Ryusoulger Episode 31: Melody From The Sky

Right now, I do have a feeling Toei was simply coerced than them wanting to write a dinosaur-themed fourth season. Heck, almost every new dinosaur possesses fictitious powers. This week's episode has a title that would throw me back to my casual liking of RPG games. Take note I'm just a casual fan of almost everything so don't be surprised if I suddenly disliked more stuff than just this and that! The current episode seems to have some Dragon Quest throwbacks or not. 

We start off where last week ended with Nada supposedly inflict a wound on Koh. It had me shock to why was that even done? Banba engages in an out-of-suit fight scene with Nada. It must have taken a lot of work there!

Personally, I do like the more mature Canaro now. You can imagine how irritating it got to him getting stuck in his running gag to find a bride. However, Canaro is putting those in the least of worries for now AND tries to lecture a very much still-possessed Nada. TBH, this is moments in an RPG game where your ally gets possessed.

The Ryusoulgers try to use the healing spell but it fails. Oh boy, talk about a status ailment when playing any RPG game. It reminds me of a few times I get into that rather irritating status when healing becomes impossible. This is what happens to Koh. Seto possesses Naohisa's body for the nth time and does an expose to what has happened.

Meanwhile, a melody happens causing people to dance. Only Koh, Oto, and Canaro aren't affected for a reason. They are still trying to get Pii-Tan to crack open but what happens next will be very similar to Looney Tunes. 

First, they want to use Dimetrodon to crack it open but it fails. Okay, I was already craving for the Filipino delicacy called balut while watching this one. Except, it's very cruel even if Pii-Tan is supposedly made of metal. Granted, Koichi Sakamoto directed this episode so it's almost like Michael Bay secretly suggested this scene.

Then they use Pacchygaroo's strength to try and get it to crack open but it fails. It really is a failure.

Matters get worse when both Canaro and Koh have to face Gaisoulg AND Gachileus. Gaisoulg enters first and causes trouble for them. Oto is told to run away to safety with Pii-Tan.

Magical egg? Check? Giant bird? Check! I'm thinking of the Soul Egg from Dragon Quest VIII which was Empryea's offspring. Both Wizeru and Creon have no qualms attacking what's still technically a child. Oto drops with Pii-tan. However, Pii-Tan releases its true power as Pterardon. It's also colored blue. Empryea in Dragon Quest VIII is colored blue. Is it me or are the people involved with Ryusoulger dirty-fingering their circumstances?!

A new power-up is unlocked. I'd like to see the others use this too like every other new power-up. It releases an ice spell. Ryusoul Red is tasked with getting rid of the flying Menasaur. Right now though, the Menasaur's host happens to be very insignificant here. 

The Ryusoulgers are snapped back to normal. Okay, Asuna's face already hurts. They join into the battle one way or another. 

This new mecha does look like the Ginga Phoenix from Gingaman if you ask me. It destroys the flying Menasaur. I wonder will it combine with the other mecha soon?

What really isn't surprising is that there's still some humanity left in Nada. Last week's episode reveals the start of the Gaisoulg armor. If it were centuries ago then canonically -- Gaisoulg could have NEVER possessed anybody in the crossover mini-series Super Sentai Strongest Battle if ever. Neither Luka, Marvelous, Takaharu, or Rita were possessed before the events of Ryusoulger. There's still some humanity left. How long has Nada been wearing the suit? I feel it's been centuries considering how it took over him way more than how the hosts in Super Sentai Strongest Battle ever had it.

Pterardon becomes an egg again. Okay, is it like the Soul Stone in Dragon Quest VIII  that would be carried around? Feels like it! Meanwhile, they're still up to their quest. I even think about the possibility of how Gaisoulg will be beaten. I admit that I'm still having mixed feelings about the series right now -- not especially I was overly praising Kyuranger and Lupinranger vs. Patranger to several levels even if there are some mistakes here and there. Somehow, I'm missing Lucky's antics and Keiichiro's hothead moments. I feel the cast of Ryusoulger is in the huge shadow of the two massive giant seasons IMHO.

Next week may be the end of Gaisoulg or not? Will Nada be saved or will he have to be destroyed? It's a pretty intense one. Though I admit that I'm running out of passion writing these reviews at this moment. I may need to slow down to recharge.