Not Sixth Rangers But Still Sixth Members

Well there are members in Super Sentai who became sixth members but not by the right of spandex but as different types of heroes.  Now moving on:

Ninjaman in Kakuranger

Signalman in Carranger

Gosei Knight in Goseiger


  1. Yeah. Most fans thought that Gosei Knight is the sixth member of Goseiger but for me, not exactly. I always thought of him as your additional warrior (kinda like Gingaman's Black Knight)...

    If I recall, as per Gosei Blue's backstory, there was suppose to be a Gosei Green which was Blue's partner but unfortunately died.

  2. They are ignored as the 6th member because they are big bulky robots with no human alter-ego. And yes, I consider them as 6th member.

    Though it was done in Gobusters, and Gavan is considered a hornorary member by the team if he wish to return.

    It was ahead of their time if Toei did allowed it, a crossover between Flashman and Spielban!!! They both shared the space theme and defending earth from Alien Empire. And there battle suits have the same motiff but still one is armor the other is spandex.
    They should both have crossovers and a misunderstanding duel between Red Flash and Spielban first. I can see Spielban, Lady Diana and Lady Helen as unofficial members of Flashman!

  3. goseiknight was approved as a sixth ranger..look at gokaisilver ranger keys and his goldmode.that shows the approved sixth ranger


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