A Treat For Nostalgia: More Sentai Senior Pictures

Pictures are from: Blog 'Ko To which means "This Is My Blog" in English for you non-Filipino visitors.

Michiko Makino in her older self. Hmmm... I wonder who she's married to.

Kei Shindachiya. I wonder who the person is at his left. Could it be his wife? I remembered he appeared in Ohranger in a flashback as a UAOH pilot.

Ryoehi Koabayashi on the left. I wonder what event this is?

Kazuko Miyata sure has gained weight somewhat?!

Keiko Hayase attending a friend's wedding.

A recent photo of Mikiko Miki. She still looks pretty despite her old age. I wonder why didn't she appear in Dekaranger as Swan?!


  1. @ sean

    i think ryohei kobayashi pic was on a motorcycle even. He gained weight i guess.. He has a motorcycle comapny together with keiko hayase ( five yellow)
    by the way, do you have more news about fiveman?.. I was really a fan of that sentai since kindergarten... thank you


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