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The Basics of Gokaiger

I am inspired to do a similar entry from Henshin Grid's entry "The Rules of Gokaiger" and here's writing on the show itself:

It's based on the Legend War. Yup so we won't be seeing the team going back and forth in different time periods. Hmmm... so did those dead warriors temporarily revive? As TheChick said to me saying, "Apparently, the legend war took place in the past, and this series takes place in a very near future. The warriors could have used time travel, magic, or replacements for fallen soldiers or whatnot. Don't think too much of it, because continuity conundrums will give you a headache and stop you from enjoying the show." However if she wishes to do more discussions, email would be better.

So they're not from Earth which was already established since episode one. I believe Power Rangers had a strong impact here. The idea was incorporated into Sentai in Goseiger but the idea of aliens as rangers came from Power Rangers …

Some Interesting Shinkenger Stuff Found as of 2/23/2011

Here are some interesting Shinkenger stuff:

Presumably at the end of the series, the Shinkenger main cast pose at a hotel with Gorou Ibuki who played as their mentor Hikoma.

A V-Cinema photo. Rin Takanashi's outfit looks kinda funny.

At a theater with Masahiro Inoue?!

Now I'd like to ride that bus! Ha ha ha!

Gokaiger Episode Two

Apparently unlike Goseiger which I stopped making reviews because I didn't pretty much like the series, Gokaiger is too well written and it's been since Naruhisa Arakawa wrote for Super Sentai. Here are a few interesting things:

Aka Red is involved. So perhaps timeline issues have caused him to exist. Just who is he anyway? His badge was changed to 35 and he was the one who gave the Gokaigers their keys.

A boy realizes in this episode that with great power comes great responsibility when he couldn't fully use the powers of Shinken Red properly.

It's pretty interesting that the two girls become red rangers as well. Forever red!

The Hurricanger suits modified for the Hurricane Yellow and Fanged Ninja Kuwaga Raiger suits and well, the Hurricane Blue suit goes male.

Kai Ozu is shown at the end of the episode.

Well I wonder if this show's brought back the flying fortress after so long? Hee hee.

Sentai Series I Believe Were Inspired by Merging Concepts and Themes of Previous Sentai Series

I have noticed that in the later Sentai series, there seems to be concepts that were ultimately "hybrid" or merging concepts and themes of previous Sentai series. These are:

Gogo V- As a series, it seemed to combine the concepts of Fiveman as a sibling team with Maskman (technology vs. supernatural) as well as a bit of Kakuranger when it comes to enemies. I pretty much thought of it that Toei was making rip-offs within its own company.

Hurricanger- The concept of the ninja came from Hurricanger. However it also had elements from Liveman such as the primary robo, the addition of two more rangers in the series and the themes of revenge, redemption and academics.

Abaranger- It had the dinosaur concept from Zyuranger and the multi-gattai concept from Gaoranger.

Go-onger- The color coding was taken from Liveman while the comedy concept was taken from Carranger.

More Sentai Seniors for February

One of my followers Ling pointed me out this link ( and I ran into these photos. Here are some Sentai senior photos you'd like to see:

Shishido Masaru still looking great but too bad he's not in red.

Ryosuke Sakamoto in a funny expression.

Keichi Wada doing a thumbs up. Third red ranger in a lone picture here.

Keichi Wada and Ei Hamura drinking some liquor.

Matsumuto Hiroyuki of Kamen Rider fame with Teruaki Ogawa from Kakuranger.

Kihachiro Uemara and I can't recognize the other one.

Keichi Wada with Shigeru Kanai.
Satomi Hirose hasn't aged much and still looks cute. I wonder who's her husband.

Yuji Kishi and his wife Mika Kikuchi-Kishi.

Oh yeah, it's time for picture taking isn't it?

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

The Gokaigers would like to wish you all... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Just hope the Zangya doesn't attack when you're on a date! Ha ha ha!

Early Thoughts on Gokaiger

Gokaiger- the first episode is kind of what I'd call a stroke of genius from Naruhisa Arakawa. They did make their first appearance in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger in cameo just as the Goseigers made their cameo appearance in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger. Well here's just some of my thoughts from pictures found from Henshin Grid:

The idea of a flying ship is cool and the music rocks too both opening and ending themes. As usual, I like most Super Sentai themes over Power Rangers themes but let's not fight about it okay?

