Deka Blue's Feeling Blue

It's been long since I did a spotlight entry on a hero, a villain... whatever. Perhaps it's time to talk about my favorite Dekaranger- Deka Blue. It seems tragedy hits this guy so much more than any other blue ranger. So that's why he's feeling blue.

Probably his first known tragedy is that when Gyoku Rou a commanding officer whom he looked up to with much respect got replaced by a delinquent named Banban Akaza. It was just the start of his gloom and doom one way or another. He did a good job as a second in command, he was more ideal and he believed Gyoku Rou was ideal to lead them. But his expectations fell down when things really started to go away for him.

Actually he does seem arrogant but I find him far more noble than Sky in Power Rangers SPD. At least he respected Sen Enari's opinions even if at one time, he crossed the border when he failed to rescue a captive when he got fooled by a disguised Alienizer. He was one to follow orders by the book, was subjected to the SPD more than ever. In fact, it was that caused him some of the worst tragedies. Being a nice guy and going by the rules is a difficult duty to carry out.

His first hard mission was when he was forced to kill Vino who was really an Alienizer spy all along. He trusted Vino and looked up to him only to end up killing him. He ended up volunteering to confront Vino to save Doggie Kruger, another commander he looked up to with much respect. With one shot, he felt his own heart stabbed with a knife, a wound that took a long time to heal.

Perhaps the other should be the time he worked hard to get a new title only to give it up. Why? It was involved that the very woman he loved, his girlfriend Teresa (played by Chie Tanaka) had a younger brother named Mikene Clord guilty of experimenting on human women. Without a choice, he ended up killing Mikene Clord to save the lives of future potential victims. Like Takeru in Maskman and Ryu Tendo in Jetman, he lost the girl of his dreams.

Actually he ended up accepting Banban Akaza as leader and partner in the long run. Trying to let more of his noble soul come out, he decided to stand by the rest until the final battle.


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