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My First Impressions On Kyuuranger Before It Even Airs!

This just in from JEFusion they have given an update on Kyuranger, I'd like to give my first impressions before it even airs. Zyuohger will end some time in February then Kyuranger will air on February 12, 2017. Here's my thoughts so far.

Episode 43: Merry Christmas From The Zyuohgers!

I can't exactly say how I feel. It's past December 25 and I'm writing a belated Christmas review. I admit, I'm getting excited to see how Kyuranger may turn out (it may not be the usual Super Sentai which may be a good thing) as well as more episodes of Kamen Rider EX-AID. Let's get started shall we?

Other Sentai Warriors Who Had Issues With Their Fathers

After seeing this week's Zyuohger where Yamato finally meets his estranged father face to face, I was inspired to write this post. Here are a couple of Super Sentai warriors who had issues with their fathers. Let's take a look at them from past to present.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Zyuohger 42: Yamato's Daddy Issues And Kubar's End!

It's too predictable that the man Yamato meets in the hospital is his estranged father. Yamato's had it rough seeing his mother die in front of him and his father's a pretty cold individual. This raises the question whether or not Yamato and his father will reconcile. I'll be writing a post on Sentai warriors with father issues so watch out for it.

Zyuohger 41: Kubar's Past Is Partly Revealed!

This week's Zyuohger starts to reveal a little more about Kubar. Why was he planning to betray Master Genis? It turns out that no surprise or surprise (take your pick) that he actually lost his people to Genis during one of the Blood Games. I guess that makes him angry as ever to realize that he's been manipulated. He uses the arm of the deceased Bangray to get more memories and to attack the Zyuohgers. He also sets a brilliant scheme to try and defeat the others.

Zyuohger 40: Leo Teaches True Manliness!

As expected, this week's episode is quite an improvement from the last one. Last week wasn't all too good but this week... Leo shines again. Is it me or does Leo seem to get a lot of good plots? Here he teaches a child what it means to be a man.

Will Kyuranger Change The Way Super Sentai Does Things For The Better?

Here's the first promotional leak of Kyuranger which comes from JEFusion. Nine rangers? I don't know how's that even going to work. I feel like maybe we might see another new era of Super Sentai to be born after Zyuohger "ends" it. I feel like Super Sentai always had the tendency to have a "finale" series (which I may discuss later like Jetman and Timeranger) while after that finale series an entirely new era is born. Then the cycle starts again. So was Gokaiger really a "finale" series. Looks like it but sad to say the need for another "fresh start" may be badly needed due to diminishing ratings.

My Top Ten Picks For Best Super Sentai Christmas Specials For 2016!

Since it's already December, I could kick start with a post of my top ten picks for Christmas specials. Remember this are just my personal preferences so don't get so onion-skinned if I disagree with you or if your favorite isn't here. Here's the list and I'll explain why each one is my personal favorite and note some of these may not even come from my favorite seasons or from less popular shows and Christmas specials from shows I have extreme favoritism towards aren't even here.