Frustated Filipino Super Sentai Fans

I personally thought of it that Filipinos can be frustrated Super Sentai fans. Why? Well are some of my reasons:

IBC-13 and RPN-9 had the bad habit of not finishing the Super Sentai show. They left it always hanging and never showing the ending. Fortunately ABC-5 showed the endings of Jetman and Fiveman. I don't think Goranger was ever finished either. They were doing it to just keep getting profits- unethically!

Sadly after Jetman, the only Toku that was shown later were the Ultraman series (from Tsubaraya) and Sentai's partner Kamen Rider on local TV. Although Black RX wasn't shown on Filipino TV- they did have Kamen Rider Ryuki. Not all Kamen Riders did push through. Power Rangers came in and some Super Sentai fans who are Filipino end up making bad comments. Well some Filipinos loved it, others really hated it.

Disney's PR was terrible starting when Bruce Kalish entered. Yup Bruce Kalish gave Disney a bad image plus, Disney handled it pretty bad. So Filipinos who have cable TV watch Sentai they can't understand on TV-Asahi because of a lack of subs. Funny but true. Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder were okay though. Power Rangers RPM was good (and the plot can be later used for more tokusatsu) but too short IMO really.

I personally think that it's time to air Sentai on responsible networks like TV5 or Hero TV but don't yank off Power Rangers. Seriously, people should see both franchises :-P. When to show them? Saturday EVENING IMO would be better at 7:00 or 7:30 NO MORE FRIDAYS! They can start with Shinkenger though.

By the way, Manila air is pretty bad! Makati may be a business district but... cough... cough...


  1. Well Hero TV decided to air Power Rangers Operation Overdrive instead of acquiring Boukenger. :P Oh well, I hope that they will acquire Shinkenger so that we will have a second Ryuki-Dragon Knight scenario here!

  2. I'm favor on what you said,for me I don't like remakes like power rangers because I'm a sentai fan.

  3. Honestly speaking, Hero TV should so something about their style. Why? They put "Sentai" but they show Power Rangers. Honestly, they should be showing both series. ABS-CBN sure did a serious mistake in just acquiring Power Rangers and ignoring Super Sentai. Tell you honestly, it's frustrating watching Sentai without understanding much of a word they're saying. How I wish this blog will reach Hero TV and ABS-CBN. Mind putting this blog on forums?

  4. @ sean I've understand,but power rangers is too much destroy image of sentai.frustrated because they're language is too complicated, and fansubs and dubbers didn't perfectly translated sometimes they're create own words by only moves or gestures of the characters.

    I will try to post on my facebook group.

  5. in fairness to rpn-9 and ibc-13, they were sequestered at the time the super sentai shows aired (except for goranger/star rangers), so they may not have had the resources to pay dubbers. in the case of goranger which was shown in the 1970s, rpn was considered a major network at the time, but i'm not sure if it was among the shows that got axed when marcos cracked down on japanese shows. cheers! ^_^

  6. We're working on this project to bring some sentai actors here in the Philippines. please visit this page to support this project. thanks!


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