Sentai Badass Moment: Ken Hoshikawa's Biggest Lesson In Fiveman Episode 21

I haven't written any badass moments as of late but I'll do one right now. Here's a bit of a throwback. I thought about the number of times I felt like giving up but Ken Hoshikawa my favorite character in Fiveman tends to kick me hard in my head. Here's one episode that had him coach a group of children who were failing in physical education classes.

I remembered that episode when Ken battles the Amoeba Rugin. If I'm not wrong his decision to fight out of suit was to teach the children the value of perseverance. It was pretty much like Momoko's fight out of suit in Maskman episode 20. While Fiveman was Hirohisa Soda losing it but this is one of the more decent episodes for a Super Sentai season that nearly ended the franchise.

What I enjoy about this episode is how fighting out of suit taught the three children the value to never give up. Ken defeated the monster twice with his raw willpower. He only out his suit on during the mech fight scene.

Speaking of which, I thought that Lightspeed Rescue should have gotten inspiration from Fiveman episode 21 instead of the GoGoFive episode it was taken from. Chad looks like he should have been a martial arts sensei to a group of children. The old sensei from GoGoFive doesn't even need an American counterpart. Chad could have shown the children the value of not giving up in beating Cyclopter with his moves.