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Alien Developed Technology Based Sentai Teams

Here are Sentai teams that used alien technology. They are:

The Denzimen had their technology from the Denzi Star.

The Biomen's powers came from the now extinct Bio Planet.

The Flashmen used technology from the Flash Star.

The Carrangers got their powers from the alien Dappu.

The Dekarangers used space technology, similar to the Space Sheriffs.

The Go-ongers got their powers from the Machine World.

The Goseigers like the Alien Rangers in MMPR don't belong to Earth.

The Gokaigers are the most recent in the list.  They like the Goseigers are not from Earth.

Updated as of: May 27, 2011

Developed by Earth Technology Super Sentai Powers

In Super Sentai, some teams were actually purely Earth technology made powers. These groups were:

Goranger- Technology was created and provided by the staff of EAGLE.

JAKQ- The technology was provided by the Interpol.

Battle Fever J- The technology was provided by Japan's national defense ministry.

Sun Vulcan- The technology was provided by Earth Protection Defense.

Goggle V- Their powers were provided by the Future Science Laboratory.

Dynaman- The technology was provided by the Yumeno Invention Center.

Changeman- The technology was provided by the Earth Force military although Ibuki was an alien.

Maskman- The technology was provided by Sanjoru Sugata himself.

Liveman- The technology was provided by Liveman's Dr. Hoshi.

Turboranger- The technology was provided by Dr. Dazai. There was nothing much mystical about their powers.

Hurricanger' The technology was provided by the Ninja School.

Fiveman- The technology was provided by their father Dr. Hoshikawa.

Jetman- Not sure about these…

Poll Result as of November 30, 2010

1.) What do you prefer as a non-Japanese speaker?

From 121 votes, we have 105 for subbing and 16 for dubbing. I wonder where these voters come from? North America?

2.) Types of Sentai fans ranking (out of 123 votes)

PR Sentai fan- 37 votes
Sentai tokusatsu exclusive fan- 23 votes
Tokusatsu collector fan- 18 votes
80s were the best Sentai fan- 15 votes (must be my batchmates)
I hate Power Rangers fan- 13 votes (Tanba's fellow fanboys are here)
2000 Were the Best Sentai fan- 5 votes
Asian lover fan- 4 votes
It's all Power Rangers for me fan- 3 votes
Just in for the pretty girls fan- 3 votes
The 90s were the best Sentai fan- 2 votes
Never heard of any Sentai after Jetman fan- NONE (hee hee)

Sentai's Evil Science-Based Enemy Organizations

I would like to pay some tribute to Sentai's evil science organizations which their main arsenal was mainly... well evil science and it's what kept them going. Some of them used magic though. They are:

Black Cross Army relied mostly on cybernetics.

Black Magma was a cybernetic empire that was actually under the rule of a brain-like organism that calls itself the Black Solar God.

Deathdark Organization was led by scientists and its leader was the gene-spliced monster known as Fuehrer Taboo. Two of its scientists namely Igaana and Zazoriya were killed by Deathmark.

Jashinka was an advanced race of underground humans whose scientific breakthroughs are just too amazing. Chimera used both magic and science in her arsenal.

Gear Empire at first, it seemed that the Big Three and Farrah Cat were human but they weren't. Dr. Man is the only technical android. For a human-based scientist-led evil empire, they ended up fighting against extraterrestrial energy. They were a mechanical…

I'm Having Thoughts on Goseiger vs. Shinkenger

As the fan-based canon (or fanon) Sentai VS. Universe featured the Goseigers in the feature of Shinkenger vs. Go-onger, a crossover will happen after all. Hee hee. So anyway, Lavender Ranger has featured some spoilers of the upcoming Goseiger vs. Shinkenger movie. I pretty thought of it that a pretty serious series vs. a pretty light-hearted series, so maybe there's no problem.

Two red rangers of opposite personality- Takeru Shiba's a lot more serious than Alata.

An evil Shinken Red? A clone maybe. I don't know. I think so. Or maybe a product of Takeru Shiba's dark side manifesting? Or his alter ego? I suspect this is pretty much like Ryu/Evil Ryu type of relationship- a weird case of split personality.

Oh no- Eri and Mako Shiraishi might kill everybody with how they cook! I wonder if any of the guys can cook better than those two pink rangers!

Hikoma meets the Goseigers and Takeru's in the picture.

I wonder if Kaoru Shiba will appear?! I personally wish she …

Some New Sentai Cast Photos Found As Of November 23, 2010

Photos once again taken from Henshin Grid:

Mitsuomi Takahashi has never looked this cool. I honestly get reminded of Tommy from Dino Thunder here.

I like Mitsuomi Takahashi's hair here than in Boukenger.

Tsuyoshi Hayashi in a hat and jacket. Well, his PR SPD counterpart Chris Violette had a similar photo before. Did they meet?!

Yasuhisa Furuhara in his dressing room. Is he already into J-Drama lately?

Super Sentai Teams that Time Traveled to the Past Before and After Timeranger

So far, there were some time travel episodes in certain seasons of Super Sentai before the dawn of Mirai Sentai Timeranger. These were as far as I can remember:

Choshinsei Flashman had Dr. Tokimura use time travel which he discovered Sara was his long lost daughter. Through this, Sara discovered her parentage. Sadly, she can't visit them any longer after the bittersweet finale of this awesome show.

Hikari Sentai Maskman episode 38 entitled "Time to Erase Takeru". This was when the Maskmen traveled back in time to stop Princess Igam and Fuumin from eliminating the younger Takeru. Although Maskman was a dark season, this was quite a funny episode because the others discovered Takeru's dreadful childhood secret- he wasn't what he boasted to be. :-P

In Liveman episode 34 entitled "Love That Runs through the Future and Present!", Dr. Ashura traveled into the future in the year 2003. Ironically, it was probably the time when Hurricanger was having its final…