My Top Five Picks for Super Sentai with Tons of Nightmare Fuel Part 1: 80s Sentai

Since it's Halloween month so I'd like to talk about some nightmare fuel.  A nightmare fuel is defined as stuff that is so horrifying that it could give people the creeps for years.

Here are my choices for Super Sentai that I believe has tons of nightmare fuel namely...

5.) Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- Although Turboranger exists as one of those "non-emo" Sentai and has its moments where it was awfully comedic (seeing Zulten hurt for me is funny especially when he became a fart machine.  However some monster episodes were just full of nightmare fuel.

4.) Choju Sentai Liveman- Liveman in itself had a good share of its nightmare fuel.  While not being so familiar or having only seen some raw footage of Liveman, however Volt in itself is a terrifyingly evil organization that has a good amount of nightmare plots.

3.) Choshinsei Flashman- Mess just happens to be really one menacing organization or two, it's just freaky with how each genetic experiment by Dr. Lee Keflen was like Dr. Frankenstein creating one disgusting creature after the other.

2.) Dengeki Sentai Changeman- I have to say that the monsters Gozma unleash have a very scary design and the plot that most monsters have in Changeman is just plain freaky and scary.

1.) My number one pic is Hikari Sentai Maskman.  I consider this show as Dairanger's spiritual predecessor with its circus of nightmare fuel.  Tube's plans were mostly that scary and its monsters known as the Dobler beasts have a really scary design (while those who familiar halves really do scare as well.)  Also the mysteries and revelation behind Zeba gets creepier every time.


  1. Most of the monsters and villains of Volt has alot of tubes. Very Tetsuo the Ironman feeling there.


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