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Pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai I'd Advise Power Rangers Fans Who Like Super Sentai to Watch First

Well there are some Power Rangers fans who may be open minded to Super Sentai but aren't very open to pre-Zyuranger probably due to the fact it didn't provide them with the footage.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman- Well it's very old really but it does provide the space-themed ones though they're not operating in space.  Maybe those who have already watched Power Rangers in Space should check this out first instead of Megaranger.  But if they want to check Megaranger first, fine but I'd say don't miss this!

Choshinsei Flashman- I'd say this might be a good one to watch for those who have watched Power Rangers Lost Galaxy or Power Rangers in Space.  Maybe they're wanting to watch Gingaman either.  But maybe, Choshinsei Flashman might be better to start with for some "familiarity" with the origins of sources of inspiration for Super Sentai.  

Hikari Sentai Maskman- For Power Rangers fans who like martial arts a lot, this show is very good.  So maybe t…

The Erroneous World of Dubbed Super Sentai

As a Super Sentai fan, I personally feel I'd rather read accurate subs even if it sometimes hurts my eyes.  In fact, there have been a lot of errors and there's only a few out of many I can point out:

Maybe the one I could share first is the Bioman English dub.  Plenty of stuff were altered like the powers of the New Empire Gear are exaggerated (for example, the bomb that was set on an earthquake fault was actually only meant to destroy Japan, not the whole world).  Plus, it really is something to realize that the Prince was introduced as Dr. Man's son, Mason knows Dr. Man was human from that episode and there was NO plot to steal the world's energy reserves.  A lot more will be known by fans later through GUIS to how many errors there are.

Another was Hikari Sentai Maskman translated as "Laser Squadron Maskman" when it should be "Light Taskforce Maskman".  Hikari means light, not laser.  The Tagalog dub not only erroneously translated the opening a…

Some Gobusters/Power Rangers RPM Similarities

Well this will be a very shallow article but I just thought here are some similarities between Power Rangers RPM (based on Go-onger) and Gobusters as said, they both like to copy from each other.  Note these are all very shallow and just surface similarities.

Takeshi Kuroki and Colonel Mason Truman- Both act as the commanding officers of their respective series.

Miho Nakamura and Dr. K - Both of them exist as the technician of both their respective ranger teams.

Messiah and Venjix- Both started out as computer viruses that have become a real menace.  While Venjix was created by Dr. K in an attempt to escape, Messiah was an unknown virus that gained power through Enetron.  Unlike Venjix, Messiah is ultimately destroyed after he was revived near the finale leaving Enter as the final villain and noteworthy Gobusters is NOT a doomsday Super Sentai.  In fact made me think Enter might also get rid of Venjix as well if he were in RPM giving the RPM group a much harder time.

Escape and Tenaya…

Villains with Concealed Identities in Hirohisa Soda's Era

In the Soda era, there were some villains with concealed identities.  It seemed to be a very common trend during his era to have villains with concealed identities.

Dark Knight- He was a mysterious villain who was actually Emperor Aton's estranged son Prince Megiddo all along.

Doctor Man- While some speculate that he is human, his identity was kept a secret until later he was revealed to be Dr. Hideo Kageyama a former robotics scientist gone mad with power.  His revelations were during the Prince saga and two during the revelation of his real son Shuichi saga.  Mason figured out that Doctor Man was human during the Prince saga while the robot Prince managed to fool us into believing he was a wayward human being but was in reality a robot.

Bazoo- While appearing himself as a giant torso in space, he was in reality the living planet Gozmaster.

Emperor Zeba- While it's pretty obvious that he's not human, nobody knows what he was until the second to the last epsiode.  It was …

Coincidence or Not: Tran vs. Tran?

Jetman had a child villain named Tran who later was written off and became the fully grown Tranza via acceleration of power where the grown up self was acted by Takumi Hirose.  Despite being a child, he was freaking cruel to his opponents there's no way to feel sorry for him except during the time his fellow Vyram mocked him.

In the film "Tropic Thunder" which I am yet to see, the main villain was a child and also named Tran.  Pretty surprising!  Coincidence?  Maybe.

