Sentai Moment of Badass: Momoko's Out of Suit Battle in Maskman Episode 20!

Maskman episode 20 is another great badass episode... which also led to a trap. Momoko was the target... and this episode still shows how badass she can get. She may be pretty and sexy... but even roses have its thorns.

The episode featured Momoko taking some children as her disciples. But wait... this annoying braggart of a troll woman arrives to cause trouble. Well something was suspicious about this woman. It's a pity to see Momoko in such a predicament. However it's also what leads to her being badass until she falls down from being beaten up.

First, I thought it was kind of idiotic of Momoko to fight unmorphed. But wait... remember she has to keep her promise to the children right? Besides, she wanted to teach them the value of fighting with the human body. All I can say is Anagbas really set his trap right... and Momoko was at her most vulnerable. The despicable plan of Tube to use Momoko's love for children against her was one of their best schemes ever!

One thing is worth nothing that the woman Kotsuhi was really Dokura Dogler. So it's amazing but it gets her beaten up. I really felt sorry for her in this episode. I grew to understand WHY she fought in human form... to teach two children the value of one's self. This leads to a major plot direction.

Sad to say but Momoko gets beaten up. She does transform to beat Dokuro Dogler but the fight causes the former to get too tired. I mean, after the Shot Bomber is used, she is forcibly regressed from Pink Mask to Momoko. I really hated to see her being beaten up after a badass moment. And I had myself thinking... this was indeed a great predicament for the Maskmen! This leads to a major loss... Great Five is buried in the sand as they couldn't operate properly missing one member.

The end of the episode has Momoko in self-pity (which carries on a bit in the next episode, Takeru assures her it was NOT her fault...) but she has saved two lives. I thought the episode was pretty much badass. It showed Momoko's tenacity to survive an otherwise really dreadful trap which could have actually killed her!


  1. At the time in 1994 when MMPR was on top of the world and I had to find the truth by exploring Super Sentai. I saw a Maskman picture book and each page was the team member taking on monsters without their powers!!! Then of course I saw glimpse of this fight and I knew Kimberly did not have the spunk to fight a monster without her morphed!

  2. Power Rangers lacks really intense action scenes that's for sure. Lately though, Sentai lacks a lot of out of suit battles.


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