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Super Sentai Series I Feel I Could Relate To...

Okay I will admit that Super Sentai is just fiction, but I do admit that in Super Sentai, there is a degree of realism to add to it like character flaws, tragedies and nightmares that just don't stop in the midst of fictitious environment.  So here are the Super Sentai series that I could relate to:

Chodenshi Bioman- Well this is the first in the list.  Not much here but I do remember there were times like Shingo I fell into self-doubt or like Ryuuta that I was a rebellious youth during my teenager years.  I also remembered like Jun where I realized that heroism is far more important than fame and that fame isn't about heroism and vice-versa.  On the side of the villains, I could relate to Dr. Man in my foolish quest to become the most intelligent person on Earth.  Made me think I'm glad Dr. Man's intelligence enhancing machine is just fiction or I'd be an old man by now.

Hikari Sentai Maskman- There was a time in my life I felt like love was my motivation.  I also…

Sentai Revelations That The Audience Knew Before the Rangers

Well I just thought that there were Super Sentai revelations that were known by the audiences before the rangers ever knew them.  Here are the following as far as I can remember so don't hesitate to tell me where I'm wrong with this list:

Igam's "gender crisis" that is she is a woman pretending to be a man.  The audience knows from the first episode or for some, her childhood flashbacks that she is a woman.  WTF Maskmen?  Can't you see she is really a she?! :P

Emperor Zeba not being human was a secret that started to go around the series before the Maskmen knew of his hair-raising secret- foreshadowing on the obvious.  Seriously one can see that he is really a legendary monster and various episodes foreshadowed it to the viewers.

Bias' ultimate aim and that he was an old man.  The audience got to learn that Bias was really an old man who used artificial means to extend his life though it was revealed way later.

Ragorn's return after he was supposedly …

Apparently This Was Zeba's Supposed True Face

I give my credits to this source: Well here's my help to Fantasy Leader's post on this:  I always wondered what Zeba's face was supposedly like while I was a child watching Hikari Sentai Maskman, although I always did suspect he wasn't human to begin with noticing he had very scary eyes or that voice was just monstrous.  This just was something to how in the world did the second Lethal Dobler manage to get a human disguise?!  Hmmm I hope this photo is real of what they intended Zeba to be.  Or maybe Lethal Dobler like some underground monsters did have the ability to become what we believe, the ability of human disguise.

Happy Father's Day 2012


Shinkenger Chibis as an Icebreaker

Well for a short break, these guys will make us adore their cuteness. XD  So who wants to grab them?!  I hope their cuteness has made me forget the stress I passed through the remembering of nostalgia.  Now on to them...

Now back to the show!!!!

New Event: A Deeper Look at Nostalgia from 90s-Present

Okay I decided to go on an event that will involve looking at deeper nostalgia and perhaps kinda link it with Kamen Rider or Metal Hero.  I will state facts, opinions and even read through other Sentai blogs but I'm planning to do it per season starting with the 90s to 2000s.  So here's my list:

90s may have a solo analysis:

Gogo V

2000s may have a solo analysis on:


Well I'll try to do all I can which I might title it as "Nostalgic Analysis Part X: (Insert Sentai Title)"... I might put some ice breakers in between to avoid boredom too.  Thanks.

My View on How Naruhisa Arakawa Writes Stuff for Super Sentai

After I wrote my opinion on Yasuko Kobayashi, I could proceed with Naruhisa Arakawa and here's what I think are his prevailing styles to why I think he's such a major favorite aside from Kamen Rider fans:

My View of How Yasuko Kobayashi Writes Stuff for Super Sentai

Although Yasuko Kobayashi won first place in the polls, let's remember that she does have her mistakes too.  No perfect series.  So I guess I'll talk about her writing in Super Sentai than just her contributions.  So how does it work for now?

Similar entry:

Strong start, weaker middle, stronger end... it kinda shows how things work.  Then again, I don't feel the weaker middle is considered horrible.  So I guess if the middle of her series gets stronger, she must have been hiring competent writers to help her not to get the weaker middle to fail.  See that face?!

A blast to the past with other Super Sentai series.  Apparently that is what she does.  I could compare Gingaman to Flashman (both good series) and also Shinkenger to some references in Maskman with some of its characters (read here).

There's some foreshadowing of the truth done throughout the series. Gingaman kinda foreshadowe…

My Top Five Picks for Powerful Hero with Star Crossed Relationships

Okay I think I also want to pick on powerful hero relationships. Powerful as in it was really a mover, or that it went so well with the flow of the story and it had an impact to the overall story. Here are they...

5.) Tatsuya and Yuuri

This one for me is really just quite powerful. Why? Well at first, they didn't meet each other as exactly lovers or anything. Both of them fell in love despite being 1,000 years apart (now that's freaky!) and they never were able to tell their feelings until it was too late. I find this odd but hey I want to add it here!

4.) Rio and Mele

Considering these two transitioned from villains to heroes late in the series, I'd put them in. I considered their relationship to be something that also made Gekiranger interesting. For Mele, she was strongly devoted to Rio for reviving her. For Rio, Mele was his all. I really felt VERY ANGRY at Long for killing them!!!!

3.) Daigo and Kujaku- Oh boy why do I like this tragic story so MUCH?! Daigo fell for …

My Top Picks for Good Monster Deaths

Here are some monsters I think were really more than just monsters, they showed some powerful drama behind them and showed that they were not really monsters compared to their masters.  Also these deaths were not just merely ordinary deaths but those that really MOVED me a lot.  These monsters deserved a second chance but they alas had none.  Seriously events like these monsterize the villains than they've already started.

Now here's the list...

4.) Charcoal Org- He was a good natured Org and wanted to reform as he loved children.  Sadly Yaiba and Tsuetsue took control of him and the Gaorangers had to kill him.  In the end, he was seen in Heaven cooking dinner for Futaro/Gao God.