Ryusoulger Episode 10: The Invincible Countre

Well, it's time for another episode of Ryusoulger. This time, it's an Asuna-focused one which trieth to balance her out from her brute strength (which she's ashamed of) and the softer her on the inside. 

Trying to adjust to this day and age hasn't been too easy. I kinda laughed at how Asuna throweth the ring and it hit someone. They got the grand prize though she did forget it. She does ask Koh and Melt to return without her.

Two thugs show up and they do have the hots for Asuna. I wanted her to demonstrate her brute strength and out-of-suit like she did in episodes prior. A delinquent boxer student named Kenta showeth up and saveth her from a possible gang rape (?) though she could have easily pulled out of the situation.  The same boxer then breeds the Troll Menasaur.

The Troll Menasaur countereth plenty of attacks one way or another. It doesn't matter what attacks Ryusoul Red and Ryusoul Black do -- they are met with countered attacks.

Meanwhile, Asuna herself doth have some interesting interaction with Kenta. Kenta? Well, I'm already reminded of Megaranger's episode where Kenta Date nearly killed a child by accident. I really almost thought we'd get a bit of a tease here. 

The Ryusoulgers do have a discussion about Troll Menasaur. Really, they just IGNORE Asuna?! It's just that stupid if you ask me. I don't blame Asuna for feeling so bad. Asuna trieth to convey the useful information but she is IGNORED. This doth play some serious consequences if you ask me!

Meanwhile, we see Kenta looking from afar. We see an art student trying to draw but his hand is far too injured. Why is Kenta so upset? Asuna findeth Kenta and trieth to figure out how to defeat the Troll Menasaur herself but fails.

I kind of want to smash the heads of both Melt and Koh against each other in this scene! Don't they realize that it's THEIR FAULT that Asuna nearly got killed? They should have at least given her a chance to speak. Melt may be the brains of the group but he sure doth lack some common sense doesn't he? 

It turneth out that the injured art student is Kenta's friend. There's some issues with gang fights and why you shouldn't get involved. It wasn't really Kenta's fault but he feeleth so guilty about it. The flashback really is a very serious scene.

Meanwhile, I can't help but comment on Creon's impulsiveness. Wizeru appeareth all of a sudden and shows that while he can be stupid but he doth have some sneaky tricks. Hmmm, I wonder who's employing them anyway? Apparently, we won't know who the Big Bad is yet, right?

Wizeru disguiseth himself as Kawamura. Yup, this was the plan to enlarge the Troll Menasaur  to giant size. He driveth Kenta into despair which really nearly endeth the young lad's life.

What's amazing is how this scene is filmed. I wonder if there some green screen there since it'd be too dangerous to film this in reality or what? Hmm and what about stunt doubles if ever? This also showeth Asuna's brute strength cometh into good use.

I remember certain episodes from both GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue where the pink rangers try to save a small-time burglar from falling to his doom. I find those two a little more impressive because neither Matsuri nor Dana has the same kind of strength that Asuna has. Asuna does pull an amazing comeback where with comical effects. She doth get enraged and transformeth into Ryusoul Pink!

Ryusoul Pink is the first among the Ryusoulgers who would fight against Wizeru. She doth show she's not to be underestimated. It seems Wizeru is a sexist himself one way or another. Why doth he really taunt Asuna for being a woman? 

Okay, I guess this is where inconsistencies do set in for Super Sentai and Power Rangers with giant monster duels. Remember when they didn't finish off a monster because of a carousel? But here, it seems Asuna doesn't seem to mind too much at the domino scene. Superhero logic can be very confusing. I guess it's because the site was abandoned. But still, the Ryusoulgers should repair it. It seemeth that they did fix it later on. Only an idiot wouldn't stay clear from a giant monster attack!

Asuna trieth to encourage Kenta to make it up. She doth try to fix things up but what about the domino effect? I wonder did she fix it herself? 

It looks like she did. She was late in returning home. So I guess she probably went as far as to fix the city damage she caused earlier. She was pranked into thinking that the party is over when it has only begun. Yup, you got it. Barbecue time! Now, she's made me hungry for some beef yakiniku! Grrrr!!!!

Next week, it's Bandai merchandise time. A new Kishinryu appeareth and a new Fire Mode for Ryusoul Red appeareth. Hmmm gotta sell them toys, right?