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Basco Finally Bit the Dust

Finally the biggest SOB of Gokaiger has now bit the dust.  One has to admit that he's the worst nuisance villain ever.

Last we remembered Basco took over the Gokai Galleon and he was almost unstoppable.

However the Gokaigers managed to get even AT LAST.

It's an intense battle between former comrades.  After a dramatic battle...

Basco finally meets his end.  Oh boy, finally he's down!  Well he got what he deserved.  He seems to be at the same level with Radiguet, Long and Abrella.  There goes my favorite Gokaiger villain!

Also there was a cameo from these guys...

Well too bad Red Mask didn't make a cameo.  Oh Sho Hayate gained weight that I could barely recognize him but it was nice for them to make a cameo.  But I was disappointed they dint' have an extended role.  :-(

What the?  Triforce of Wisdom?  Zelda?  Just kidding.  Looks like the finale is just around the corner.  Can't wait to see how it'll end.

Dragon Based Sentai Villains

Happy Chinese New Year!  While the heroes brought their treats, so did the villains.  Here are the dragon based villains who's coming to crash your party:

Prince Salamandes- The fourth son of Grandienne, demon of fire calamnity.  He started out pretty cute as Drop but he became a monster thanks to Zylpheeza's demise and him inheriting the star gem.

Ryuon- He's a man with dragon genes in him from Lemuria.  One of his monsters Talong was based on a Chinese dragon and a master of Feng Shui.  His faction in Boukenger was also dragon-based.

Long- He's actually a five headed dragon with all five heads working in unison.  The dragon is the fifth in the Chinese zodiac too.

Super Sentai's Dragon Warriors

In honor of the Chinese new year, I am going to do a review on the dragon based Sentai warriors as they appeared.  They are...

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon- The first dragon themed red ranger.  He's a pretty emotional individual despite being a responsible leader.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- First sixth ranger of the Super Sentai franchise, first dragon themed ranger to pilot an actual dragon mecha.  He is also Geki's brother, a villain at the start and died a hero in the end.  He could be the template to Mikoto but I could be wrong.

Ryou/Ryuuranger- The second red ranger to have a dragon theme.  He uses fire and lightning attacks.  He has a fiery passion in battle.

Ryunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue- He like a dragon can be pretty emotional and unstable as water.  He's also the first blue ranger to have a dragon theme.

Alata/Gosei Red- Perhaps the only dragon ranger who's not as fierce as he has a bubbly personality.  He has the ability to see the true essence of things even out …

I'm Pretty Excited For the Basco Battle

Henshin Grid provided some very exciting screen shots that could point out to a thrilling drama.  Here are some things that would be a good twist:

Captain Marvelous is injured.  Oh my.  How are they going to recover?  I pretty expect a thriller to that.  This fight is pretty personal considering the two had a past.

Basco laughs disturbingly as he gets control of the Gokai Galleon.  I wonder if any Sentai seniors will show up to help in the battle.  I guess this will monsterize him and I hope the writers monsterize him so much we'd say yeah after he dies.  So one episode isn't enough to cover the awesome evilness of Basco. Two parter is more like it and I hope he dies an epic death.

So Sally has defected from Basco or is it?  Apparently nobody wants to be the pet of a SOB like Basco. Basco's just been monsterized all the more and I'm loving it.

Ninjas in Sentai Before Kakuranger

While there were Shinkenger clues, there seems to be Kakuranger clues also.  Here ar they:

Ryuu Hoshikawa/Dyna Black- He was a descendant of ninjas and had ninja skills.

Haruka/Yellow Mask- She was raised as a ninja and a very tough girl.

Super Sentai Tagalog Dubs with Tagalog Songs Inserted

Super Sentai before the dawn of Power Rangers in the Philippines was a way of life.  So far, there have been some Tagalog dubs and many of them happen to have gags perhaps so the audience can understand the song. So here are they:

In Turboranger episode six, an old man was singing "Anak ng Pasig" (Child of Pasig) in the dub.

In Jetman episode 15, Ako Hayasaka in the dub sang "AKO ay Pilipino." (I'm a Filipino)  Pun intended.

Well... here's my closing thoughts just for fun.

Shinkenger should be dubbed in Filipino and let Genta sing "Si Filimon." to replace whatever Japanese folk song he sang.