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Different Ways of Wearing Their Battle Suits in Super Sentai!

In Super Sentai we have various ways of transforming which are...

Goranger- They simply jumped into the air and blink they get their suits. 
In JAKQ the first four members used those transformation capsules which they transformed before heading to battle.  I just wanna laugh at how slow the process seemed. =P
Battle Fever J featured the members wearing their suits prior to combat, like the Avengers or X-Men type of to thing rather than transform on field.
The Denzimen used rings.
Sun Vulcan started the trend of using transformation braces which usually doubled as a communicator either one piece or two pieced braces.  Later to follow were Goggle V, Dynaman, Bioman, Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Turboranger, Jetman, Dairanger, Kakuranger, Ohranger, Carranger, Megaranger, Gingaman, Gogo V, Timeranger, Hurricanger, Abaranger, Gekiranger, Go-onger, Gobusters, Kyoryuger and Toqger.  The most common henshin device huh?
Zyuranger had the Dino Bucklers.
Dekaranger introduced the use o…

Sentai Head Writers I Felt Made an Impact to My Sentai Viewing

For better or for worse, that's what I feel about my fandom of Sentai.  Here they are:

So Hirohisa Soda here is pretty much "Hail to the King" considering he is the head writer of most of Sentai.  He pretty much 'set the standard' and was probably good at experimental seasons.  I mean, looking at the list provided by Shogo, those were kind of "experimental" from the producers themselves like electronic themes (Bioman), space (Changeman, Flashman), martial arts (Maskman), animal mecha (Liveman), teenagers with attitude (Turboranger) and sibling forces (Fiveman).  I could be biased with my liking him since he was a big part of my childhood namely Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger and Fiveman.  If I'm to talk about his burnout, I would probably say Turboranger and Fiveman but good thing they didn't become terrible series.  He was pretty much the "standard" for a good season which he was trying different formulas in writing which of course, pro…

The Bio Electrons in Bioman Prior to the Super Electron

In Bioman, what made the show unique aside from the Beastnoids that didn't die prior to the giant battle thus making an absence of human-sized monsters that were enlarged, here are the Bio electron techniques.  These techniques were used to beat the Beastnoid of the week.  All these were before the upgrade arc in Bioman and most of them were simply used to send the enemy away, and some of them may not even kill a human sized monster.

Bio Miracle Laser- This was first featured in the first episode.  The Biomen draw their swords and fire a laser that somehow sends the enemy away which was first done against Messerjuu.  This was used later against Aquagaiger (twice), Mettlzer (twice) and once again on Messerjuu.  This was possibly used as the Lightning Wave attack in Kakuranger.

Bio Revolver- This was only used in episode two against Psygorn.  I thought this was an interesting technique but I guess it didn't receive much praise so it was only used once.  I would want to even thin…

My Picks for Weirdest Sentai Robot Weapon Placements

Super Sentai is known for having weird ideas.  Now for weird robot weapon placement:

Galaxy Robo's Double Vulcan.  Well we do have the whole tit guns are exhaust pipes but I wonder what was inside Professor Yamagata's head when he designed the robot?  But funny I won't mind another tit guns robot again.

Daigoyou's disc shooter location.  Of all places it is almost at the crotch.  Hee hee.  I laughed whenever Daigoyou fired his discs.  Funnier, to activate it you pulled that switch from his butt.

Toq-Oh's Toq Boner- Really what has Toei gotten into with this one?  It was used to escape from the coffin they were trapped in though and fortunately it wasn't a finishing move and the boner's location returned back to its chest.

So Another Parody Sentai? Kanpai Senshi After V!

Well sorry for not updating lately but this caught my attention from Orends Range.  After the comedy series called Akibaranger which had two seasons (I am not sure if a third season is coming out), well this is probably going to be another comedy series that wouldn't be a long series.  But really, I think beer is a pretty lame thing for me since I'm no drinker myself.  I'll try to check this out by then.