Gai Ikari: The Silver Sentai Fanboy

Gai Ikari... a fanboy who gets his dream to come true but in the most unusual way.  So what's it going to be and where do I start?  Well he was just your average Super Sentai fan who one way after the other, was living life selflessly and he was the friendly Gai, the nice Gai, the all around Gai... 
So Gai Ikari one day met a truck accident while trying to save a little girl, an accident that could have either killed him or nearly killed him.  Regardless, it was a miracle he lived through that but it was speculated but never confirmed he was living on borrowed life thus leading to the urban legend he would die so soon.  He was selected by the ghosts of Mikoto, Burai and Naoto to become Gokai Silver, the only human Gokaiger who will help them identify all the previous Super Sentai.  At first he was rejected by Marvelous but overtime the Gokaigers grew to accept him as one of them.  Doc had some jealousy moments, he seemed to be lovey dovey with Ahim (but that's never establish…

The Somewhat Questionable Plot of Piloting Super Sentai Mecha Needing Complete Teams to Save the Day

In Super Sentai, there were times that the main/sub robot gets piloted but not completely which I think has this issue addressed- is an incomplete team always the reason why they are defeated?  Now for an analysis:

In Bioman episode 9, the Bio Robo could not defeat Twin Kans because it lacked Blue Three.  In Bioman episode 10 where Mika Koizumi dies, an incomplete Bioman team defeated Chameleon Kans with a desperate attack.  In episode 11, they were nearly defeated by Samurai Kans because they were incomplete.  Hmmm I wish that were explained why. =P

In Maskman episode 20 where it focused on Momoko, the Great Five could not be used at its fullest potential when she was severely injured causing Tube to win its victory.  However in episode 44, the Maskmen were able to carry out the job using Galaxy Robo minus Akira who was now transformed into Fencer Unas, ready to be broken free in the next episode.

In Fiveman episode 47, Five Red was literally separated from his team when Chevalier ch…

What Could Be the Message Behind Akibaranger's Season Two Episode Five's "Delusional Import"?

Well I've just started watching Akibaranger after so many close minded moments (shame on me) while I decided to take a view on this one first because it sounded interesting to know how both franchises fit into one.  Why?  It's because it seems to be a very important turning point especially when you are talking about the long time Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan wars which might be the biggest retard Toku fan war ever considering the birth of that awful hate fic "Gokaiger vs. Samurai" in Fan Fiction, no not the one written by GokaiMaster.  I would admit that with this episode written by Naruhisa Arakawa, maybe it's out of anger and frustration that Tokusatsu is getting adapted, only Toei is getting recognized or later the series based on it but WHAT ABOUT THE WRITER?  Okay no posting of bad comments here, leave them for horrible hate fics and hate blogs!  I am here to discuss some things which are my insights.

So for targeting purists I don't know about that B…

Possibly the Sources of Gai Ikari's Death Rumor?

Well even if Gai Ikari's rumor has been dismissed by the fact he lived through Gokaiger but I just want to chase out the people who caused the damage by passing the rumor.  Now here's some of the possible sources:

Basing his death/life experience to Burai.  It's not confirmed if he really died when he was hit by a truck or not but remembering Burai was temporarily given life and was fading away, some fans may have speculated that Gai Ikari will die in the same way as well and pass his power-ups to Marvelous.

Consider the fact aside from Burai, two other final members who piloted dinosaur mechas died.  Gai Ikari was also piloting dinosaur mecha and was a sixth member.  Consider also he met Burai, Naoto and Mikoto in their ghosts forms too and the three were dead!

Or maybe Gokaiger 28 because of the confirmed death of Gai Yuki after many years of argument.  So I wonder why of all things create a rumor of Gai Ikari would be leaving us so soon like Gai Yuki did?!  That was ve…

Flashman Senior Cast Photos I Found as of May 14, 2013

Well here's some Flashman photos for all you Flashman lovers.  Hee hee hee, it's been some time!
Touta Tarumi

Kihachiro Uemara

Yasuhiro Ishiwata

Happy Mother's Day 2013 to All Super Sentai Fans!

Well to all Super Sentai fans whether or not they also like Kamen Rider and Power Rangers, I still grant you all a Happy Mother's Day 2013.  I just loved this episode of Mako reconnecting with her mother.

Some Possible Meanings Behind the Gorma Monsters

I haven't thought much for the Zyuranger monsters but I've decided to do some Dairanger monster analysis for now.  Not all will be featured though:

Key Jester- The symbolism of the key here is that he gains access to areas.  He gets the souls of children via the "key of their heart".

Mirror Magician- Another mirror-based monster and for me, better done than Mirror Jigen.  This monster trapped women into his dimension whenever they looked at the mirror emphasizing vanity.

Father Magnet symbolized the power of magnetic poles- when two things are too alike, they repel and when two things aren't so alike they attract.

Kabuki Kozou represented the art of acting- you can pretend all you want but you'll never be what you pretend.

Kageru Zukin as a flame-based monster may have also portrayed making intense decisions.  After all it caught Daigo and Kujaku attempting to destroy them leaving the other Dairangers in a heated decision.

Copy Empress may symbolize the dece…