Sentai Head Writers I Felt Made an Impact to My Sentai Viewing

For better or for worse, that's what I feel about my fandom of Sentai.  Here they are:

So Hirohisa Soda here is pretty much "Hail to the King" considering he is the head writer of most of Sentai.  He pretty much 'set the standard' and was probably good at experimental seasons.  I mean, looking at the list provided by Shogo, those were kind of "experimental" from the producers themselves like electronic themes (Bioman), space (Changeman, Flashman), martial arts (Maskman), animal mecha (Liveman), teenagers with attitude (Turboranger) and sibling forces (Fiveman).  I could be biased with my liking him since he was a big part of my childhood namely Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger and Fiveman.  If I'm to talk about his burnout, I would probably say Turboranger and Fiveman but good thing they didn't become terrible series.  He was pretty much the "standard" for a good season which he was trying different formulas in writing which of course, provided better writing templates for others.  Good thing he still wrote a few episodes for Kakuranger and Ohranger.  At least he left with good memories so let's credit him for all that!

Next is Toshiki Inoue.  Like him, love him, hate him... he really did do some good work with Sentai before which imo he deserves to be in this list.  He was involved during Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Turboranger and Fiveman with cool concepts and at the same time, he did recycle some ideas for better or for worse.  Perhaps he was trying to find out how he wanted to go as a writer.  So he wrote my favorite Super Sentai, Chojin Sentai Jetman which made me wish he wrote the damn awful Gatchaman movie instead!  Later after Jetman he became a sub-writer again to Zyuranger, Dairanger, Timeranger (Where he worked with Yasuko Kobayashi who pretty much shares tropes with him and note that he also wrote a good portion of Kamen Rider Ryuki with her, did they agree to troll the audiences with the ending?) and later became a guest writer for Jetman 28 that incredibly cruel episode to Gai Ikari.  But one must consider- his magnum opus was Kamen Rider Agito for KR fans and two, he really has a weird way of writing finales which goes from passable to really bad.  For Jetman, I just wonder why he killed Gai Yuki in such a bad way?  Hee hee, after Agito he just got bad with Kamen Rider Faiz (imo his worst work) then if you want a rather desperate attempt to recover, it was Kamen Rider Kiva which I enjoyed for its nutty value other than that, he's very prone to self-indulgence.  Too bad he went all the way to attempt his weird sense of humor which might be the cause of his lackluster work to the point Kamen Rider Faiz looks more decent.  Good thing he didn't get involved in Akibaranger though he could have helped Gobusters if he wrote a good portion of it as the sub-writer.

For Noboru Sugimara, I guess he can be called as the guy who head wrote what would later be used for the Zordon arc.  I'll just be honest- I really love his works and I think Dairanger is his top masterpiece (which also had a good portion of Inoue and sub-writer Kunio Fuji).  Zyuranger is somewhat hit or miss for some and I'm probably among a few who has a high regard for Zyuranger.  For Dairanger, it's his darkest series ever with a good cast though he did troll everyone with Shadam being just a clay doll leaving audience to theorize the whole ending.  So he also wrote Jiban which imo was another of my childhood favorites.  Too bad he passed away in 2005.

Yasuko Kobayashi imo is pretty much for me another person who had more similarities than differences with headwriter Toshiki Inoue with how they carry things out.  When you consider it, she was the head writer of Gingaman and Timeranger under Takatera then she was the head writer of Shinkenger (another favorite of mine with her weird sense of humor at better work than Inoue's imo) and the lackluster Gobusters.  Before her probable magnum opus Gingaman, she wrote a good portion of Megaranger which were all decent episodes ands he also had Timeranger and Shinkenger, while Shinkenger is not all that great.  Before Gobusters, she is also a great talent herself except for her mistakes like Ryuki's awkward finale (which makes Inoue's worst finale passable but she did write Ryuki's characters in such a way), Den-O well it was pretty weird and maybe Kamen Rider OOO which she tried to imitate Agito's finale or better yet "parody it".  I thought she also wrote decent episodes for Boukenger.  If Toshiki Inoue had Faiz as a lackluster, she had Gobusters as a lackluster.  As of right now, I think she really needs assistance with Toqger from Naruhisa Arakawa and not Toshiki Inoue (He's better off writing darker and edgier stuff, Faiz looks more decent than Shougeki Gouraigan!).  On the other hand, Toshiki Inoue could have helped her out in Gobusters like he did in Ryuki (and maybe agree to troll the audience at the end).

Naruhisa Arakawa- Although he started out with a bad episode in Jetman (the Dryer Jigen one) considering Jetman was supposedly a serious series, but let's face it he also wrote some decent episodes during the Sugimura era.  Then he became the head writer of Kamen Rider Kuuga which for me was pretty much him trying to determine his writing styles.  So far, he is more of the lighter and softer guy judging by how he wrote Abaranger's love story reuniting Asuka and Mahoro reversing the Ryu and Maria one.  For Dekaranger imo that's his real masterpiece though my mind might change about it.  For Gokaiger, it was a good thing he was the head writer of it too in doing an anniversary special, while I'm not really all that into Gokaiger but still.  I should also note Akibaranger which might teach me a thing or two about funny stuff.  I just wished he were involved with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as a secondary writer.  He should really get involved for Toqger imo to help balance Kobayashi's writing.


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