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My Favorite Super Sentai Villain Background Music

Here is a list of my favorite Super Sentai villain background music by ranking.  They are...

My top one goes to the Gorma's background music for the reason that it has the "Star Wars" feel of the imperial march and two, it really implies the dark menace and tragedy that surrounds the Gorma's government in itself.  I just feel like the Gorma Emperor is on his way when the music plays.  Quite ironic I don't like the Gorma theme song which I find rather boring.

The Tube's background theme has the creepy feeling of being underground especially that one is suspicious of who Emperor Zeba the Usurper is.  Zeba's presence is pretty creepy and intimidating especially when one can see his creepy eyes which tells the audience he's not human at all.  I put this second because while I liked this so much over every other villain tunes before, Gorma's background music kicked it down to second place.

New Empire Gear's music goes from start to finish, quite aw…

My Favorite Super Sentai Villain Songs

Here are my favorite Super Sentai villain songs. They are:

Tube's theme song was really badass.  I really like how the Unglers danced to it in episode 47 to awaken the "god of war".  It had its pretty badass instrumentals and creepy theme to it.

Vyram's theme song had the 80s mix mentioning some of the different Jigens.  I really love how creepy and how much of a dance music it is at the same time.  However I doubt it Radiguet will appreciate the song.

Bandora has her song which while she declares herself the greatest witch on Earth, she also calls her followers to dance with her.  This is my favorite song by the late Soga Machiko.

The Negative Syndicate's theme song is just funny for me.  It's one of my favorites.  I love how funny the tune can get as well.  Well I doubt it Ryoun and Yaiba would like this song.

Now if you have your favorites, don't be afraid to comment.

Is Messiah Returning?!

So here's what's going on with Gobusters lately.  I've read at Jefusion on a possible return for Messiah.  Based on what I've read Enter is STILL ALIVE.  Also, just for spoilers, Messiah was scattered into twelve pieces hinting that "he" may not be dead, or that I feel like an apocalyptic battle could be coming sooner than we think.  So if the twelve cards are regathered, this could mean this- if Messiah DOES revive, he could soon take over the world systems and cause general panic, maybe even cause a real apocalyptic finale to come.  It could mean this for the world...

I did take this RPM screenshot (for illustration reasons) and WHAT IF the Messiah virus will soon decimate much of the world for the climatic episodes?  Hopefully not.  But whatever, I might just as well sit tight.  Maybe I'm not completely done with Gobuster compared to Goseiger.  So I just had my hypothesis- if the twelve cards are gathered, this virus could soon infect the whole world,…

Super Sentai Villains that Died As a Result of Their Greed

In Super Sentai, here are some deaths that happened because of greed.  They are...

General Zenobia- She dreamed of getting the tenth tail so she could become the most powerful among the Jashinka.  When she finally got the tenth tail in her plot to overthrow Aton, instead of becoming the most powerful as she believed, she was reduced into a skeleton instead.

Kiros- His quest for wealth and the beauty of Princess Ial became his fall.  Throughout his life, he went to gather more treasure eventually running into Ial, while sideline he played around with girls for his own pleasures.  Eventually his greed to possess Ial led to his downfall when while attempting to bribe Oyobur to release Ial from the ice prison, eventually Takeru intervened and when Takeru used his Aura Power to release Ial, an icicle shard pierced his vital organ while seeing what he can never have slip past him as he died.

Great Professor Bias- He manipulated everyone across Volt for his own convenience and later killed …

Super Sentai Perverts

In Super Sentai there have been some perverts I'd like to bring out into notice.  They are...

Takeru/Red Mask as a kid.  Okay while he's a pretty decent person and likable character as of present, everybody was shocked to find out that the little him was a pervert who lifted Haruka's and Momoko's skirts.  I wonder how he overcame perversity since there's no detail to how he matured in the middle of being a kid up to the point he became a Maskman.

Kiros really had some nerve to stare at Ial bathing for some time.

I guess Gai Yuki will count especially when was caught climbing up to peep at the girls while they were at the hot spring resort.  Then he tricked Ryu into falling into the girls' bathing area.  However aside from that, he hasn't been seen doing upskirts on women.

When Kou appeared at first, he was a pervert who abused his powers by looking at female underwear and two, he groped Lin's breasts.  However he was a short-term pervert since as the s…

Recent Thoughts on Gobuster

Well here's what I recently think of Gobuster...

Hiromu's fear of chickens finally explained.  I really think that it's an unresolved trauma especially when he got attacked by one.

In episode 30 called "Messiah Shutdown" the Messiah virus has been defeated by the Gobusters.  Is he gone for good or will he manage to reboot?  Only time will tell.  I just thought perhaps this episode was written to give Gobusters some retooling due to its non-popularity with kids.