The Gokaigers look like a promising bunch. So far here's my first impressions on them:
Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red- Why do I get the feeling he's royalty? He looks kinda cocky if you ask me.
Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue- He's the most pirate-like of the group and he's the most calm of the group, probably more sensible than Captain Marvelous.Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow- Although she's a woman, she's the ship's lookout. She's the only one in the …

My View on Super Sentai Female Leaders

Well I don't know why this crossed my head but, here goes on my opinions on the various female leaders in Super Sentai:

Tsurihime- beauty, brains, body plus leadership skills- she seems to be the perfect woman. Well I have to agree that despite the fact I'm a male, Sasuke's leadership skills are not as good as hers although he is technically the field leader but she was the overall leader.

Yuuri- Unlike Tsurihime, she's a tough one, tough as nails and I personally think she's the kind of woman I would fall for if she gave me a fist. Also, she's really the most developed pink ranger in Super Sentai IMO not only because she's the actual leader of the Timerangers but also because of her backstory with Don Dinero who was responsible for murdering her family in the 31st Century. Also, her star-crossed romance with Tatsuya did give more drama as it was already obvious they won't be together. So overall, kinda tragic but it makes her what she is. What I did…

Goseiger V-Cinema- International Icons?


A V-Cinema for Goseiger? I really should apologize to the cast members for bashing their series frequently because I disliked it for certain reasons. But overall, it's not a terrible show unlike the Bruce Kalish era of Power Rangers. So here's how it works: they are unable to memory wipe the people of Earth before going back to their home planet and they become... INTERNATIONAL ICONS? Well technically they're not Japanese so I think it would work. Also, I am reminded Super Sentai can't go multiracial thanks to language barriers. Hee hee.

The Mystery of Tube's Inhabitants in Maskman

I recently find myself crossed with the mystery of Tube. Okay Maskman was a great series but I think Tube somehow had an unsolved mystery concerning its people. So here are a few things we know about Tube's inhabitants is that they lived underground and they hate the sunlight. In fact some stuff from Tube would later disintegrate when exposed to the sun like the power rolls or the shinobi ball. But what was not just about it, here are a few things I consider to be plotholes:

1.) If the people of Tube hate sunlight then did Princess Ial during her spying mission ever have some way to prevent damage to herself? Perhaps she retreated every once in a while to rejuvenate herself.

2.) About the underground monsters- do they really have shorter limits under the sun before they get hurt? They hibernate under cold temperatures.

3.) There was one member of the underground who later lived on the surface world from the Mereru tribe. Did she adapt to the sunlight soon? The fact that sh…

The End of Goseiger, Gokaiger Begins!

Well finally Goseiger ends and I didn't have a very positive view of the series. Anyway Sentai didn't enter the "Kalish age" either. I personally had mixed feelings for the series.

I can't wait to see how Naruhisa Arakawa would finally get the whole script done seeing he's pretty much the kind of guy who like Judd Lynn is much an imaginative fellow. He does bring the best on the table. I expect a more well-balanced series since some seasons were kind of dark especially those in the 80s-90s which most of pre-adapted Sentai didn't appeal too much for Power Rangers fans IMO because they were kind of too serious.

The Red and Pink Fan Shipping

Since it's Valentine's month (and I still haven't found another girl to replace my first love) but anyway there's what I'd call the red and pink fan shipping (except in cases of sibling Sentai) which would deliberately pair the red ranger with the pink ranger (if there is a pink ranger) for that show. So far, here are some of the most popular fan shippings (which are not canon) in chronological order:

Takeru and Momoko- For some reason I became a fan of this, maybe because I thought Ial was dead during the beginning of the series. Actually Takeru and Momoko don't have any chemistry at all except as teammates.

Riki Honoo and Haruna Morikawa- Although there were hints they were a couple but it never materialized as such, although it seems that they had feelings for each other but they were never a real couple. I kind of liked this shipping.

Geki and Mei in Zyuranger- Both of them had a chemistry of working together but hey, that doesn't mean they're rea…