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Super Sentai and Attack of Killer Flowers

Super Sentai had some flower power attacks. Here's a few I can remember. If I missed any, just comment.

In Bioman episode 24, Dr. Man sends Poison Moth Kans to turn all flowers into bombs. I would consider this scheme to be more subtle than Mason's balloon bomb. In this case, innocent flower breeders never know they had already become unknowing accomplices of New Empire Gear.

In Maskman episode 15, Igam and Fumin spread the Hell Flowers. They are another source of nightmare fuel for me. It involved Momoko using her Carol Love flowers to finally defeat the effect of the red flowers. They spread a mysterious plague as well.

In Flashman episode 10, the Garubari was sent to create man-eating monster flowers. This was part of Mess' plan to manipulate life through Earth's vegetation. 
In Fiveman episode 15, Meadow turned one of the Sidon flowers into a rampaging flower demon. It was a real nightmare with how this flower monster was killing people. It looked like a harmless g…

The Wooden Shack in Jetman and Shinkenger

While reading through Orends Range, here's one site I failed to notice.  It's the wooden shack in Shinkenger could be the same wooden shack in Jetman.  It made me think of a bit of similarities here.  Now for some comparisons and differences:

In Chojin Sentai Jetman episode 50 one can see Ryu nursing to Kaori who manages to survive Radiguet's attack.  Now it's questionable really since she was out of suit when it happened, it could have killed her. It was in this shack that Kaori tries to reach out of Ryu one way or another. This was the scene where Ryu was still obsessed with killing Radiguet for murdering Rie.  Ryu was lost in revenge and wanting only to avenge Rie.  Kaori reminds Ryu of who he really is... a Jetman and the warrior that Rie loved so much.  She reminded him of Rie's last words prior to their final battle with Radiguet.

The scene was somewhat copied into Shinkenger but in another way.  Here Takeru Shiba and Mako have another scene.  Takeru Shiba re…

My Foolish Childhood Ambition vs. Dr. Man's Backstory!

Perhaps one reason why Bioman somehow clicks to me is this... before I saw it I had my craziest ambition to become the world's greatest genius. My memory is blur and I don't remember everything about it since it was at least 21 years ago but I can still think of that one moment in my life that traumatized me SO MUCH... that memories of stuff a few years ago tends to fade in my head. The event happened BEFORE I saw Bioman which was why this scene terrified me as a kid!

Recalling what my mind could recall, around seven or eight years old, I began with the obsession of artificially increasing my intelligence. I wanted to start a series of experiments that would convert my mind into like that of a computer. It was because I suck at Math I wanted to have the mind of a computer. I viewed machines as never wrong and having viewed too much cartoons, I wanted to ameliorate my brain. It was also because people were calling me stupid I wanted to become the world's greatest genius.


Sentai Badass Moment Villain Edition: Kiros' Introduction in Maskman!

If heroes had badass moments, why not the villains? Kiros is one badass villain in Maskman and you can see that even when he's alone, he's really a threat to the Maskmen. He's a game changing villain YOU CANNOT MESS WITH.

What made Kiros pretty badass was this. Come on, you don't see a stray villain arrive and one day, he FREAKING DESTROYS THE TEAM WEAPON! He doesn't hesitate to use his mutant horse to assist him. Just when you think the Shot Bomber will help, he destroys it. I just thought he's one badass villain and this is one of the best Sentai villains ever!

Which of course, we do know his motivations. He plans to destroy the Maskmen so Zeba would reward him Princess Ial, the girl of his dreams. What I do love about his arrival is that he creates an even more menacing rival than Igam.

Episode 27 shows a badass scene where Kiros not only draws out the Maskmen to battle but he wants to kill Takeru. It was also in that episode he learns that Takeru is Ial&…

Sentai Badass Moment: Hoji's Badass Fighting Against Jilvan!

You all by now Hoji IS my top favorite Dekaranger.  Now here's what I think is easily the most badass moment in Dekaranger.  It's Hoji's OUT OF SUIT fighting against Jilvan.  Actor Tyuyoshi Hoshi really scores big time as well.
The episode focuses on an illegal steroid called Megagestrine.  We also learn why Hoji is such a pro in this series with his ever battling persistence.  He really shows he's one blue ranger you can't mess with!  It also teaches an important lesson to children not to take things the easy way and glory doesn't come easy in a wrapped package!

Hoji shows what true strength is... not in taking drugs but IN really being a real man.  He gets defeated but he doesn't give up and shows why he's really a pro.  One must realize that true victory doesn't come easy and Hoji proves it!

So he is injured but he does the most amazing thing.  He goes into intense training to fulfill the mission.  At this point, the evil Tylerian Dulden is not …

Sentai Badass Moment: Girls with Guns in Boukenger!

