Sentai Villain Decay

I would like to write on Sentai villains I believe suffered from villain decay:

Baraba- I think he did suffer from villain decay ever since Kiros showed up.  Then again, I never liked him as a bad guy anyway.  He was a scoffing villain.

Zulten- He really went from bad to worse ever since the Nagare Bouma appeared.  Fortunately he's not as dumb as Bookback from Zyuranger was who was already decayed from the start.  So how did it work?  He remained hidden most of the time and only showed up whenever the writers felt like it.  Shigoki Bouma turned him into a fart machine in episode 33.  In episode 37, he created a fake Zulten but failed.  In episode 39, he was forced to side with the Nagare Bouma after he could not help his master Ragorn.  Overall, he was just another pushover.  However he's not as dumb as Bookback.

Garoa- In Fiveman, he started off as an extremely vicious character but he later suffered from becoming comic relief like Monster was.  So where do I start?  Well Garoa after introducing the hybrid monsters went into a series of toning down of parts like when he was dismissed for being unable to defeat the Fivemen.  He did become a janitor for some time.  His only redeeming part after his decay was when he created the Big Garoan and placed the Fivemen in deep doo doo which made him the vicious Garoa once more only to later die what I consider a lame death.  He should have been taken out by the Fivemen in the finale before they ultimately won against Vulgyre.

General Tenpou- Though he had a significant part as he was higher than Shaddam and he was Gorma XV's right hand man, he was however easily disposed of and his part really diminished throughout the series.  Shaddam had more parts than he had.


  1. I think the Questers went through this. They went from easily being able to defeat the Boukengers except for Eiji to Gai losing a fight to Sakura in Episode 31.

  2. I think Baraba was consistent the whole way through.

    Zulten, yeah. But oh well. LOL xD

    Garoa, oh hell yes. His "Villain Decay" is one of the main issues I have with Fiveman. =(

    I wouldn't say Tenpou ever suffered from Villain Decay. It's more like he just didn't appear much. He does lose to Shadam in terms of rank, but that happens many times in Sentai, so I wouldn't call that Villain Decay. Like the struggle for power between Radiguet and Tranza.

  3. @Mr. Smith and Fantasy Leader

    -Hi thanks for dropping by. I'm glad for your opinions. Anyway I do hope you can help me out with new ideas for the Dairanger arc for Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers.

  4. Zulten still remained the same buffoon, though so it's not like he got something to decay at -_-.

    Seriously we need a forum for us Sentai Bloggers. The likes of me, FL, you (Sean), Mr. Smith, That Chick, and even Lavender Ranger...

  5. Or maybe a website would be interesting. xD


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