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The Incoming Storm for Power Rangers-Super Sentai Fans... Yup We're Almost Near!

February, a hot month and just the time I would turn 26 (and I use a Chinese calendar most of the time in celebrating and my birthday never gets celebrated on a weekday) and here are some flaming events:

On February 7, 2011 it's going to be the return of Saban and it's with Power Rangers Samurai. As from what I expect, it will be a lighthearted show in contrast to Shinkenger's serious nature. Well I guess that's where Power Rangers is better at- in being not-so-serious. Just right now, there's fan wars going on and the show hasn't started. Could the fan wars stop? I just guess Saban wanted to be a little earlier than Super Sentai this year round.

February 13, 2011 will be the premier of the Goukaiger. With its head writer being Naruhisa Arakawa (he should meet Judd Lynn some other day IMO). I've seen plenty of photos from Henshin Grid of the press conference. Even if I don't find the girls hot, well it's what they bring to the table that count…

From a Funny Super Sentai to a Serious Power Rangers Adaptation

While Power Rangers is mostly liked for its rather fun nature and deviating from standard dark themes, Carranger and Go-onger however were kind of reverse in their adaptation forms of Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers RPM.

Carranger to Power Rangers Turbo- Writers intended that Power Rangers Turbo should be a more serious season than Carranger, IMO to be a serious season like Turboranger. Douglas Sloan in contrast to Judd Lynn wasn't very fond of darker themes, so I guess that would explain why Power Rangers Turbo was kind of a funny season while intended to be a more serious season.

Go-onger to Power Rangers RPM- I personally thought that Eddie Guzelian however took the idea too far as to destroy Earth in part was far-fetched. Unlike Douglas Sloan, Eddie Guzelian and later Judd Lynn (the writer for the later half) was kind of creative in handling Go-onger footages and their own script to make it work out well. In one case, I personally thought that Go-onger wasn't a craz…

Naruhisa Arakawa for Goukaiger

I learned from Fantasy Leader's blog that Naruhisa Arawaka will be the head writer for Goukaiger. I think it should be cool because after all he wrote Kuuga (the last Kamen Rider series I liked), then he also wrote Abaranger and Dekaranger and IMO like Judd Lynn, he seems to be able to balance well the darkness and lightness of a series that could appeal to both Power Rangers and Super Sentai fans. Hmmm... this guy may make Goukaiger good but I shouldn't expect too much though, because even good writers like him can have their flaws. Just don't expect too much and you don't get disappointed too much. Anyway too bad my age isn't getting any younger though. Ha ha.

The Ultimate Nemesis of Goseiger: Bladerun!

Well I can't believe how the assumption of some fans that Bladerun being the final enemy is SO REAL. Anyway let's review on who he was here and there:

He started off as Bladerun of the Comet, serving Warstar and became its only survivor.

He then became Bladerun of the Chupacabra upon joining Yuumaju. He was supposedly killed but...

Whatever was left of him became Blade-RUN of the Cyborg.

He is actually Burajira, the self-proclaimed messiah who's going to cause havoc in the finale. Anyway he'll be back for the crossover movie. Street Fighter's Gill anyone?

Will This be Sentai's Biggest Glory or Not?

The picture above (Super Sentai Images) is just evidence of a big gathering for Gokaiger. The concept is pretty interesting but let's just see how well it will be handled. As the saying goes, sometimes having less can be more, sometimes having more means having less.

Super Sentai Monsters and Thwarting Their Effect Powers

I personally thought that in Super Sentai, there were the so-called "effect powers" (ex. turning people into zombies, hatching parasites inside humans, creating ranger clones, etc. you know what I mean) and I'd like to do some blogging on it on how they were thwarted:

We had monsters whose effect powers would suddenly wear out when they received considerable amounts of damage.

We also had monsters whose effect powers didn't wear out all until the monster was destroyed in human form or the second time in giant form.

We also had monsters whose effect powers were partly thwarted with damage and needed to be destroyed before their effect powers were permanently destroyed.

Lastly we also had monsters who even after destroying them didn't destroy their effect powers so the heroes had to do more cleaning up behind the scenes.

Poll Results as of January 2, 2011

Do you think Sentai has entered the dork age?
34/48 says yes14/48 says noComment: I think this is just bias voting even for those who prefer Power Rangers more.

After watching Shinkenger, do you still want to watch Power Rangers Samurai?
42/64 said yes22/64 said noThen again this blog has PR-Sentai fans all over it!

Are you happy Kaoru will fight in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger?
53/62 said yes9/62 said noI personally would like to see her and Takeru fight together.

What I Think Can Affect Liking Either Super Sentai or Power Rangers More, Less or The Same?

So far, I have discovered that this blog is being read by Power Rangers fans. So I kindly wanted to do my own reasons to what could cause a PR-Sentai fan to like Super Sentai or Power Rangers more than the other or equally?

It's all about the cast and acting. I have to admit that as amateur as Sentai and Power Rangers cast are (mostly), there are seasons with bad acting and good ones. Of course no show is ever exempt from having bad acting. Some of the amateurs can really act, others try their best and fortunately, not so many overact. Face value does play a part too- on immature fans that is!  However Disney suffered from overacting especially during the Kalish seasons.

Music is also an aspect. How? Well there's really some charm in Super Sentai music I can't explain. Some PR fans like the beat and can't understand a thing. There's a difference between Super Sentai and Power Rangers' music. Super Sentai has a bigger library of music, each one fitting a…

Frustated Filipino Super Sentai Fans

I personally thought of it that Filipinos can be frustrated Super Sentai fans. Why? Well are some of my reasons:

IBC-13 and RPN-9 had the bad habit of not finishing the Super Sentai show. They left it always hanging and never showing the ending. Fortunately ABC-5 showed the endings of Jetman and Fiveman. I don't think Goranger was ever finished either. They were doing it to just keep getting profits- unethically!

Sadly after Jetman, the only Toku that was shown later were the Ultraman series (from Tsubaraya) and Sentai's partner Kamen Rider on local TV. Although Black RX wasn't shown on Filipino TV- they did have Kamen Rider Ryuki. Not all Kamen Riders did push through. Power Rangers came in and some Super Sentai fans who are Filipino end up making bad comments. Well some Filipinos loved it, others really hated it.

Disney's PR was terrible starting when Bruce Kalish entered. Yup Bruce Kalish gave Disney a bad image plus, Disney handled it pretty bad. So Filipi…

Happy New Year 2011!

As Goseiger ends and Goukaiger begins, may be have another happy new year. And I wonder how many are excited for Goukaiger, the finale of Goseiger and the arrival of Power Rangers Samurai? Let's get it on!