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Happy 30th Birthday Hikari Sentai Maskman

Since today is Maskman's 30th anniversary, I decided to write a Maskman post for the sake of writing it. Before I saw more Super Sentai whether it's old school or new school, I still can't forget my "love affair" with Maskman through the years and how I didn't immediately click with it and how I clicked with it. While I never consider myself a die hard fan of just anything (and that includes Super Sentai) but Maskman did play an important role to me. True, Jetman is my favorite childhood Super Sentai but Maskman somehow played an important role. In fact, it still rivals Jetman in my head until this very day!

Kyuranger Space 3: "GET OVER HERE!!!!!"

"GET OVER HERE!" is what comes into my mind with the latest Kyuranger episode. The episode takes place in the Planet Needle. The focus goes with the potential member of the Kyurangers namely Stinger. Stinger made his cameo in last week's episode and now it's his time to get his focus. Sidenote, we also learn that absorbing Planetium from countries would inevitably destroy the planet from where they're absorbed from.

My First Few Super Far-Fetched Wishes For Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

It's no secret that 2017 would have another new Star Wars film this December and May 25, 1977 is the time when Star Wars: A New Hope premiered. Kyuranger pretty much a lot of American sci-fi influences considering that it has an American input. So what am I expecting for Kyuranger for the whole season? Here's some of my expectations which I don't expect to come true but wish they would.

Kyuranger Space 2: An Emo Thief And His C3PO Android Join The Rebellion

Last week's Kyuranger featured a preview and we're on to Planet Jigama. Two thieves who seem to be a parody of some Star Trek or Star Wars alien named Naga and C3PO (?!) named Balance are the next Kyurangers. They get shock to know that they're part of the entire team.

Kyuranger Episode 1: The Universe' New Hope For Freedom

Make no mistake. The Force awakened for Super Sentai last February 12, 2017. One may consider that it's been 31 years since Flashman aired last 1986 and 30 years since the series ended last 1987. Flashman was the very first space themed Super Sentai as Changeman was more military. So what do I think of this new series?

Emperor Zeba's Possible Intended Backstory VS. God Neros' Actual Backstory?

I remembered Shogo B'Stard's blog featured a post called "Maskman: The Face of Zeba" and I wrote a similar post myself. So there was a plan to make Emperor Zeba have a human-like face (which still could have worked its way to him becoming Lethal Doggra) and I remembered his assumption which says:

The Long Awaited Final Zyuohger Arc Update

After four weeks without a Zyuohger update, I'm back as I said and I'm giving a longer than usual update. This is the finale arc which had me mixed. So how does Junko Komura stand out on my own point of view? This will cover episodes 45-48 with my thoughts on each plot. As promised, here it is and enjoy my thoughts on the finale arc.

The Force Awakens With Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger This February 12, 2017

I'm calling this post "The Force Awakens" because that was the title of the first Star Wars film that was made by Disney Entertainment. Kyuranger is a space-themed Super Sentai series where its' set in a distant future ruled by the Jark Matter organization. From what I read from Ukiyaseed's Blog, head of the organization is known as Shogun Don Armage who is assisted by Minister Eridron. They steal Planesium and why they do it is yet to be revealed.

Sentai Rambling: Which Super Sentai Series Is Better? Darker And Edgier Or Lighter And Softer?

The two Overlords now argue whether darker or edgier or lighter and softer is better!
It's too early (for now) to determine whether or not whether this year's Kyuranger will be darker and edgier or will it be lighter and softer. In my case I haven't seen all of them but in case you're curious you may take a look at these Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end. Meanwhile, I want to start rambling on Super Sentai's tones namely darker and edgier vs. lighter and softer. When it comes to Super Sentai just expect that there's going to be a change of tone every now and then.

Now let the two Overlords namely Light and Darkness debate which tone is better!