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Freaky Body Swap in Gokaiger

The Gokaiger body swap is just creepy.  Honestly, remembering previous body swaps can be done.  Luka Millfy isn't the first yellow ranger to get body swapped with a male done by a villain- Remi Hoshikawa once switched bodies with her twin brother Fumiya Hoshikawa via Scorpion Catfish Jin in Fiveman.  Also, I can remember the rather funny incident in MMPR season one where Billy Cranston and Kimberly Hart both switched bodies as well. :-P  BTW I'm still looking foward Gai Yuuki's return.

Gokaigers' Hurricane Encounter

Compared to previous nostalgic episodes, I count this to be the most awesome two-parter ever for the following reasons:

The first three Hurricangers return but looking quite different, doesn't matter because they do kick major evil butt.  Unlike the others, they managed to regain their powers for some reason and fight with the Gokaigers.  It's really a bigger crossover.
Apparently Satakatura and Sandaaru managed to sire their juniors somewhere along the way before Jakanja eventually fell down.  Hee hee.  It's just funny as they were never heard of to have been married.  When were they born?  That's up to you to decide.  But I can really say, they're just as racist and cruel as their fathers.  They also play a lethal game that the Hurricangers beat them in- a game of cheating.
Marvelous, Luka and Joe transform into the Livemen.  Well just fitting knowing that Hurricanger has also been inspired by Liveman.  Hee hee.  But I wish Joe became Yellow Lion and Luka became Blu…

Fighting Racism in Gokaiger?

In Super Sentai, it seems that almost every season features racist villain factions who really hate regular people thus it could be their primary motive.  Actually we've had anti-racist propaganda in Super Sentai but this episode is kind of a "wtf" for me...

I guess this episode may be made to remind the Japanese people that they did suffer from a racist history which is true.  Reading through history books, Japan did have a racist history especially against people under the Japanese colonies.  It was Americanization that opened Japan.  The vendor Noboyuki's mother is against Jerashid from being an apprentice until...

Jerashid took the shot meant for the woman.  They do fall in love to pretty quickly.  I do find it weird how the Zangyacks do fall for humans like Insarn falls for Kyousuke Jinna.  In me, there's something that I'd like to embrace these aliens as "genetically human" despite their appearance because as usual, alien suits in Super Sentai a…

Poll Results as of August 2, 2011

Here are the following poll results that I haven't posted.  Sorry.

How do you rate Gokaiger?
277/299 rated it as awesome. 10/277 rated it as average. 12/277 rated it as just okay.
Should Gokaiger be the last Sentai series?
Yes it should be the last only had 20/314 votes. The rest had 294/314 votes for more Sentai.  
Poll time from Power Rangers Samurai...
How do you rate Power Rangers Samurai?
169/284 says it's a good series.  I suspect trolls here. 53/284 says it's an average series.  I agree with this. 62/284 says it's a bad comeback for Saban.  Operation Overdrive was much worse.
As a Sentai fan, are you still watching Power Rangers Samurai?
220/281 are still watching.  The rest aren't.  I don't know why they're watching this- berate it, praise it?  I don't know their real motive for still watching it.  Me?  Stopped watching it already.

Gokaiger: Girl Power and Family Sentai

Gokaiger 23 is pretty much recalling the family Sentai despite it being a girl power episode... the Gokaigers also learn the power of a family in some way like Gai Ikari treating Ahim like his little sister.  Also, I pretty felt like that espionage missions involving disguising as the opposite gender is just humiliating IMO.

Matsuri Tatsumi is a special guest for this episode with a rather expanded part.  She takes part against Basco despite the fact she doesn't have her powers...

Shout-outs to family-based Sentai...

] Ahim and Luka as Five Pink and Five Yellow...

Going to Magiranger but hey, it's a reverse.  Magiyellow as a guy and Magiblue was a girl.  I somehow feel awkward about this.

The Gokaigers as Gogo V...