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Zyuohger 27: It's Time For A "Who's The Fake" Game Show And Next Week's Crossover With... THE GOKAIGERS!

This week's Zyuohger is just a prelude to the more exciting return of the whole Gokaiger cast. It's been five years. Gokaiger was last 2011 and it's 2016. I felt like this game show episode was a huge improvement from that silly Boukenger episode where they dealt with the Prometheus Stone precious. The Boukenger clip show may have been revisited and improvised after a period of ten years!

Zyuohger 26: The Zyuohgers Attend A Friend's Wedding!

In this episode, we learn more of Yamato's past. When I think of this episode, I feel like that Gaoranger didn't have much exploration of Kakeru's life prior to becoming a vet. We get to see Yamato's life prior to becoming a zoologist. So at least, we're seeing Kakeru's concept getting improved 15 years after Gaoranger.

Zyuohger, Post Gokaiger Era Struggles And Gokaiger's Triumphant Return For Super Sentai's Upcoming 2000th Episode!

Dino Charge celebrated Power Rangers' overall 800th episode. Kamen Rider OOO celebrated the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider. Soon, Super Sentai will celebrate its 2000th episode. Even more, the cast of Gokaigers five years ago are returning for the 2000th episode produced for Super Sentai. It's not too surprising since Gokaiger is only five years old so the cast members couldn't have gone that far. Getting all the Gokaigers to resume their role is no easy task.

So We're Having A Case Of The Super Sentai Series Hangover?

There's no doubt that there's always "that series" that creates more impact than the others. Depending on the seven possible factors namely writers, producers, cast members, musical score, action scenes, aesthetics and circumstances you may get that, "WOW! THAT SENTAI SERIES IS SOOOOO GOOD!" effect. So I could discuss some shows that I thought created some hangovers and how other Super Sentai series would have a hard time competing with them. These hangovers happen because a certain Super Sentai series is really that good during its time that it's hard to beat it out after that. It's like how innovation creates something so cool that others try to imitate it but don't even come as close. In short, it's one of a kind series that would be very hard to replicate.

Zyuohger Episode 25: Camera Capture Anyone?

After Yamato gets really hurt from the last episode, everyone tries to cheer him up. Misao buys this "happy camera" unaware it's some kind of scheme. I find this to be a rehash of the Jetman plot where Maria sought to capture people and collect her in her album. Unlike the Jetman episode, a seemingly harmless camera is used to play the game instead of turning all cameras into a deadly tool.

It's Probably A Mistake To Insert More Serious Super Sentai Right After Boukenger And Right After Gokaiger!

After Timeranger was the last Super Sentai for the 20th century and the 21st Century began with Gaoranger, Super Sentai started to go for lighter and softer to keep itself alive. Gaoranger was so much of a fun ride, Hurricanger isn't as serious as Liveman, Abaranger isn't as serious as Zyuranger and Dekaranger isn't that serious of a cop-themed show compared to the Rescue Police era of the Metal Hero franchise. But there were two seasons from Gaoranger to Gokaiger that tried to return back to its more serious roots.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger
From Gaoranger up to Boukenger, fans have been having a load of fun after the rather depressing blockbuster Timeranger ended. A lot of Super Sentai seasons have become less mature and more kid friendly as time went by. But there was one show that tried to return to the roots of the 80s and 90s spirit namely Gekiranger. While Hideaki Tsukada as the chief producer couldn't ask for more budget for the action scenes (Gekiranger's act…

Sentai DVD Release Rambling Part 3: Will Ohranger's DVD Release Affect The Super Sentai DVD Releases?

After my second Sentai DVD Release rambling, I never thought I'd touch on the topic of Sentai DVD releases for the American audience as Ohranger just got its release. Some shows didn't always have a good reception at first. I admit I did watch Ohranger some months ago and I think it's watchable, I don't think it's as good as Carranger or the "real savior" Megaranger as a result of rumor mills here and there. But is it really as bad as the rumor mill claims it to be?

Top Five Possible Mistakes That Toei May Have Made With Super Sentai

After writing on the seven possible factors that affect Super Sentai's performance and reception among audiences, let's try to take at some possible management mistakes that need to be resolved every now and then. This would at least help improve performance as some shows have that potential but were ruined by some management blunders. It's very important to check them out and resolve them as soon as possible. These management blunders don't really disappear but they can be minimized when corrective actions are taken. They happen every now and then. Some of them tend to get resolved and others tend to be repeated.

Hungry Ghost Festival In Zyuohger?

Considering August is the date where the Hungry Ghost Festival falls according to the Lunar Calendar, I guess Zyuohger got into the spirit. Hungry Ghost Festival happens on the seventh month of the Chinese calendar. Japan celebrates the Bon Festival on July 15 according to the Lunar Calendar.

Zyuohger Episode 23: Things Are Getting More Explosive Isn't It?!

Zyuohger is just starting to get interesting in some way. We've got Misao who's trying to regain his confidence and now we've got Bunglay. I feel like Bunglay will be the new game-changing villain for Zyuohger. Since he's pretty much working on his own, will this result to Master Genis getting overthrown or what? It's just my speculation but I can't wait to see the game change literally.

I Feel That Generation Gap With Super Old School And Super New School Super Sentai!

When it comes to super old school, I ask myself WOULD I EVEN WATCH MY PARENTS' SENTAI?! For a child today who's enjoying Zyuohger, the question is WOULD I EVEN WATCH MY GRANDPARENTS' SENTAI? For an adult Super Sentai fan, they may say that they'd watch Super Sentai with their children but they won't enjoy it as much as their Super Sentai. I always ask myself these questions whenever I go back and forth with watching Super Sentai. That of course, I'll admit that I'm watching Zyuohger right now and I still feel that same old question if I'd watch old school that's so old or new school that's so new!

After watching Battle Fever J and Sun Vulcan for the past few months, I wanted to to even think of all the biases I've had towards them from the start. Sure they were digitally remastered and I can watch them in better definition because it's the digital age. But even if it goes to high definition quality, it can't change the fact that I&#…