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Super Sentai Rangers Who Came Back as Ghosts

It was pretty bizarre that in Super Sentai, these rangers actually died and later came back as ghosts.  Here are they...

Gai Yuki/Black Condor- 20 years later after Jetman, he came back as a ghost first to fight in the Legend War then he also returned to assist the Gokaigers to get the greater power of the Jetmen though the cause of his death was NEVER directly mentioned in that episode.  For some funny reason, Gai Ikari could never see him leaving some of the fans to lmao over that episode in Gokaiger.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- After he finally died in Zyuranger, he later came back as a ghost for the near finale instructing the Zyurangers a way out of Bandora's dimension.  He appeared in Gokaiger during the Legend War and later, together with Mikoto and Naoto to choose Gai Ikari as Gokai Silver.

Naoto/Time Fire- In Gokaiger, he appeared during the Legend War and later with Burai and Mikoto to choose Gai Ikari to become Gokai Silver.

Shurikenger- Apparently in Abaranger vs. Hurricanger…

Super Sentai's Dr. Nambu Inspired Characters

With the news that there will be a Gatchaman movie, I just had my head on paying tribute to all the Dr. Nambu counterparts in Super Sentai.  Why I call them as Dr. Nambu inspired characters is because of this- they gathered the team, mentored the team and they also invented the mecha.  They are...

Commander Edogawa Gonpachi from Goranger

General Kurama Tetsuzan from Battle Fever J

Commander Arashiyama from Sun Vulcan

Dr. Hongou from Goggle V

Dr. Kyutaro Yumeno in Dynaman

Director Sanjoru Sugata in Maskman-

Dr. Dazai in Turboranger

Councilor Miura in Ohranger

Professor Eikichi Kubota in Megaranger

Morio Makino in Boukenger

Some Honorable Mention Nightmare Fuel

For those shows that didn't make it to my top 5 per decade of Sentai full of nightmare fuel, here are some honorable nightmare fuel from them...

The revelation of Vulgyre.  Although Fiveman wasn't a series full of nightmare fuel but Vulgyre's sudden revelation crept me out.  Seriously, not only was he a real living and talking battleship, how he used his entrails to combine Dordora and Zaza or his transformation process was just gross.  Dongoros collecting what seems to be gastric juice was just creepy as well.

The arrival of Dai Satan in Zyuranger.  Although Zyuranger was basically a lighter and softer season, however the arrival of Dai Satan involved kidnapping thirteen children, some cryptic effects lightning included and even the transformation of Dora Franke into Zombie Frank then into Satan Frank is just scary.  Dai Satan's return wasn't as frightening though.

The various times N-Ma tries to return and finally does return.  Like Zyuranger, Magiranger is a lig…

My Thoughts on the Upcoming Gokaiger vs. Gobuster Movie

Apparently the Gokaiger vs. Gobuster movie will really take place despite the fact that the two Sentai series have been crammed into that otherwise what other people call as "lamely done crossover" of Super Hero Taisen.  Okay this might require some intervention as one, Gobusters is where Yasuko Kobayashi is having some burnouts imo and Gokaiger was considered epic by many.  I just wonder if how the Gokaigers will fight after they have returned all the Super Sentai powers after their final battle.  I'll just sit tight to find out.  Just some thoughts.

My Top Five Picks for Super Sentai with Tons if Nightmare Fuel Part 3: 2000s Sentai

For 2000s Sentai, I think the nightmare fuel is not that high but some of them do deserve to be placed into this list.  Here are they:

5.) Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger- I just thought that the idea of having THAT much crime committed by aliens with various murder schemes can be good nightmare fuel.  Then again this is a bottom liner and it's not that scary.

4.) Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger- Compared to Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the Evorians were really mostly nightmare fuel especially that it is surrounded by the mysterious Dezumoryla.  The villains were really good nightmare fuel as well as most of the monsters they unleashed (except for Yatsudenwani who's just a comic relief who's a pervert! :P

3.) Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger- The concept of the Orgus is quite scary, especially with how they suddenly enter into inanimate objects when we least expect it.  And when that happens, expect a loadful of mayhem especially they're nowhere near merciful nor are the highness orgs either…

My Top Five Picks for Super Sentai with Tons of Sentai Nightmare Fuel Part 2: 90s Sentai

Okay now it's part 2 for nightmare fuel on Super Sentai for the 90s era.  Here are my pics for Sentai series for the 90s with tons of nightmare fuel and they are:

5.) Denji Sentai Megaranger- Although Megaranger was a lighter season, however the villains the Nejire were quite scary and executed some really scary plans.  It also is quite freaky to have Javious appear as a giant eyeball, always ready to chastise his followers.  Dr. Hinelar however steals the spot far too often than Javious, Giluke was basically nightmare fuel as well and so are the Nejirangers.

4.) Choujin Sentai Jetman- Despite the not-so-scary monster designs with some monsters, however Jetman does have its own fair share of nightmare fuels.  The Vyram for instance was quite nightmare fuel in itself especially its de-facto leader Radiguet is a genocidal ax crazy maniac who has no qualms over his wrongdoings, some rather creepy plots like a building that eats people, hands coming out of nowhere just to name a few.…

My Top Five Picks for Super Sentai with Tons of Nightmare Fuel Part 1: 80s Sentai

Since it's Halloween month so I'd like to talk about some nightmare fuel.  A nightmare fuel is defined as stuff that is so horrifying that it could give people the creeps for years.

Here are my choices for Super Sentai that I believe has tons of nightmare fuel namely...

5.) Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- Although Turboranger exists as one of those "non-emo" Sentai and has its moments where it was awfully comedic (seeing Zulten hurt for me is funny especially when he became a fart machine.  However some monster episodes were just full of nightmare fuel.

4.) Choju Sentai Liveman- Liveman in itself had a good share of its nightmare fuel.  While not being so familiar or having only seen some raw footage of Liveman, however Volt in itself is a terrifyingly evil organization that has a good amount of nightmare plots.

3.) Choshinsei Flashman- Mess just happens to be really one menacing organization or two, it's just freaky with how each genetic experiment by Dr. Lee Keflen …