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Some Villains Who'll Most Likely Use Trick or Treaters For Their Schemes

Okay Super Sentai didn't have any Halloween special (and I don't mind really). So I decided to create a list of Sentai villains who'll most likely use trick or treaters for their evil schemes and how I think they'll turn out to be:

The Gear Empire- Well either Mason or Farrah will do the job, but I'd go for Farrah. They will kidnap human children and probably mechanize them. Mechaclones are good too.

Ragorn- Well he could actually use the children's covetous nature to empower him.

The Vyram- Well, insert dimension bugs into children's bags or grinam seeds for a treat. Radiguet can create parasitic organisms to control children and eventually destroy tehm.

Majo Bandora- Well she does hate children doesn't she? She could actually start feeding children with dangerous candy. Hmmm... candy that will turn them into golems or whatever?! Well you imagine it.

The Gorma Emperor- He could actually order Akomaru around for some scheme to lure children into a tra…

Goofiest Super Sentai Villain Plots IMO

I've read an entry on goofiest Power Rangers villain plots, here are some in my opinion only. Note goofy doesn't always mean ineffective.

In Maskman episode five, Skull Doubler swapped people's heads to cause confusion.

In Turboranger episode 32 (if you don't count the special), Noppera Bouma switched the faces of Youhei and a boy.

In Fiveman we had episode 4 as the goofiest plot ever- get everybody drunk. In episode 36, Chevalier created Catfish-Scorpion Jin to swap the bodies of people with whatever living organism they could find.

In Jetman episode 10, Tran used cup noodles to make people violent. It was a pretty comical episode for a serious series. Noodle Jigen pretended to be a god of ramen and used Tatsuya to create a popular noodle brand.

In Jetman episode 15, Maria plotted to steal women's voices to become a sonic weapon. I personally found it very funny at the same time, pretty effective.

In Jetman episode 39, Sniper Cat turned Ryu, Raita, Kaori and Ako in…

A Treat For Nostalgia: More Sentai Senior Pictures

Pictures are from: Blog 'Ko To which means "This Is My Blog" in English for you non-Filipino visitors.

Michiko Makino in her older self. Hmmm... I wonder who she's married to.

Kei Shindachiya. I wonder who the person is at his left. Could it be his wife? I remembered he appeared in Ohranger in a flashback as a UAOH pilot.

Ryoehi Koabayashi on the left. I wonder what event this is?

Kazuko Miyata sure has gained weight somewhat?!

Keiko Hayase attending a friend's wedding.

A recent photo of Mikiko Miki. She still looks pretty despite her old age. I wonder why didn't she appear in Dekaranger as Swan?!

What I Believe Were Considered By Some Fans As Bad Moves in Super Sentai History Up to Present

Here are some of the moves in Super Sentai that I believe were considered by some as bad moves. They are:

Currently, Super Sentai doesn't have that much action as it used to.

Goseiger's constantly changing of enemy factions. It would have been more interesting if they were at war with each other instead.

Fiveman had the annoying hand puppets that were thankfully gotten rid off.  However villain decay was an issue too.
Having comical special effects.

Kaoru Shiba's adoption of Shiba Takeru. Read more here.

Shurikenger's appearance was where he has no real identity of his own. True his character brought back many Sentai seniors but well, that was a downside for an awesome series like Hurricanger in my own point of view.

Burai's death in Zyuranger. Some fans consider it a bad move. Why? Burai was so popular to fans. This incident may be the number one reason Zyuranger gets underrated by MMPR fans, more than just face value preferences. Tommy lived on, Burai didn'…

Remembering Sentai's Replacement Rangers

In the earlier Super Sentai series, there were replacement rangers and their predecessors. Here they are:

In Goranger, we had two Ki Rangers. Daita Oowa was the first and Daigorou Kumano was the second. Daigorou Kumano served as a temporary Ki Ranger because the actor Baku Hatakayema (who committed suicide on July 13, 1978) was acting in a play so they got a temporary replacement that would be killed off as soon as Baku Hatakeyama returned.

Battle Fever J had two Battle Cossacks. They were Kensaku Shiraishi and Jin Makoto. From what I heard, the actor Yukio Itou got married so his character Kensaku Shiraishi got killed off from the script. Jin Makoto is introduced as a badass cowboy replacement.

There were two Miss Americas in Battle Fever J. Unlike Kensaku Shiraishi, the first one named Diane Martin (strangely her actress is also named Diane Martin a half-Japanese, half-American actress), she wasn't killed off. Instead she was mortally wounded to the point she couldn't fi…

Is This Promotion of Shinkenger vs. Goseiger Real or Not?

I found this picture from Toku Insider. So I kind of thought that this could be real. And well, I can't wait to think how this crossover will turn out. Well, I thought of it though that it would be interesting to see a lighter series cross over with a darker series yet again. Looks like the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger crossover will happen after all.

Also, remember that the Goseigers made a cameo in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger.

Well what are these two red rangers waiting for? By the way Take-chan, I wonder if you'll fly here in the Philippines to get a lucky girl?!