Meanwhile why the Gobusters meeting the new Gavan?  I just thought that this episode may appeal to me but what of kids who are ignorant of Gavan's existence?  Hmmm... I'll have to sit through to see what happens but I got to admit, I feel like Gobusters is Yasuko Kobayashi's burnout season due to the fact, I feel like I'm not that interested with the series.  Just my thoughts.

My Favorite Red Ranger Fist Techniques

Here's a list of my favorite Super Sentai red ranger fist techiques namely...

Kenichi/Goggle Red's Red Punch in Goggle V was just awesome delivering all those blows.  I'm glad he managed to use it more than once.  It was fun to see him use it against Deathgiller in their first one-on-one duel.  I guess we all see it in slow motion but it's really done that fast!
Takeru/Red Mask had this powerful "god fist" attack which her refused to believe was real but Sugata corrected such faulty thinking.  He was learning of the "god fist" technique.  I say that whole punch was awesome since it really punched the stomach of the monster with a hole but amazingly the monster lived from that :P.  Maybe I should add this into the list of the insanely awesome moments.  Regardless, I consider this the ultimate fist of the 80s Super Sentai especially with its interesting backstory.  
Ryu/Red Hawk had his own special punch attack in Jetman but it had his Wing Gauntlet n…

What I See as Stupid Enemy Plots to Conquer Humanity

I really would like to list some of the lamest monster of the week plots to take over and they are...

Cranium Dobler was unleashed by Zeba to start switching people's faces one after the other.  It may work for the Gedou in an effort to cause distress to rise up the Sanzu River but not for Tube imo.  For me, such a plan was silly because compared to most of Tube's plans that really didn't render laughs, the idea of swapping faces is visually funny.

Tomato King turning everybody into tomato heads.  I think that merely turning everyone into tomato heads isn't a feasible genocidal scheme for Vyram.  What was Tranza thinking?!

Dora Endos' sneezing powder.  I just thought that true sneezing is a nuisance but unless this monster were unleashing a deadly plague along with it, just simple sneezing alone for me is plain ridiculous for takeover standards.

Senden's use of flyers and propaganda was just stupid that is... for taking over the Earth.  After all the Zangyacks…

A Tribute to Super Sentai Grandmothers

As a person who grew up close to my grandmother, I would like to pay tribute to these grandmothers too...

Grandma Tendo

Ryu's grandmother was a lively, active old woman who you'd say despite her aging, she moves like as if she's not aged a day past 50 despite all that white hair. Why? Well I mean first she mistakenly gave a judo throw at her grandson Ryu or how she actually intervened with Mirror Jigen with her own mirror. Okay I just had it that she was concerned that she won't last long so she had to pass Ryu to a marriage interview. Whether or not she died already after the fall of Vyram is left a mystery, I wish she made an appearance in the epilogue!

Grandma Ooshi

She may just be your typical grandmother but I would give tribute to her, as she actually did help the Jetmen understand Raita's fears of of the Tomato King.

Rin of the Heavenly Star
She became a grandmother in Dairanger's 50 years after epilogue. Her granddaughter is an exact copy of her. Who sh…

Sentai Villains Who Were Victims of Insanity

I just thought of Super Sentai villains and their utter moments of insanity... some of these are subject to reader's objections and comments why they don't agree on some people I've listed...

Mazurka- After realizing she was being used as a disposable pawn to destroy the Goggle V's headquarters, she went crazy and tried to take down Deathgiller with her.  I personally felt sorry for her in this episode.

Ahames- In episode 53 of Changeman, after she realized Bazoo never keeps her promises, he snapped out of her sanity to the point she eventually came barging into the Changemen's headquarters, destroying it while begging Bazoo to return back her home planet to her resulting to her death.  I just thought that Ahames' death was worth getting mixed about- do I hate her or do I pity her?

Dordora- In episode 46 of Fiveman, Dordora went into utter insanity when she realized she was just used y Vulgyre and everything she lived for was meaningless.  Vulgyre then forcibly…

Sentai Rangers and their Insanity Moments

Well I'm doing my own version of the post inspired by Fantasy Leader's post here.  Only this time I'll do my focus on Super Sentai rangers.  Here they are:

Yuuma Ozora/Change Pegasus- The thought of having his powers gone because of Ahames was too much for this young soldier to bear in episode 35 of Changeman.

Akira/Blue Mask- In the Fencer Unas arc, Akira was going insane when the underground rebels were hoping for the resurrection of Unas, to which the original Unas was a warrior of the Igam clan.  Before falling under mind control, he went horribly insane thanks to the chanting.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- Now this is one of those moments in Jetman that I really felt myself in it. Ryu went crazy that while he was able to momentarily reunite with Rie Aoi, Radiguet restored her back to being a Vyram.  The result was that Maria continued to torture him to the point he closed his mind to reality, pretending he was still with Rie.  It took Gai Yuki's fists to awaken him.  Later …