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider fans who support my work and the work of my fellow critics.  Now for a fun song...

Singing to Defeat Monsters

I'd like to present the use of singing to defeat the monsters not ever since I read a review on the latest episode of Power Rangers Megaforce.  Here they are:

Yuuma used his horrible singing voice to defeat the Space opera singer Zonos.  This one I could relate to considering I'm pretty tone deaf but this one is on the screechy side.

The Fivemen faced off against Chevalier's Cricket Jin where they eventually sang the Fiveman song to defeat their enemy.  Chevalier revealed he has a very smooth singing voice though I doubt it that it's really Kihachiro Uemara's because the song "Hero" was by Kai Band.  But it was a very cool episode for me overall.

In the case of Eri, it's her cute little voice vs. the rock and roll monster who has a very horrid voice.  It's pretty much a reverse of Yuuma although I think the song is kinda "too generic" for me, like the one that was later used in Power Rangers Megaforce with the same effect of having flowe…

Various Gimmicks in Super Sentai for Demographics

In Super Sentai, while primarily it's a child's market but somehow it does also tries to capture other audiences like the older male and the older female audiences.  Here are some of the gimmicks I thought was used to do so:

For children:

Cute items.  Fiveman had tried with the Fiveman dolls which I think wasn't very well-received by the older bracket since I thought they got corny when I grew older.  But cute items do try to appeal to the children.  Go-onger did also go as far as to make the mecha look like the one from Cars while giving the show a very wacky plot.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger was basically very child-focused with a lot of child of the week scenarios.  In fact, Bandora's infliction of harm on children and the Zyurangers saving them was pretty much an appeal to the younger audience.  Zyuranger had a lot of colorful costumes, cooler looking mecha and some crazy humor aside from the children of the week.

In Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Kou's appearance was pro…