Filipino Movies with Sentai Themes

Here are a few Sentai-based Filipino films and here are some I can remember:

Obviously inspired by Bioman, Bio Kids came and as the name suggests, they were all children.  So I'd say it's not a bad movie, but it's not good either but I'd like to say that using their henshin powers to beat up normal bad guys wasn't ethical IMO.  They were against the odds of Mr. Clown (inspired by the Joker no doubt, maybe a rip-off of Iron Claw) who later creates the artificial being Exxor to deal with them.  This was in 1990, the year Fiveman was aired in Japan.  Here's what I consider funny:

  • Red Lion 1, Green Dragon 2, Blue Eagle 3, Yellow Tiger 4, Pink Panther 5... which later Gingaman had Gingared with a lion theme, Burai was Dragonranger a green ranger and Boi was Tigerranger a yellow ranger.
  • A team of children came before Kou came into creation.

Conclusion: Original ideas may fail at first but they may succeed if done right.  Hmmm... maybe we can take failed ideas and make them succeed.  

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Super Ranger Kids- It was shown in 1997 where a group of children get ultra-cheesy powers it was just plain unbelievable compared to standard Sentai where characters don't get too much powers.  This was basically what I'd call cheesy in a bad way and a really production... so bad I can say it's not even good for a series.  They should have given more thought on how an original Filipino Sentai theme could be more realistic then... but still a good concept but sadly too flawed.

However I do have my own thought that if I could make a parody Sentai for the Filipino audience, I might have this for a plot called the Ispup Rangers for GMA-7, not a bunch of children but just some young adults who are caught in the middle of fighting against foes who I'll base after the Krusty Krew... led by the evil Senor Alimango (Senor Crab).  Oh yeah all bad special effects are intended for additional laughs too... maybe it should just be a Bubble Gang segment or a series of its own where even the monster of the week looks even worse than the already unrealistic Sentai monsters...


  1. i'm planning on watching biokids after bio since it looks really interesting. I saw some of the fight scenes and I was really impressed by the choreography. never heard of super ranger kids though, how bad is it?


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