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N-Ma: Infershia's Ruler

N-Ma is obviously a pun on "Yama" although I think it would have been more appropriate to name him as Amatsu Mikaboshi the Japanese god of darkness since Yama, like Hades in Greek mythology is a neutral deity. During the start of the series, he was broken into several pieces like Pangu was and so his minions use a different part of his previous body thus allowing him to take part in battles- Buranken for instance uses his fang in battle.

He was in fact an invisible force that menaced the Magiranger siblings and frequently sought to return. Despite his lack of a physical form, he still was menacing enough as to transform Blagel into Wolzard whose former goodness couldn't be conquered for long in the end. He always had the problem of the Magitopia's energies as long as they were around, he could never assume a physical form.
It was revealed in Stage 34 that he needed the demon energies which he awakened in an octopus-like form- one ready to destroy the Magirangers. H…

Gaja the Terrifying High Priest

Gaja... the Boukenger's final enemy. In fact, he's one mysterious foe and a rather interesting one.

The fact is he was first released in episode one when Bouken Black arranged the puzzle revealing the Gordom seal which caused him to be released from his sleep. Awakened, he decided it was time to conquer the world and shape it as he saw fit. Apparently he's the only surviving member of pure Gordom blood as maybe some of the Gordom already intermingled with other civilizations thus ending the pure bloodline. Whatever it was- Gaja awakened only to find out he had to deal with the Boukengers.

If that wasn't enough, he met a rival for power in the sadistic Ryuon who was after the Gordom treasures. The two became rivals and sometimes joined forces but in the end, double crossed each other. He also had to deal with the Dark Shadow who he gave some of his Karths to and joined forces with them whenever he had to.

He ended up joining forces with the demonic Ashu namely Gai and…

Ragorn: The Twice-Lived Emperor

I think Ragorn is among those villains that deserves tribute this Halloween. It's almost that day and I think this guy deserves to be in the spotlight.

Okay what's the big deal with him? He is the emperor of the Hundred Violent Demons. He was first seen in episode two (or three if you count the tribute as an episode). He can be seen frequently at war with ordinary humans and he can go as mad as to even wish to eat human dumplings during the earlier episodes. And when he gets angered, he would smack anyone down even his trusted adviser Professor Rehda (who I may spotlight next month).

The fact is is anger is so great that his minions greatly fear him. For some reason, he was infuriated with Jarmin and Zulten the most. At one point of his anger, he was however appeased when Zimba decided to protect Jarmin from Ragorn's wrath. But when Zimba died, he threw his wrath at Jarmin and sent her to her death. When he got angry, he sent Rehda to destroy the Turborangers with h…

Sentai vs. Supernatural Enemies

The fact is Sentai did also fight against some witchcraft casting enemies. I would like to show how they did fight against them as well.
The Maskmen fought against Zeba a powerful sorcerer who was also an underground monster. They used science and their aura power within to battle these forces.
Turboranger combined science and fairy magic to battle agaist the Hundred Violent Demon Tribe led by Ragorn who also used the same type of tactics. The enemies did also involve half-human, half-demon foes in Yamimaru and Kirika.
The Jetmen fought against the Vyram that combined both magic and science. However they are the first team to use purely technology against magic.
The Zyurangers use their own mystical powers against the evil witch Bandora similar to folktales.
The Dairangers used their aura power like the Maskmen did but to a more mystical aspect against the Gorma who used heavy amounts of sorcery in its plans.
The Kakurangers used ninjitsu in their battle against the Youkai forces. Hmmm…

Some History Mentioned in Boukenger

There were some fictional Precious associated with real people like:
The Three Kingdoms' weapons in Task 3 and later used by Ryuon in Task 37 are Chinese inspired. They are said to be developed by historical figure Zhuge Liang.
This ring in Task 22 was said to belong to the very intelligent historical figure of King Solomon of Israel. However the real ring has no such power and is no longer existent.
The Legendary Armor in Task 28 is said to be worn by Saito Musashino Benkei.
Task 27 had the Feng Shui Compass. Eiji mentioned about the power and influence of Feng Shui on Chinese Emperors. However no specific emperor was mentioned.

