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Ryusoulger Episode 11: The Burning Quiz Master

It's time for another Ryusoulger review! Now, we're getting a two-part involved the Dime Volcano . It asketh questions and if you thou doth not get it -- it will spew out flames! Well, we're getting a dragon here! Now moving onward!
Creon foolishly decideth to take the challenge. Personally, I'm pretty bad at riddles. Though I assume that the answer for the riddle was a pancake if it's an edible pan. Creon nearly getteth himself fried in the process!

Shen Menasaur showeth up yet we doth not know yet who is the host is. This one pretty much looketh like a clam. Okay, anybody out there who wants clam chowder because I certainly don't.

Shen Menasaur has the ability to cast illusions. This one causeth the Ryusoulgers to confuse Ryusoul Blue for a Druidon soldier. Okay, this almost remindeth me of that episode in Mighty Morphin' where Lord Zedd used a spell to make the heroes see each other as putties. The smoke causeth an illusion. Also, remember in Boukenger …

Ryusoulger Episode 10: The Invincible Countre

Well, it's time for another episode of Ryusoulger. This time, it's an Asuna-focused one which trieth to balance her out from her brute strength (which she's ashamed of) and the softer her on the inside. 
Trying to adjust to this day and age hasn't been too easy. I kinda laughed at how Asuna throweth the ring and it hit someone. They got the grand prize though she did forget it. She does ask Koh and Melt to return without her.

Two thugs show up and they do have the hots for Asuna. I wanted her to demonstrate her brute strength and out-of-suit like she did in episodes prior. A delinquent boxer student named Kenta showeth up and saveth her from a possible gang rape (?) though she could have easily pulled out of the situation.  The same boxer then breeds the Troll Menasaur.

The Troll Menasaur countereth plenty of attacks one way or another. It doesn't matter what attacks Ryusoul Red and Ryusoul Black do -- they are met with countered attacks.

Meanwhile, Asuna herself …

Ryusoulger Episode 9: Be Careful For What Thou Wishest For

Ever heard the statement of be careful of what thou wishest for? It seems to be the moral lesson of today's Ryusoulger. Personally, I do miss the time when Super Sentai had a lot of moral lessons of the week back with Hirohisa Soda in the 1980s. Thankfully, we're actually getting it every now and then. Now, we're getting from RPG vibes too!
It's a balance of thought and action -- Yin and Yang. Melto as said is the intellectual person of the team. Usually, pink rangers (in many cases but not all) tend to be the smart ones but Asuna seems to be less of that considering she's physically the strongest member of the time. They try to work out a strategy but all Melto does is warn about not being prepared. Asuna says that all think and no do is useless. How are they going to resolve this?
This highlighteth a bit more of Banba as a guy who is a jerk with a heart of gold. He can't resist to help the old man who was knocked out. Something is not right if you ask me.