Now whether or not the Boukengers are alcoholics is still subject to opinion.  While most post-Timeranger Sentai usually fails to get me all that amazed, here was a rare moment in Boukenger that was really worth applauding.  The Boukengers have broken most of their transforming gadgets.  So what's there to it?  Sakura and Natsuki go on a real rampage with GUNS!  Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!
Sakura arrives with a gun... and shows she's definitely not going to be easily taken down.  Plus she's not just eye candy!  I would admit those scenes were really breathtaking for me.  
 Fired up, both girls can show that they aren't ordinary girls.  On the other hand, handing Natsuki a rifle is equivalent to handing a kid a gun.  Now what in the world is Sakura thinking?  She must have gone drinking lots of liquor prior to this insane but badass scene!

Well enough of the breathtaking view... let's move on to the real fight scene!

Sentai Comedy: Takeru's Past in Hikari Sentai Maskman

Maskman had one particular episode that I found funny... but at the same time not all that surprising. I mean Takeru back 13 years ago remind me of me as a child. Now here's where the comedy is really kicking in...
At the beginning of the episode, Takeru demonstrates his badass karate. Yes it's really, REALLY impressive to see all that. You hardly see that in new school Sentai. Now the whole plot involved time travel because Igam wanted to eliminate Takeru in the past... and for a plan, it certainly IS a good one. Kill Takeru in the past, the Maskmen are forever disbanded. However the episode felt comedic when things don't turn out the way it should be.
But the Maskmen meet a WAY different Takeru than their leader. Now, it made me think of the Shinkenger episode where Takeru Shiba's secret of peeing on his pants over a ghost house incident was funny... but this one is a bigger, darker secret than the second Takeru in the amusement park. Just think, everybody meets Tak…

Sentai Moment of Badass: Momoko's Out of Suit Battle in Maskman Episode 20!

Maskman episode 20 is another great badass episode... which also led to a trap. Momoko was the target... and this episode still shows how badass she can get. She may be pretty and sexy... but even roses have its thorns.
The episode featured Momoko taking some children as her disciples. But wait... this annoying braggart of a troll woman arrives to cause trouble. Well something was suspicious about this woman. It's a pity to see Momoko in such a predicament. However it's also what leads to her being badass until she falls down from being beaten up.
First, I thought it was kind of idiotic of Momoko to fight unmorphed. But wait... remember she has to keep her promise to the children right? Besides, she wanted to teach them the value of fighting with the human body. All I can say is Anagbas really set his trap right... and Momoko was at her most vulnerable. The despicable plan of Tube to use Momoko's love for children against her was one of their best schemes ever!

Sentai Badass Moment: Haruka's Ninjutsu Focus in Maskman Episode 12!

Maskman episode 12 is easily one reason why Haruka is a real badass.  It's really surprising for me that after seeing Mika and Jun, we get Haruka.  I guess they all wanted to experiment the concept of having a female ninja ranger.  We did have Dynaman's Ryu Hoshikawa.  Now I haven't seen enough Dynaman to say who's better.  For Maskman, Haruka is one huge powerhouse!

One of the things to impress me in htis episode is how much Haruka values the art of ninjutsu and maintaining one's honor.  She is badass, kickass but she never leaves her honor.  It's amazing to see how she literally disappeared before her teammates to stop both Fuumin and Oyobur in the competition to become a Super Shinobi.  At the same time, this episode establishes her rivalry with Fuumin which is similar to the rivalry of Yellow 4 vs. Farrah Cat and later it was repeated with Five Yellow vs. Zaza.

And I would also like to credit how I just love Haruka's art of deception.  While she is kic…

Sentai Badass Moment: Ryuta Nanbara's First Solo Adventure in Bioman!

In Bioman, I've revealed how Ryuta Nanbara is my favorite Bioman.  Now here's the episode wher ehe got into a solo adventure which made him really amazing.  You can read the episode review by Orends Range here.  Now for that moment of badass:

Yes, Ryuta Nanbara falls victim for Dr. Man's latest crackpot plot... which involves capturing kids to power up some computer system.  The plot of the episode is where Dr. Man uses some kids as hostages... to which he hopes to get the Biomen's data so he can strike them down.  Well, the whole episode has him showing he's one incredible badass!  After being beaten down by Farrah, Farrah Cat, Messerjuu and a couple of Mecha Clones, he does get his fighting power increased because of his motivation to SAVE THE CHILDREN!
Yet another moment you can't deny is that he had his Bio Power increased to the unusual level.  Just think, he was motivated to save the kids and he later realizes that he's being analyzed.  Just once in h…