Boukenger and Fairy Tales

The fact is Boukenger was quite laced with fairy tales too. In these episodes are stories found in children's fiction like:

Task 6 featured the story of the Kubi or the cursed mountain in Japan.

Task 8 made reference to the legendary city of Atlantis.

Task 12 featured the story of the Pied Piper although the outcome where the children were sacrificed is NOT in the storybook.

Task 13 featured the story of Princess Kaguya of the moon. Selene could actually be Princess Kaguya or maybe her descendant.

Tasks 15-16 refer to Atlantis once again.

Task 17 refers to the legend of the Ogre Mirror.

Task 24 refers to the story of the Tanuki Drum.

Task 26 refers to Cinderella with the glass slipper Precious. One of the villains in the story is Cinderella's wicked stepsister.

Tasks 29, 30, 33 and 34 make reference to the story of Lemuria.

Task 32 is somewhat referential to the Flying Dutchman.

Task 36 tells the story of Momotaro but a glitch is the use of a female baby instead.

Task 39 makes referenc…

Some Wizard of Oz Influence on Super Sentai

I think Super Sentai has some Wizard of Oz influence. Here are some of them:
Barza's role in Zyuranger is almost like the "Wizard of Oz." However he has no guise whatsoever.
The wicked witch Bandora of Zyuranger would be the wicked witch of the west. However water doesn't destroy her. The conflict between her and Barza is similar between the witch and the wizard in later adaptations.
Bandora's feared general Griforther is a winged ape-like monster. He almost represents the leader of the winged monkeys, depicted to be serving the wicked witch of the west full time in some incarnations.
Takku the mechanical owl may be inspired by Glinda's owl which appeared in some adaptations.
Soga Machiko's last role before her death was as Magiel. Okay she's not Bandora nor a sister of Bandora. However she is seemingly inspired by the enchantress Glinda who gave Dorothy the ruby slippers.
Mr. Voice appearing as a rather intimidating character in Boukenger is actuall…

Ryu Tendo's Wacky Grandmother

I was honestly thinking Jetman episode seven is just too much. A sentai grandma in battle? Hmmm that's something too much. I wonder why the gimmick was never used again. Still, I can't help but want to write a tribute to Ryu Tendo's grandmother- a loving, caring but can be over the boarder annoying. She reminds me of my old teacher who hasn't retired despite the fact she's already 81 years old!

The character appeared seeking for her grandson Ryu Tendo hoping to give him to marriage but of course, she doesn't know that he is the red ranger of the Jetman team. She had offered him one girl after the other but to no success- Ryu Tendo after losing Rie Aoi seems to have become a shy bachelor by that time. Of course, Guy Yuki wanted to take advantage of it to get Kaori Rokumekan for himself.

Actually she did discover of their ranger identities and objected to Ryu Tendo being the red ranger which of course, something Ryu Tendo couldn't do. She however ended …

The Fate of These Boukenger Villains

Boukenger was a series that was great for me. However there have been quite some things about the bad guys left to fan speculation like:

How did Gaja ever survive the final battle? Is he really undead or what? Is he dead for good? Probably without the Gordom Heart, he can't resurrect anymore. Just a hypothesis.

Ryuon lost his powers as a dragon-human artificial hybrid. Did he survive or did he die? It seems he died. If he escaped, he might be a thug by now.

How did Gaku ever survive the final blow done against him by the Boukengers? So how does Dark Shadow operate now that they are apparently depowered?
And of Shizuka- will she fall for Bouken Blue?

Banban Akaza to Hoji Tomasu: To Aibou or Not Aibou?

Okay I've done an analysis on Red Hawk and Black Condor as well as Bouken Red and Bouken Black. Okay let's think about it that Banban Akaza is an unlikely red ranger and Hoji Tomasu is a better second in command (that is when Gyoku Rou of the Leon Star the leader he looked up to got injured and was replaced by Banban Akaza).

