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Goseiger's Father and Son Episode

Goseiger 28 almost reminds me of Power Rangers: The Movie except the victims of the hypnosis were CHILDREN. The monster Pikarime puts children under his mind control including Nozumu which causes Professor Amachi serious problems since he's a good father, which becomes the ultimate weapon to break the spell. The power of parental love!

On the other hand, I can't wait to see what evil Bladerun will do next now that he's managed to outbest Kinggon.

You can tell I don't like Goseiger that much. :-P

Differences Between Power Rangers Villains and Super Sentai Villains

Now this crossed my head. Bwahahaha! Enough. Cough. Headache. At last the idea is free from my head and now it's time to write it...

Sentai villains that die usually meet a more tragic and deserving end compared to Power Rangers villains.

In Super Sentai, villains have their own theme song and in some, their own song numbers. Bandora's group was a musical gang of their own. Bandora even had her own catchy theme song "Song of the Witch Bandora".

In Power Rangers, most of the supernatural were changed into aliens in MMPR. It was only in Lightspeed Rescue when supernatural enemies were introduced in the Power Rangers universe.

If any Sentai villain is dressed too sexily (like Zonette and Shelinda), the U.S. doesn't port them over for censorship reasons.

Many Super Sentai villains were downright more evil (and scary) than Power Rangers villains, which may have inspired the dark nature of Lost Galaxy's Trakeena. In fact, we see how evil they are when MANY civi…

Differences Between Power Rangers' Males and Super Sentai's Males... LOL!

There are some few differences between the male rangers in Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I think these are some of them:

The most obvious might be the attractiveness of Power Rangers males over Super Sentai males. Super Sentai had some attractive males but none of them really had that much of a muscular body. Check out Cole Evans, Ryan Mitchell and Leo Colbert for example. Jason Lee Scott, well he wasn't that muscular but he counts. Ha ha. Can't comment much as a proud straight male! Although Tetsuji Tamayama is quite handsome, however he didn't have much of a muscular body. As of late, Alex Heartman is IMO hotter than Tori Matsuzaka although he still needs to improve in his acting, which I think he can.

Another of the obvious has to be this- most Sentai males had harder, more brutal especially when they are into out-of-suit action than just the regular civilian action scenes they do. For example, some Sentai males destroyed monsters out of suit. They also get st…

Differences Between Power Rangers' Girls and Super Sentai's Girls... LOL.

I used this picture of two who I find the most attractive in their respective franchises. Both pink rangers... hee hee.
Between Power Rangers and Super Sentai, there are just some differences between Power Rangers girls and Super Sentai girls:

In Power Rangers, we don't see girls wear short skirts that often save for Maya, Jen and Alyssa. In Super Sentai we do. In Power Rangers in the earlier days, Kimberly Hart wore short shorts, not a skirt presumably as not to do any upskirt performances. In Super Sentai, most of the women's legs were very exposed. In SPD and Operation Overdrive, the women wore pants instead of short skirts.

IMO many of Super Sentai's girls these days are hotter and sexier than Power Rangers' girls proving being American doesn't mean one looks better. IMO only Kimberly Hart was really that hot (I find her HOTTER than Mei, Mei was on the cute side or the rest of the Sentai babes appearance-wise), the rest well they're just okay, some were …

Sentai's Darth Vader Type Villains

This crossed my mind just recently. Ha ha ha. Silly me I overlooked this. With Star Wars, Super Sentai also had some father vs. son moments. Here they are:

I think Doctor Man the main villain in Bioman counts as a Darth Vader. Why? He tried to convince his son Shuichi to join the dark side which he refuses, which causes a serious clash in their relationship. Although not really emphasized and shown only for a few episodes namely episodes 25-26, 43-44 and as Bioman was about to end (47-51). In the final end, Junichi like Luke Skywalker begs his father to remember who he was. Like Darth Vader, Doctor Man dies too from his injuries after reconciling with his son.

In Dairanger, Ryou's father had fallen into the dark side in the past. He had no idea Zhang Liao (not the historical figure) was his father making him the only red ranger to be half-Chinese. Like Luke Skywalker, Ryou grew up not knowing who his father really was until in episode 8 when Master Kaku made the revelati…

Dubbing Sentai vs. Subbing Sentai: The Pros and Cons

To dub or to sub? That is the question. Hee hee. I'm starting to sound like Shakespeare. I'll admit I like William Shakespeare's books. So I'd like to list some of the advantages and disadvantages of dubbing and subbing for TV or DVD.

Note: I think Sentai that's planned to be shipped to the U.S. should just be released for DVD immediately, never mind the TV. Saban should start with Shinkenger's dubbing/subbing. Not all Sentai can click with America. Yup that's that!

