Goseiger's Father and Son Episode

Goseiger 28 almost reminds me of Power Rangers: The Movie except the victims of the hypnosis were CHILDREN. The monster Pikarime puts children under his mind control including Nozumu which causes Professor Amachi serious problems since he's a good father, which becomes the ultimate weapon to break the spell. The power of parental love!

On the other hand, I can't wait to see what evil Bladerun will do next now that he's managed to outbest Kinggon.

You can tell I don't like Goseiger that much. :-P


  1. This episode reminded me a bit of ep 28 of Gingaman. And man, Nozomu's father is weird. xD

    Next episode looks awesome. :D

    According to your posts, you sound like you've been enjoying the most recent episodes. XP I certainly have.

  2. yea i didnt like this episode that much it just reminded me too much of the mmpr movie, but the next episode does look great


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