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Handling of Villains Competing for Overall Power

I would personally like to talk about two groups and do a comparison of villains competing for power within the whole season.  These groups are the Vyram and later the enemy factions in Boukenger.  Let's see how they operate:

The Vyram compared to other organizations had no proper leader and they all competed for power. Radiguet was the overarching villain since he was the most powerful and is considered by many the biggest SOB villain of all time.  The four of them namely Radiguet, Tran, Gure and Maria competed for power.  Not exactly between Maria and Gure, they were an item.  Radiguet desired Maria but she hated him.  They did have formal leaders but were overthrown- Juuza appeared for only two episodes and Radiguet killed her and later Tran became Tranza but after ten episodes, he fell down at Radiguet's hands.  Also, there was plenty of drama especially when Maria was turned into a monster by Radiguet, when he realized he couldn't have her, nobody could and well Gure …

Some Childhood Nostalgia and Missing Pieces of Childhood of Sentai Fans in 199 Great Battle

So why am I saying that there's a childhood nostalgia in me?  Well here's what's going on:

First, it's a childhood nostalgia for the really older fans will be with the appearances of Naoya Makoto as Aka Ranger and Hiroshi Miyauchi as Big One.  However Hiroshi Miyauchi for me is best remembered as Kamen Rider V3.  They were those who watched Goranger (dubbed as Star Rangers in the Philippines) as well as JAKQ.

Second, it's also a childhood nostalgia for those recalling the pre-Power Rangers days in the Philippines. With who?  Ryosuke Sakamoto remembering the Bio Integrate phrase, Junichi Haruta will be Goggle Black and Kenji Ohba (remembered him best as Gavan) or the legendary Kenta Satou who will be Red Turbo (I count him as another Jason David Frank of Super Sentai).  Too bad, Super Sentai isn't being shown anymore thanks to overrating Power Rangers and all things American and not giving the other side a chance.  Honestly, can't the local networks REALLY …

Sentai Villain Decay

I would like to write on Sentai villains I believe suffered from villain decay:

Baraba- I think he did suffer from villain decay ever since Kiros showed up.  Then again, I never liked him as a bad guy anyway.  He was a scoffing villain.

Zulten- He really went from bad to worse ever since the Nagare Bouma appeared.  Fortunately he's not as dumb as Bookback from Zyuranger was who was already decayed from the start.  So how did it work?  He remained hidden most of the time and only showed up whenever the writers felt like it.  Shigoki Bouma turned him into a fart machine in episode 33.  In episode 37, he created a fake Zulten but failed.  In episode 39, he was forced to side with the Nagare Bouma after he could not help his master Ragorn.  Overall, he was just another pushover.  However he's not as dumb as Bookback.

Garoa- In Fiveman, he started off as an extremely vicious character but he later suffered from becoming comic relief like Monster was.  So where do I start?  Well Garoa …

Highly Trained Professional Sentai Teaming Up with "Amateur" Sentai in Crossovers

In the crossovers, some teams involved highly trained professionals teaming up with "amateurs" happened in:

Carranger vs. Ohranger- This series had the UAOH soldiers teaming up with regular civilians in the Carrangers.  
Dekaranger vs. Abaranger- The conflict was that the Abarangers were were not professionally trained Sentai warriors vs. the Dekarangers who used police principles.  The most enjoyable part is how the Dekarangers learned to loosen up, even Hoji Tomasu and Banban Akaza did learn something after all with the Abarangers.  

Magiranger vs. Dekaranger- The Special Police Dekaranger teamed up with the Magirangers.  Conflict was between Kai Ozu and Banban Akaza at the start.  However theyr ealized that they must team up to save their valuable teammates Urara Ozu and Marika Reimon as well as prevent Agent X from drowning the world into eternal darkness.
Gekiranger vs. Boukenger- Martial artists teaming up with a group of highly trained treasure hunters.  Conflict begins w…

Denziman Tribute in Gokaiger Episode 8

Looks like I won't be stopping making recaps compared to Goseiger which IMO wasn't my type of series.  Plus, I don't know if I should start doing recaps on Shinkenger which I deleted because the Youtube videos got removed (and anyway, I am REALLY finding Power Rangers Samurai not that great because of what I think has their lack of creativity with the cast members).  Anyway Ahim is pretty interesting in this script (but I like Luka more).

So we do get some glimpses of four out of five Gokaigers:

Marvelous is the survivor of the rebel group... here he reminds me of Han Solo from Star Wars.

Joe was once a member of the Imperial Force.  Is he a tribute to Joe in Kamen Rider Black RX who was once serving Crisis Empire?  I think so.  I also think of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z too with that look.

Well Luka is an anti-hero at best.  She like Marvelous has been into outlaw activities.  Hope they end up with each other.

And Ahim... well she's a member of the royalty and the sole sur…

Power Rangers Wild Force References for Next Week's Gokaiger?

Taken from Henshin Grid are the following pieces of information.  They are:

Kaneko Noboru will guest star, after he has been shown in some J-Drama series.  Strangely enough, Richard Medina Jr. has shown up in Power Rangers but as the human form of Deker (villain).  Okay it's out of topic.

They will be transforming into Gaoranger and well, a Gao Yellow ith a skirt appears probably a tribute to Taylor Eardheart.

Villain Sneak Peek for 199 Great Battle

From Henshin Grid once more, the villains that will appear:

The reappearance of Black Cross Fuehrer.  Well he's the first major villain in Super Sentai.  Well, he's back with a vengeance.

Brajira has returned with a radical new look.  Well, I did revive him in my fan-fiction Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers as a member of the UAOE though so again, fan-fictions may never fit in well with actual continuity.

Yogoshimacritein is also back and meaner than ever?  Well this guy may be just like Venjix but he's less serious.
Dagon from Magiranger but I wanted N-Ma instead.  Oh well...

What Could Be Sneak Peeks for 199 Great Battle: The Rangers!

Here are some photos from Henshin Grid and other Tokusatsu blogs but I'll just write what I want to think about these:

By the looks of these, the Goseigers will play a major part.  Wow, Captain Marvelous is a chick magnet too!

It would be nice to see Genta, Chiaki, Saki and Akashi in the movie.

Cameo or major part?  Well it's nice to see Kenji Ohba as Oume here and he's been one of my favorite childhood actors whenever he played as Gavan.  Keichi Wada as Ryou, well he hasn't aged much and Mika Kikuchi-Yuuji as Umeko, well she looks kinda different here.

Red rangers assemble but that's not all of them though.

Jan Kandou as a Martial Arts Sensei in Gokaiger

Well it's another of those favorite appearances.  And it's particularly a hilarious episode in itself too.

Jan makes an appearance and far more involved than Jasmine and Ban.  Gekiranger was a fine series as well.  Hmmm... low long will he keep wearing Long?

Also it's nice to see him involved as as to teach martial arts to Doc and Ahim.  Ah this guy's really bad-ass.  Also, he is a key to this episode.  Sadly Ban and Jasmine were not given that treatment but oh well.

The return of Pachalmac XIII from Gekiranger vs. Boukenger was another great feature in this episode.

Added was also Master Sha Fu's appearance.