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Kyuranger 23: Jark Matter Owns A Biased Stupid Channel Broadcasting Nonsense

It's another episode of Kyuranger. Last week's episode focused on the problem of Jark Matter's historical revisionism. This week, we're seeing Jark Matter's broadcasting network as well as learn more about Tsurugi Ootori. Yes, Jark Matter does have its own A Biased Stupid Channel Broadcasting Nonsense. They're lying to everyone that Don Armage is the Universe' hero. This nonsense is cut short by...
Well, Tsurugi now tries to awaken the minds of the masses from the media brainwashing done by Jark Matter TV across the Universe. This doesn't sit well with them though.

One of the Menasters is known as the sensationalist reporter Mediatsuyo. He's sent by Don Armage to counter the broadcast and make sure that the only "truth" known to the Universe is the truth from their biased broadcasting network.

One of the Vice Shoguns known  as Tecchu has showed up. He shows himself to be super strong. I guess Don Armage has managed to get better help. He …

My Thoughts Concerning Kyuranger In 22 Episodes

I don't deny that I like Kyuranger. I don't know if should say this now but I feel that the show is miles better than last year's Zyuohger while some may think otherwise. It's already 22 episodes and I feel like making a rant before. Now I'm going to do it again since no matter how much I like the show, I always tend to do CinemaSins even with shows and video games that I like every now and then. So what's my latest concern?

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The heroes 

Is it me or is Kyuranger going overboard with the hero count? While I'm open to an increase of characters but too many characters can be a bad thing. I remembered watching Eto Ranger and I don't think watching this season should be a problem. So what's my concern?

I'll give my thoughts on the core team first. It's interesting to have a team of not just humans but also aliens and robots. Lucky's happy go lucky behavior is somewhat justified by his tragic past. Sure he's an idiot …

Sentai Badass Moment: Ken Hoshikawa's Biggest Lesson In Fiveman Episode 21

I haven't written any badass moments as of late but I'll do one right now. Here's a bit of a throwback. I thought about the number of times I felt like giving up but Ken Hoshikawa my favorite character in Fiveman tends to kick me hard in my head. Here's one episode that had him coach a group of children who were failing in physical education classes.
I remembered that episode when Ken battles the Amoeba Rugin. If I'm not wrong his decision to fight out of suit was to teach the children the value of perseverance. It was pretty much like Momoko's fight out of suit in Maskman episode 20. While Fiveman was Hirohisa Soda losing it but this is one of the more decent episodes for a Super Sentai season that nearly ended the franchise.
What I enjoy about this episode is how fighting out of suit taught the three children the value to never give up. Ken defeated the monster twice with his raw willpower. He only out his suit on during the mech fight scene.

Speaking of whi…

Kyuranger 22: The Battle Against Jark Matter's Historical Revisionism

Is it a coincidence or done on purpose that this week's Kyuranger is on historical revisionism? Today is the 2nd SONA of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. Kyuranger may be a Japanese show but it's funny how Filipinos may actually be given a wake-up call against historical revisionism. With Japan and the Philippines as important allies let this review rip off the Empire of Aquino!
In this week's Kyuranger, we see the problem of historical revisionism is done throughout the Space Shogunate. They teach everyone that Don Armage is the new hero and one could view the students as Yellowtards. In Star Wars, these would be the Imperial academies that promote the dark side. In real life, the Philippines is full of schools that teach the Yellow Propaganda. The monster of the week is name Manavil. Shoot, shouldn't they have named him Marbobo instead? XD
This episode focuses on Ohtori Tsurugi. So he's been asleep for 300 years or what? If Zyuohger was in 2016 I'd assume this …

Five Superficial Reasons Why I Think Super Sentai Is Better Than Power Rangers

It's really no secret that I dislike Power Rangers. Sure, I used to watch it as a child but it just doesn't give me as much satisfaction even before I discovered more of Super Sentai. Until now, I still think about my discovery of both post-Jetman and pre-Zyuranger during the early 2000s or when I had my Super Sentai hangovers, Tokusatsu breaks and Sentai snob moments. But I do want to admit I have shallow reasons to think Super Sentai is better than Power Rangers and why I tend to think I'm better off not watching the latter.

It's because Super Sentai came first

I tend to think like, "It's because Super Sentai came first. Like WTF? I tend to forget that some of my favorite Japanese shows were based on non-Japanese shows. I could talk about how I feel Japanese shows based on American shows or how Taiwanese and Korean shows based on Japanese shows make their own footage and film everything themselves. I still feel it's awkward to use footage from Super Senta…

Super Sentai Villains Whose Power Rangers Counterparts Have Reduced Roles

It's safe to say that with cultural differences between the United States and Japan that maybe some of these happened. Here are Super Sentai villains whose Power Rangers counterparts have reduced roles.

Dai Satan from Zyuranger to Lokar from Mighty Morphin' 

I remembered seeing Lokar in Mighty Morphin' as his footage got used. Rita merely invited him to participate in the carnage and his one of her monsters. But in Zyuranger here's the twist. As his name implies he is the ultimate evil of Zyuranger. While Bandora served as the recurring archenemy of the Zyurangers but he served as the ultimate evil of the show. Bandora pledged allegiance to his cause in exchange for revenge. He was ultimately destroyed by Kyukyoku Daizyujin in the finale. Why Lokar is written as Rita's monster instead of her patron god is unknown.

Daijinryuu in Dairanger to Serpentera in MMPR Season 2

I remembered seeing the really huge but always runs out of energy zord called Serpentera. Is it me o…

Different Ways Anyone Could Travel Across Toei's Vast Tokusatsu Multiverse

I thought my Multiverse "expose" will be over but I want to think about ways to travel across the Toei's Tokusatsu Multiverse. A lot of crossover movies and  revealed that there's more than one Universe in Toei. Just check out how crossover movies usually present events that couldn't fit into the series' canon of both shows involved.

Space 18 of Kyuranger showed the episode where the selected heroes got vacuumed into another Universe that would lead to the continuity of Gavan vs. Dekaranger. Some scientists assumed that a black hole may be a portal to another Universe. the whole episode brought the Kyuranger cast into another Earth that's not taken over by Jark Matter. In Kyuranger, entering a black hole would mean you get into another Universe instead of the possibility that you'd be pulled apart. Let's look at other possibilities of traveling Toei's Tokusatsu Multiverse.

The villains of Sharivan, Shaider and Gavan take place in some other di…