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Ryusoulger 28: Asuna's Bad Birthday Present

Well, it's not exactly the focus of this week's Ryusoulger episode, now is it? This week does almost take a note from Jetman. Granted, it's written by Naruhisa Arakawa who did write some controversial Jetman episodes before. Now, let's get started!
We start off with a training scene between Nada and Koh. Nada shows how Koh can be quite shaky in this out-of-suit action scene. I'm just wondering is Nada's actor also a stunt double at times? If I'm not wrong -- stunt doubles tend to train the regular cast members too. 

Creon has one bad birthday present. Does he have Google and found out when Asuna's birthday was? He throws in some confetti. What looks like a harmless prank would soon result in a huge disaster.

It turns out that a microscopic Menasaur had just entered Asuna's system. Beelzebub Menasaur is based on the lord of the flies. Just a sidenote, Beelzebub is also known as the mythological lord of the flies and it's not a very good name.


Other Sixth Rangers I Feel Are Just There To Promote New Bandai Merchandise

It's no secret that I really don't like Canaro in Ryusoulger. You can see how much I'm finding his quest to find a bride to be a really bad plot material IMHO. Like, every time it's his focus -- it's always him finding a bride. Here are the others I felt like were probably just added for the sake of merchandise than plot.


Magiranger is supposed to be a team of SIBLINGS so why is it having a sixth ranger? GoGoFive did manage to complete the show without adding another hero in spandex officially joining them. I felt like Magiranger wanted to add more toys so this guy was added. For me, the show could just do without him.

Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold

He's loud, he's wacky, and there are many times I felt that doesn't do anything to add balance the show. The Shinkengers were pretty much fine having the bickering duo of Ryunosuke and Chiaki to provide comic relief. Shinkenger is mostly lighthearted so why add another comic relief? Did Toei thin…

Is Canaro Finding A Bride Getting Really Annoying?

Here's a magazine scan that shows the women Canaro had passed through and one of them was just Wizeru in disguise. This makes me think about his quest to find a bride is really either funny or just getting annoying. Canaro's heartbroken gag might not be good for Ryusoulger's development in the long run. 
Do you remember all his possible love interests? Two already had somebody (and that karate episode IMHO was just weak), two were already married (and he possibly embodied the feelings of Yukari Taki fanboys), he even attempted to go with Master Pink (which really just feels weird), and he tried to woo a woman out of her depression only for him to be left behind. Like, his luckless state is becoming too much of a running gag! It's a mistake that's more common for non-professional writers like myself. However, let's not forget that Spongebob's writers are trained writers but the running gags have gone on since Spongebob's premiere up to present. Like WTF…

Ryusoulger 27: The Unrivaled Fists

Well, I guess I'm not taking my Ryusoulger break after all. Instead, I decided to do some slowdown with the posts if necessary. This week's episode continues to show how we're getting more Whateversauruses into the show. Somehow, the producers are probably not too pleased with the idea of kicking in dinosaurs and may have rebelled by giving us another Whateversaurus. Now, moving on.
There's the search for another Dino Knight. This time, Tyramigo gives a bit of an exposition on Pachygaroo. 

Tyramigo breaks Pachygaroo from his slumber. However, Pachygaroo starts to roar. It's revealed that it wants to be reunited with its child Chibigaroo. 

Meanwhile, there's some conflict going on. So how Gachileus even survived is beyond me. As said, you've got to suspend your disbelief in several levels when watching Tokusatsu. Meanwhile, Wizeru has the plan to make the host Chika suffer even more -- bring up the spirits and crash it later.

There's a bit of argument h…

My Ever-Shifting Opinions On Maskman

As I managed to finish Choshinsei Flashman as subbed by Metallic Fansubs -- I thought that there's always more than one Super Sentai series where I'd always get a shifting preference. Some Filipino fans might call it one of the best old school Super Sentai ever but take note that both old school and new school entries can change my opinion anytime. Hikari Sentai Maskman is no different as I've always had a bit of a struggle with how high or low it ranks in my head and heart.

I remembered watching Tagalog-dubbed Super Sentai in the 90s. Watching them with subtitles and Japanese audio feels like a re-education IMHO. I've remembered two series that I think are dearer to me than my first Supe Sentai namely Chodenshi Bioman -- these are Maskman and Chojin Sentai Jetman. Both of these series consists of a red ranger with a love interest and a love story. I have to admit that I couldn't choose between Maskman and Jetman to which is my favorite Super Sentai in my younger …

Can You Say Lupinranger VS. Patranger VS. Kyuranger's Full Title Without Twisting Your Tongue?

While I'm not too happy with Ryusoulger (due to the overuse of dinosaurs) but I've got to give credit to two shows that dared to be unique after Zyuohger. These two shows are Kyuranger and Lupinranger vs. Patranger. But let's get a crossover and challenge yourself to say this as many times as possible, "Kaito Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger vs. Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger" without slipping once. I've tried and I've failed a million times!

This one does really respect the different multiverses. If you think about it -- Super Sentai seasons usually take place in different multiverses or that some events just can't coincide. Take Kyuranger's universe has to be different from the others. Take also that dinosaur extinction happens differently across many Super Sentai series which makes it impossible to just merge them all. You may need to examine how events between Hirohisa Soda's series really reveal the impossibility of them taking p…

Choshinsei Flashman - A Highly Ambitious Space-Themed Super Sentai

I've always had this thing going on that there are times older school Super Sentai series tend to please me than the most recent entries -- that is in the area of storytelling. Perhaps the popularity of the military-space theme of Dengeki Sentai Changeman resulted that next year should still be a space season in its own way. We ended up having the series Choshinsei Flashman way back in 1986. Yup, I just love to say it that before Power Rangers Lost Galaxy -- there was Choshinsei Flashman! It's all because I can't stop thinking about Lost Galaxy (even if Seijuu Sentai Gingaman is its source) while watching this show!

It's still the 1980s where CGI was still in its infancy. Yet, Super Sentai had to evolve or even go beyond its time in order to survive. Flashman was really doing that with its space theme even if most of the effects were still using portraits, lower technology CGI, and the like. While I did enjoy Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger along with other space-themed Toku s…

Ryusoulger 26: The Seventh Knight

Well, isn't it time for another Ryusoulger weekly episode review? We are introduced to who might be the seventh hero (if ever) named Nada. This episode may start the unfolding of new Ryusoulger mythologies that might keep me engaged. But, I think I'm having some newer interests for the nth time to drive me to delay my reviews.
Is it me or is the gag of Canaro trying to find a bride already getting annoying? Canaro finds a crying woman named Chika Sudo and Nada appears. Nada wants to meet with the rest for a certain reason which he does.

It's revealed in a flashback that Nada was once a candidate to be Ryusoul Red but he failed to pass the test. He talks with the rest of the heroes about the current struggle.

A new monster called the Dodomeki Menasaur appears to steal people's kindness. Is it me or does it look like it's taken straight from Ultraman or what? This would be the first Menasaur taken from Japanese folklore. However, it looks more straight from somethin…