A Tribute to Super Sentai Grandmothers

As a person who grew up close to my grandmother, I would like to pay tribute to these grandmothers too...

Grandma Tendo- Ryu's grandmother was a lively, active old woman who you'd say despite her aging, she moves like as if she's not aged a day past 50 despite all that white hair.  Why?  Well I mean first she mistakenly gave a judo throw at her grandson Ryu or how she actually intervened with Mirror Jigen with her own mirror.  Okay I just had it that she was concerned that she won't last long so she had to pass Ryu to a marriage interview.  Whether or not she died already after the fall of Vyram is left a mystery, I wish she made an appearance in the epilogue!

Grandma Ooshi- She may just be your typical grandmother but I would give tribute to her, as she actually did help the Jetmen understand Raita's fears of of the Tomato King.

Grandma Jougasaki- I just thought that she was one badass grandmother to use that police car to save her granddaughter Chisato from the Termite Nejire.  Well now she knows the identity of the Megarangers, it'd be funny to know what she'll do next.  I thought that I laughed my heart out throughout that episode because she's really just funny.  I admit she's one pretty grandmother, probably she looked like Chisato when she were younger. :P


  1. As yesturday is grandmother day,both Jetman grandmother are a amalgamation of my Grandmother and I like to give a shout out to my Grandmother. She is the mother I lack and if it not my Grandmother I don't know how I make it through the years.


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