My Top Ten Picks For Best Super Sentai Christmas Specials For 2016!

Since it's already December, I could kick start with a post of my top ten picks for Christmas specials. Remember this are just my personal preferences so don't get so onion-skinned if I disagree with you or if your favorite isn't here. Here's the list and I'll explain why each one is my personal favorite and note some of these may not even come from my favorite seasons or from less popular shows and Christmas specials from shows I have extreme favoritism towards aren't even here.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (Shinobi 40-42)

As much as I don't like Ninninger since I have my extreme favoritism towards Hurricanger (which I like better than Kakuranger, sorry Kaku fans!) but it was fun to actually see the three parter. First, we had a good message about being careful of people who give scams on Christmas. The next two parts involved a fun party game. It may feel kind of kiddie but it can still be enjoyed by an adult. It was pretty entertaining nonetheless.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger (Stages 41-42)

It's no secret that I really hate Magiranger and I want to blame Houka as the main reason why. I admit I absolutely don't like it but I can't deny that the Christmas special was still pretty interesting. Houka was probably in her best behavior for that year. Though I wish Santa Claus existed in Magiranger's continuity to at least give her a mountain of coal. The two part battle was pretty well done. But the rest of the series? I choose not to rewatch it. Houka's left a bad taste in my mouth.

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (Braves 41-42)

Abaranger's given one Christmas special but I feel it's too generic. I don't like Kyoryuger overall in spite of the cool action scenes but I don't deny that it has a better Christmas special than Kyoryuger. It's one of those moments that I could like about a show I dislike. Abaranger's Dezumozoryla could have used this kind of focus during Abaranger rather than just another generic stupid take over the world scheme. In spite of theme overuse at least this is among a few things that I could still like about Kyoryuger even if I think Abaranger did better for majority of the latter's run. I might decide to prepare a review anytime soon even if I really don't like the show. 

Engine Sentai Go-onger (Grand Prix 43-44)

Go-onger's a comedic show but this among a few serious moments and the Christmas episode is definitely one of them. The first time Santa Claus appeared was in Kakuranger. Go-onger managed to improve the two parter. Instead of just focusing on a half-brained scheme to ruin Christmas, we get to see another side of stuff. It involves Kirezuki's plan to blow up the whole city, there's a terrorist attack that's halted to save a group of children and I find it to be a really epic battle.

Gekisou Sentai Carranger (41-43)

When I look at these episodes, I'm convinced that Emperor Exhaus is probably a lot smarter than Emperor Ragorn was in Turboranger. Emperor Exhaus developed his ultimate plan to ruin Christmas for the Carrangers before he plans to ruin Christmas for everyone else. I guess Exhaus parodies the fact that only a few Super Sentai villains ever think that they need to get rid of the rangers before they can take over the world. All three episodes featured epic goodness and I liked how Zonette's relationship with Kyousuke was fleshed out here. Just imagine if Poison Ivy warned Batman about an impending attack against the latter!

Denji Sentai Megaranger (42-43)

It's a real Mega-battle before Christmas isn't it? This was also the epic destruction of the Nezirangers before they returned as ghosts for the three part Hinelar City Arc. Only Nezire Red, Nezire Yellow and Nezire Black remain to beat the Megarangers. In this episode, Dr. Hinelar seems to have a win/lose scenario in some way but he still gets a present. The Megarangers get rewarded for their victory and Dr. Hinelar finally takes over Nezire Kingdom. Though I wish Dr. Kubota's past with Dr. Hinelar could have been also added.

Go-Busters 44
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (Missions 43-44)

In this case, I feel this did Christmas specials better than what Gokaiger offered. The Go-Busters get to try and get into another battle with a huge risky attack. The Messiah Virus manages to return to prove its (or he's) not easily taken down. I love the whole epic battle especially when the Messiah Virus creates a super huge body. Unfortunately, the producers decided to put most of the focus on Enter after this episode. I felt like Messiah could have returned one last time and possess Enter's body for the finale before getting destroyed for good.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger (42-44)

Yet another crucial development for Dairanger isn't it? This episode again makes it a good reason why Kou does better than Justin. In this case, it's Kou's birthday on Christmas Eve to where he could become a Gorma anytime. What makes this interesting is how Kou must fight his inner demons especially against his brother while he's not even aware of it Shadam's actually his father. It's a sad, sad three parter with a bittersweet ending. Kou gets saved but at the cost of his mother and brother Akomaru. Yup it can be too late and tragedies happen during Christmas.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Case File 42-44)

Timeranger is pretty much a serious show and even the Christmas episodes are pretty serious. I remembered watching the really bad quality Rogue Red Ranger fansubs before (Over-Time please hurry up with Timeranger subs!). This one involves an attempt to reconcile both Tatsuya and his father Wataru. Captain Masato Kusaka Ryuya arrives to take over Tatsuya's position. It's also shown that Hojo Toru Naoto Takizawa tries to take control the City Guardians as captain. It's a pretty serious Christmas special if you ask me!

Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive (42-43)

Personally, this is my top favorite and tries to deliver the family message the best. In this two parter, we can see a huge contrast between the bond of the Tatsumi family (especially when they realize why their father had to leave them, shades of Voltes V) and the collapse of the Saima Clan due to their mother Grand F*** THAT B*TCH Grandienne who only cares about absolute power than her own family. The episode also features the bond of a mother and a daughter who were separated but were eventually united. I might prepare a review of the two parter anytime soon.

What are your top ten picks? COMMENT!


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