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A Toku Themed Bar? Masaru Shishido Opened One!

While I was reading one of my currently number one J-Entertainment and Tokusatsu blog "Orends Range" I ran into this interesting information: former actor Masaru Shishido opened a Tokusatsu themed bar!!!!  Wow!  Looks like he's not the only red ranger to open a restaurant as Kazunori Inaba is currently running a restaurant. So how do I think of it?  Here's my thoughts on the information Ukiya Seed is sharing to all of us Toku fans...and I caught it while reading his blog whenever I can:

I guess he hasn't forgotten about Tokusatsu after all... like even if they proceeded to soap operas and action series, Toku is after all what launched them.  And here's another...

And here's the ambience... and according to Ukiya Seed the following actors have been there: Touta Tarumi, Keichi Wada, Kenta Satou, Kei Sindachiya, Yuu Tokita and Daisuke Tsuchiya have been there.  So who wants to go?  So I guess this is a place for adult toku fans who wanna feel young but maybe…

Super Sentai's Musicians

Thanks a LOT to Fantasy Leader for his blog entries on "Super Sentai hobbies" now I can segregate the musicians but I might be missing a few or a LOT.  Here are they:

Jin Makoto played the trumpet.

Both Daigorou Oume and Tatsuya Midorakawa play the guitar.

Hikaru Katsuragi plays the flute.  I can NEVER forget her playing the Bioman tune on her flute.

Momoko did play the flute for one episode only so I might delete her from this list.

My Picks for Really Corny Moments in Super Sentai

Like it or not, there are a few instances in Sentai that will be pretty corny and here are a few:

Bioman episode 12- Okay Mason was being despicable in that episode but the fact that Green Two thought he killed a boy's father (who was really a mechaclone), he forgot the one fact that HUMANS just don't explode like that!  Hmmm... it could have been remedied if Mason's mechaclone didn't explode.  Just my pick but some will disagree with me on this!
The annoying Five puppets in Fiveman.  I thought they were cool as a kid but they got quickly boring.  Glad they ended when Chevalier got appointed as captain.  Or perhaps the last minute shift of antagonist by turning Meadow into just an illusion and revealing Vulgyre was what I'd call "too rushed".

Or for Goseiger... I could really put the part of being corny with its having a mecha overload just to sell toys.
Okay I guess this is just it for corny moments.  There's not much to criticize for being corny ei…

Super Sentai Series That I Think Get A Shallow View by SOME Superficial Male Fans

Update as of Apirl 22, 2012: Thanks to some comments, I've changed the post's title... :) thanks to the corrections pointed out by Sogambut Boys Projk and Fantasy Leader.

So here's a pretty good list of Super Sentai series I think have been overrated by SOME superficial fans... sad but true but this does happen... and I'm caught RED HANDED!  LOL!  LMAO!  Okay now for the series some people I know (including myself) have watched and enjoyed for the wrong reasons!!!!

Chodenshi Bioman- I guess no child in the 80s-90s can forget their crush on Hikaru/Kimberly.  But this has turned into a bygone or has it?

Hikari Sentai Maskman- Another of those Sentai chicks that's hard to forget is Momoko.  Boy I remembered my crush on her. :P

Chojuu Sentai Liveman- Megumi is STILL freaking hot.

Kosuku Sentai Turboranger- Haruna Morikawa was probably another of those hot chicks in the 80s even if she's not really that hot.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger- Okay I don't find Mei as hot…

Filipino Movies with Sentai Themes

Here are a few Sentai-based Filipino films and here are some I can remember:

Obviously inspired by Bioman, Bio Kids came and as the name suggests, they were all children.  So I'd say it's not a bad movie, but it's not good either but I'd like to say that using their henshin powers to beat up normal bad guys wasn't ethical IMO.  They were against the odds of Mr. Clown (inspired by the Joker no doubt, maybe a rip-off of Iron Claw) who later creates the artificial being Exxor to deal with them.  This was in 1990, the year Fiveman was aired in Japan.  Here's what I consider funny:

Red Lion 1, Green Dragon 2, Blue Eagle 3, Yellow Tiger 4, Pink Panther 5... which later Gingaman had Gingared with a lion theme, Burai was Dragonranger a green ranger and Boi was Tigerranger a yellow ranger.A team of children came before Kou came into creation.
Conclusion: Original ideas may fail at first but they may succeed if done right.  Hmmm... maybe we can take failed ideas and make t…

Sentai Spin-offs I Might Want to Try Watching

Here are a list of what I'd call "Sentai spin-offs" that I would like to watch:

Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma- This Sentai alumni filled series may be more of a Tokusatsu for some though I prefer to label it as a J-Drama... but it does have Toku elements in it.  I don't know what my other fellow Sentai reviewers have to say about this.  I hope people can post their opinion on this.

Akibaranger- The title speaks of itself as an "unofficial Sentai" and yes it is.  Written by Naruhisa Arakawa, I expect this to be funnier than my own brand of somewhat sadistic humor.  Why it's an "adult Sentai" I'll need to watch and examine first!

Super Sentai's One Shot Head Writers

Well now it's time for a major edit in this entry.  Before I wrote this entry with a thought, "Hey I'll just pretend to know everything..." in a foolish quest for glory and at first, bashing Power Rangers.  Now it's time to revise this entry, hopefully to make more sense.

After Hirohisa Soda's entirely huge contribution all the way from Goggle V up to Fiveman, Jetman was the next series and you had Toshiki Inoue as the head writer.  It's said that before he became infamous, he was once known for his better works such as Changerion (which I need to watch), Jetman and his magnum opus Kamen Rider Agito making him Toku's version of Frank Miller.  So really, Jetman got so popular during its airing with him also trying newer stuff or recycling some stuff he introduced during his time with Flashman up to Turboranger, notably X-1 Mask was his writing.  

Based on this picture from Shogo B'Stard, he was the main writer of Carranger but apparently most of hi…

Sentai's Most Insanely Awesome Moments!

In Super Sentai, some moments were just too ridiculously awesome in the sense that I can say "what the?" yet it's also worth applauding because of the awesomeness.  Here are they in no particular order...

Yuuma's bad singing manages to save the day from Zonos.  Though I got a good laugh but it was also awesome.

Changeman's final battle with Bazoo where their robot beats him from the inside.<