Coincidence or Not: Tran vs. Tran?

Jetman had a child villain named Tran who later was written off and became the fully grown Tranza via acceleration of power where the grown up self was acted by Takumi Hirose.  Despite being a child, he was freaking cruel to his opponents there's no way to feel sorry for him except during the time his fellow Vyram mocked him.

In the film "Tropic Thunder" which I am yet to see, the main villain was a child and also named Tran.  Pretty surprising!  Coincidence?  Maybe.


  1. Tran was the 1st child villain to play a threat in Sentai history. The very 1st one is Prince but he was a teenager. Then for 2 episode Prof. Bias was 10 years of age.

    Of course after Tran there was Kai in Zyuranger, and Akomaru in Dairangers.

    I thought Tran and Grey was the more productive members of Vyram.

  2. It's a total coincidence. I doubt any of the writers of Tropic Thunder watched Jetman. And Tran is a Vietnamese name.

    1. Hey thanks for the enlightenment. So do you have any idea what the name Tran means?


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