The fact is the two didn't get along. Why? Well Banban Akaza was just too hyperactive to lead and Hoji Tomasu felt that Gyoku Rou was a better leader. In fact, Hoji Tomasu decided to get all arrogant with Banban Akaza because he felt insulted at how he had to get orders from a delinquent. So there the battle began.

Of course it wasn't easy because Hoji Tomasu always didn't like the idea of partnering with the new Deka Red. Well that's because Gyoku Rou was a better leader in his head. So the two had to adjust to each other and with Hoji Tomasu being professional tried his best not to clash against Banban Akaza or Doggie Cruger.

But the…

Violent Scenes in Super Sentai

Super Sentai is known for being more violent than Power Rangers. Now I'd like to put some in picture form to what makes Super Sentai more realistic than Power Rangers despite the weirdness in it.

These pictures I hope will convince you NOT to imitate what you see on TV and that violence isn't fun! Some things to note:
There's much damage when there's an attack and an emergency situation is NO joke.Some enemies come in a deceitful manner as portrayed in most of the series.Playing with dangerous weapons can hurt you.Justice and revenge are different. The super sentai team fight to protect people putting vendettas behind, revenge is all about self.Here are the types of violence common in Super Sentai usually NOT seen in Power Rangers:

Knives were a common dangerous weapon in Super Sentai.

The use of guns have become common in Super Sentai.

Stabbing is another common violent act in Super Sentai.

Most fight scenes in Super Sentai are more intense than Power Rangers.

The heroes …

Sentai Alumni Marriages in the Past

So far here are what I know of Sentai alumi marriages. I just posted my favorite Jetman couple Ryu Tendo and Kaori Rokumekan as the heading. I really voted for them to be together maybe because my Ryosuke Umezo look-alike rival liked Guy Yuuki. :-P

Here are some of them:

Yuko Asuka, the woman who played as Farrah in Bioman married Hikaru Kurosaki of Jaspion fame. They met in episodes 35-36 where Hikaru Kurosaki appeared as an impulsive young man she deceived into becoming a nega magnetic soldier.

Kotaro Tanaka and Rika Kishida of Jetman fame got married (but some sources say it's false and that both married somebody else).

Reiko Chiba who played Mei in Zyuranger is married to Tetsuhito Kirihara who is not an actor.

Shiro Izumi is married and has one son. He is currently doing business and living a private life.

Deka Blue's Feeling Blue

It's been long since I did a spotlight entry on a hero, a villain... whatever. Perhaps it's time to talk about my favorite Dekaranger- Deka Blue. It seems tragedy hits this guy so much more than any other blue ranger. So that's why he's feeling blue.

Probably his first known tragedy is that when Gyoku Rou a commanding officer whom he looked up to with much respect got replaced by a delinquent named Banban Akaza. It was just the start of his gloom and doom one way or another. He did a good job as a second in command, he was more ideal and he believed Gyoku Rou was ideal to lead them. But his expectations fell down when things really started to go away for him.

Actually he does seem arrogant but I find him far more noble than Sky in Power Rangers SPD. At least he respected Sen Enari's opinions even if at one time, he crossed the border when he failed to rescue a captive when he got fooled by a disguised Alienizer. He was one to follow orders by the book, was sub…

The Better Second in Commands

There were times when a second in command was better than the red leader. They are:
Kenta/Black Mask- I think he's a better leader than Takeru/Red Mask being more down to earth with the others.
Junichi Yamagata/Black Turbo- He was more reliable in leading the Turborangers than Riki Honoo/Red Turbo was. He is far more patient and calm and plans things ahead most of the time. He is very systematic in his battle plans too.
Kouichiro Endou/Mega Black- He is the better second in command being concerned about his duties above that of Kenta Date/Mega Red.
Gaku Washio/Gao Yellow- He is far more professional than his leader Kakeru Shishi being a professional air force pilot.
Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue- I find him to be having the personality of a typical sentai red leader who seems rough but has a good heart. He is the "tragic ranger" of the group thus I think the blue signifies it. I find him even more noble than Sky in Power Rangers SPD. At least he doesn't treat Sen like the w…