I. Dubbing

No need to strain our eyes reading subtitles (for people with poor eyesight like me, I'm wearing glasses whenever I read subs).
Removal of inappropriate language and names (ex. Dragon Ball's Hercule was originally Mr. Satan).For Americans, maybe Power Rangers fans will hear their favorite cast members like for example, Jason David Frank dub certain characters or Barbara Goodson dub Bandora. Or maybe, Saban's new cast dub Shinkenger.
Inaccuracy …

Dub Sentai for America or Just Release It Subbed?

Since Power Rangers was dubbed in Japan for some time, why not dub Super Sentai (don't forget to edit out some scenes) in America? Maybe not. Some white Americans are kind of used to listening to Japanese voices on Japanese shows already, even to the point to consider it murder if they dubbed it. However dubbing has some advantages- like changing some things you think are deemed inappropriate like how Dragon Ball Z in the U.S. changed Mr. Satan's name to Hercule (however in 99% of anime, Satan always implies evil) or those bad words that villain speak, for example in Boukenger has episode 22 with the &$!@ speaking of Shizuka and Zutakangami- which I think can be dubbed over as "Oh my!"

I think Haim Saban while he's having his plans for adapting Shinkenger may actually do this if he really wishes to promote Super Sentai as well- ask permission from his franchisor Toei to sub Super Sentai (accurately, many subs are just STUPID) and release it straight on DVD …

Comparing Don Dolnero and Ryuya

I was kind of inspired by Fantasy Leader to write this. Ha ha. Anyway a little flashback to Timeranger. So we have:

Don Dolnero- The recurring antagonist. True he appears to be greedy and vicious, however he displays caring qualities for his subordinates. Think of Cao Cao in Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history. His biggest worry was with Gien, making him a Sentai villain with a more caring side than most who chose to treat their subordinates like trash. He showed noble qualities and presumably died redeemed when he gave up the remaining Londerz Prisoners (freeze compressed) to the Timerangers hoping to make up for his mistakes, seeing those he truly cared about were harmed in the process. If the future was affected again, he may be alive in the 30th century. You decide his fate. Maybe not.

Ryuya- He is presumably Tatsuya's 30th century descendant. Maybe. Anyway, it's hard to believe that he was behind Don Dolnero's escape, that he manipulated the pas…

Not So Commonly Used Colors in Super Sentai

Super Sentai also has some colors that weren't always used and usually applied to extra members like:

Battle Fever J's Battle Cossack is the only orange ranger known so far. He was part of the regular roster since there were no additional rangers back where he came from.

Silver was the first color to be not frequently used. The color appeared first in Megaranger's Yuusaku Hayakawa then in Gaoranger's Shirogane, Boukenger's Eiji Takaoka and Go-onger's Mio Suto. Go-onger introduced the first female silver ranger. Did Tommy's conversation in the MMPR movie inspire this?

Although in the PR side, the King Ranger was called the Gold Ranger (even if King Ranger was a black ranger), however the first official gold ranger is Hiruto Suto from Go-onger. The second would be Genta Umemori in Shinkenger.

The first and only purple ranger Gou Fukami.

Female Yellow Rangers in Super Sentai

If there was any development in Super Sentai I kind of want to appreciate is the adding of female yellow rangers, proving yellow is not limited to male colors. Here are the female yellow rangers in Super Sentai up to present:

Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four 1 was the first yellow ranger in Super Sentai history. Sadly she's the first female ranger to be killed off too. She's the first one to have a female rival as well.

When Mika Koizumi died, Jun Yabuki became the second Yellow Four to complete the severely weakened Bioman team. Replacing Mika Koizumi also meant she became Farrah Cat's new rival.

Sarah/Yellow Flash is the first female yellow ranger to be portrayed as the smart one of the team instead of the tough one.

Haruka/Yellow Mask is the back on the track female tough fighter. She was rivals with Fuumin.

Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow is the twin sister of Fumiya Hoshikawa/Five Black. Despite being the youngest, she's the one who practices Kung Fu well. :-P

Juri Nijou/Oh Ye…

Pink Rangers in Super Sentai

I've read from Valsag Fantasy on "Is Pink Disappearing?" I think it's just awful. Why? Pink is the color for women's pride. IMO pink makes the female rangers stand out in some way. Here is the count for pink rangers overall and note not all series have the color pink:

For the first female Sentai ranger, we had Peggy Matsumaya who was Momoranger or in English, the pink ranger of Goranger. Although she was weaker than the rest, she was the brains of the group.

The second one was Karen Mizuki/Heart Queen from JAKQ who was a competent fighter but she relied on stealth as her specialty when brute force won't work. She's the first pink ranger to have a relationship with the red ranger namely Spade Ace.

I wonder if Miss America counts. The first Miss America was Diane Martin who is half-American and she quits the team when she gets disabled by the Dracula Monster (they chose this for her instead of kill her for some reason) and the second one was known as Ma…