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Turboranger Nightmare Fuel

One thing I tend to like about classic 80s to 90s Super Sentai is the nightmare fuel! Did I mention to you I actually had nightmares about that scary house in Kamen Rider Black as a kid? Turboranger itself is a controversial season and I find it unfairly maligned. But I do think history has vindicated it. Right now, there's no Shout! Factory release yet. I just wonder do some fans end up thinking this is better than Caaaarrrrrannnger ahem Carranger? Then I think about Mighty Morphin' - a show that I just watched for the sake of watching it while thinking of Turboranger. Turboranger isn't really solid gold, it's got its flaws (such as when real-life writes plot), or that Hirohisa Soda would end up writing Fiveman as a disaster that nearly ended the franchise. Yet, I can't deny that I'm a fan of Turboranger.

The show seemed like it was trying to be a teenybopper. I think the nightmare fuel was possibly trying to convince Super Sentai fans who were either enterin…

The Similar Yet Different Nightmare Fuel In GoGoFive Mission 6 And Winspector Episode 17

GoGoFive's nightmare fuel is in no doubt among the best in Super Sentai. GoGoFive Mission 6 is really pure nightmare fuel one way or another. Since it's Halloween then it's time for a bit of a scare post. I thought about GoGoFive's sixth episode where a deadly mold known as Triple-X (which was meant for waste disposal) ends up as a deadly agent of destruction.

The episode focuses on Shou wanting to quit GoGoFive in order to fulfill his dream. He goes back to where he originally had his job but found out about the Triple-X substance. Denus plans to use the substance to increase the casualties in the human world. Once opened, it would spread like wildfire. Apparently, this mold is very much alive. It's almost like a reference to the Hollywood movie The Blob where an alien substance was causing disaster. Except Triple-X isn't an alien agent but some kind of deadly mold that was artificially created. Yet, there's the similarity in effect of a destructive goo o…

One Good Scare: GoGoFive's Nightmare Fuel Is Better Than Winspector's And Fiveman's

GoGoFive is one show that I'd say is pretty much ahead of its time. It was 1999 and the year 2000 was approaching. It looks like Toei was throwing almost everything to end the 90s and GoGoFive had it. While it's been easy to ignore most of Lightspeed Rescue while watching GoGoFive but definitely not Winspector and Fiveman. Okay, I could be lying because I still tend to compare Lightspeed Rescue's Carter (a fireman) to Exceedraft's captain Hayato (a policeman) in terms of skill and leadership! Now, moving on to Fiveman and how I thought that it's really full of nightmare fuel. Heck, I'd call it an improved version of the nightmare fuel you may have had with Hirohisa Soda in the late 80s with Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, and Turboranger. Fiveman did have a few nightmare fuel episodes but GoGoFive beats it. What do you expect? GoGoFive deals with ghouls and ghosts and tries to be mature as possible (but as said, Rescue Police Trilogy still beats it at that).


Ryusoulger 32: The Rain Of Hate

This week's episode is pretty much a Halloween episode. Side note, Zyuohger had one three years ago! Super Sentai hardly has a Halloween episode which is just fine for me. Though, I could also say that Super Sentai tends to have weird clip show episodes too at times. Fortunately, this isn't one but a continuation of Gaisoulg's arc last week. Something's about to pop out if you ask me!
Can Nada still be saved or not? Koh still believes it's possible to do so. Pii-tan tries to explain something but Tyramigo interrupts. Can they really save Nada from the Gaisoulg armor?

An interesting flashback happens. We see a scene of Bamba remembering how Nada decided to leave their tribe. Nada wanted to be a Ryusoulger so badly that he made a Faustian pact with the armor. So far, no further elaboration of Master Green's fate either. What we all know is that Bamba is tightly knit to the Gaisoulg saga!

This is where things get pretty messy right now. So where's Wyzul right…

Ryusoulger Episode 31: Melody From The Sky

Right now, I do have a feeling Toei was simply coerced than them wanting to write a dinosaur-themed fourth season. Heck, almost every new dinosaur possesses fictitious powers. This week's episode has a title that would throw me back to my casual liking of RPG games. Take note I'm just a casual fan of almost everything so don't be surprised if I suddenly disliked more stuff than just this and that! The current episode seems to have some Dragon Quest throwbacks or not. 
We start off where last week ended with Nada supposedly inflict a wound on Koh. It had me shock to why was that even done? Banba engages in an out-of-suit fight scene with Nada. It must have taken a lot of work there!

Personally, I do like the more mature Canaro now. You can imagine how irritating it got to him getting stuck in his running gag to find a bride. However, Canaro is putting those in the least of worries for now AND tries to lecture a very much still-possessed Nada. TBH, this is moments in an RPG…

Do You Remember That Giant Bird Statue In Tokusatsu?

I remembered one of the most common locations in Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and if I'm not wrong also Metal Hero and Ultraman. So what's this location with the giant bird statue? I decided to do some research and found out that it's a place called the Izu Saboten Park which is located at the Izu Peninsula. Saboten is cactus in Japanese. In short, it means Cactus Park. It's also a zoo. Maybe you noticed this place but never noticed its significance.
Back then, I remembered how I just called it the "Bio Fort" or "Bio Park" because I first saw it in Bioman. I remembered watching the nightmare-fuel inducing Bioman episode 27 which had robot spiders capturing people. I always had myself fascinated by that giant bird statue. It also felt like an Aztec park. But what was that bird statue? It wasn't going to be the last I'd see that bird statue. 
Maskman episode 25 had the grand martial arts tournament. So what were the Maskman doing in "Bio Fo…

Ryusoulger Episode 30: At Least, It Ain't About Nao Fanboys!

Well, it's time for the weekly Ryusoulger review. Right now, I can't decide on my feelings on the series yet. Is it really a plotless mess or a good throwback for literature freaks like myself? Anyway, I could express some disappointments (minor) and some good things about this particular episode. This episode was written by Ayumi Shino.
I have to admit the whole power struggle between Gachileus and Wizeru is just getting nowhere. Gachileus pops in and pops out anytime he wants. They do get a high-performance surgeon known as Atsushi Miura as the newest Menasaur host.

Nao Nagasawa appears here kinda like the typical family woman. She gave birth to a son and her mini-me daughter a few years ago, right? Personally, I'm glad that we don't have Canaro representing Nao fanboys (like he did with the Yukari Taki fanboys) because that would have been VERY ANNOYING if we have it here. Instead, Nao's role is a marriage consultant. Okay, no action scenes from her. I guess Na…

Four Years Later, My Opinion On Go-Onger VS. Go-Busters Shifted By Great Degrees

I remembered I wrote what I'd call a rather random rant on choosing Go-Onger over Go-Busters. I still think of the rather weird cycle that went on -- Go-Onger is the source material of the very different Power Rangers RPM which would somehow inspire Go-Busters. Okay, Go-Busters isn't a doomsday Super Sentai (and I guess doing it last 2012 with the obviously fake rumor) but you can't deny that it does take from RPM. I did give RPM a shot but it does share the problems of the Disney era of Power Rangers -- cutting corners to quickly wrap up a plot when you're dealing with a team of superheroes. I also found using the Go-Onger footage for a rather serious show just funny. I think Go-Busters actually does nearlyfulfill RPM's potential except the people behind it were too afraid to make a doomsday Super Sentai out of it.

The rangers revisited

I remembered how I commented that the Go-Ongers were livelier. Heck, the ToQGers are also livelier. I remembered how I wrote that…