Goseiger V-Cinema- International Icons?

Source: http://tokupinoy.blogspot.com/2011/02/another-sequel-of-tensou-sentai.html

A V-Cinema for Goseiger? I really should apologize to the cast members for bashing their series frequently because I disliked it for certain reasons. But overall, it's not a terrible show unlike the Bruce Kalish era of Power Rangers. So here's how it works: they are unable to memory wipe the people of Earth before going back to their home planet and they become... INTERNATIONAL ICONS? Well technically they're not Japanese so I think it would work. Also, I am reminded Super Sentai can't go multiracial thanks to language barriers. Hee hee.


  1. Super sentai could go international..if Toei actually wrote the scripts and character profiles. Please saban's writers aren't too complex which is a major issue. Kamen rider was in japanese and it has too man non japanese sequels in asia. anything can become global..it depends on how its launched

  2. super sentai could go international...if Toei aren't too stingy to ban any SS or KR's uploaders in youtube...

    geez, i think we should play a game called "super sentai could go international..." and let the readers continue after those words...


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