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I'm More Into Kamen Rider Than Super Sentai As Of Late

Pardon my use of this picture but I always found myself startled even by my own current set of preferences. As a child, I'll confess that I was more fond of solo heroes like Kamen Rider Black, Gavan and Shaider than I was with Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Sideline, I was more fond of the Spiderman animated series than I was of the X-Men and some years later, my opinions changed again and I have returned to my old opinion.

The experience was really weird for me especially with how I didn't really care too much about Tokusatsu in general due to other stuff then I would return to it. After I returned to watching Super Sentai (and in extension, Power Rangers) I soon thought I had abandoned Kamen Rider but I was so wrong. Maybe I was too used to seeing Kamen Rider villains with their plain absurd, convoluted and/or unbelievable plots which were Super Sentai's fodder. I didn't immediately like the format that the Heisei Riders took such as the TV drama format, the monste…

My On/Off Desire To Collect Them Super Sentai Toys!

Well it's time for some nostalgia and yes, I am feeling old (I am after all, thirty years old) but not any wiser or am I feeling wiser? So I did learn some things about what not to do (thanks to some critics), I would also want to take a bit of flashback. Now it's time for a bit of a flashback or a huge flashback, depending on how much my mind allows me to remember and pour out.. here goes nothing...

I always thought of the time that I envied others for the toys they had. I remembered the time I envied somebody having a toy Dino Megazord and I didn't really have any expensive toys and I was just some foolish kid trying to fit in. As much as I watched some available Super Sentai, Power Rangers or Kamen Rider on broadcast I was more into reading books than comics, I did have a few toys, I remembered playing the Zyuranger game on the Family Computer thinking it was Power Rangers, later I would play other Power Rangers games on the Playstation... but I always had my desire to…

Lucky Yoshi Sudarso, Lucky Ninningers!

Well I felt this episode of Ninninger had people I'm happy for namely Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers DIno Charge) and for the Ninningers, for meeting a childhood hero. Okay, I only heard of Jiraiya just NOW and yes, NOW and I felt like Ninninger's sending me on the mission to watch... JIRAIYA. 
Yoshi Sudarso is seen speaking in English in this episode and Yakumo Kato and he speak in English. So I was wondering, was he simply going "uhhhh..." like any guy who can't understand Japanese. Perhaps the actor Gaku Matsumoto was able to interpret everything so, lucky him. He's the first Power Ranger to actually make a cameo role and honestly, I wish there were more scenes though but time may have not allowed it.

Here's Sudarso's video and sure, he really looks happy in this one. All I can say is congratulations to him for his fun moment. Not everyone has the opportunity to even make a cameo. I just wish he had more screen time. But again, did he just decide to…

What Are Super Sentai Suits Made Of?

Image taken from Shogo B'Stard's similar post which I hope I can expand on....

Whether it's new Super Sentai or Power Rangers, there's always where I couldn't help but laugh, "Hmmm how do those rangers survive in their spandex?" Most of the time, the show tends to fail to explain what material they are made of and it may vary from show to show. Looking at the top most image, one can see that Super Sentai suits aren't really spandex on paper just as rubber monsters don't have rubber for skin script-wise.

Another picture by Shogo (above) also reveals what might be the blueprints of the Changeman suits. I haven't seen much of Changeman nor Flashman to actually make a clearer judgment. Looking at the pictures Shogo has shared from his blog, it can be seen that apparently, most Super Sentai suits are made of spandex (costume-wise) but indeed, they are really made of some fictitious metal or mystical cloth (for some) explaining why sparks fly out wh…

I Still Find Ninninger Pretty Entertaining So I Look Forward To Every New Episode...

So some of you may say I'm too backwards because I prefer the older Super Sentai series but as said, it doesn't mean I'm not open towards modernization and I can't enjoy a new seriers. It's not modernization that's the problem but it's the writing style and quality. Like ToQGer could have been a good series but IMO, assigning a burnt out Yasuko Kobayashi instead of Naruhisa Arakawa (or any new writer) was a terrible mistake. Now for Ninninger, one thing is certain, I still find the series to be pretty entertaining.

As much as I want to call Takaharu as Bakaharu because he's an idiot but I couldn't find him annoying. I'll admit, I may make fun of his idiocy but I find him to be "another Ban". I know I didn't immediately like Ban in Dekaranger but I warmed up to him, the same happened with Takaharu, I slowly warmed up to him considering the guy is not an attention grabber. Everyone in Ninninger is starting to show some signs of impr…

My Thoughts On Gogo Five In 26 Episodes

"Your mission is far from over, you've only seen 26 episodes for now!"

So I've watched Gogo Five a few weeks ago and I can say, I have finished my 26 episodes plus the movie in a short amount of time, because it's FREAKING AWESOME. What's better is that, now that I can understand it thanks to the English subs provided by Another Imagination Station, it's time for me to share my feelings on this series.

Although I haven't felt any dislike for Fiveman and I still like Fiveman, I felt like Gogo Five is an improved version of Fiveman but I felt there's more nostalgia to this show than just the sibling team. I can go ahead and scream, "FIVEMAN! FIVEMAN! FIVEMAN!" to this show but I thought the idea of a rescue team, where have I seen that before? There was the Rescue Police Trilogy (which these shows had no real main villain in contrast to Dekaranger which had Agent Abrella but as a sideline salesman), what was amazing was that in 1990, we ha…

How Much Of Old School Super Sentai Have You Seen Anyway?

Looking back at the time this blog started, I would admit I barely saw a lot of Super Sentai series, pretended to know everything and just relied on fan sites while I just merely started getting into Super Sentai itself and I would really just be a noobie during that time. Back then with my childhood up to my early teens, I can remember Goggle V, Bioman, Maskman and Jetman but later, I soon got into last decade's Super Sentai where I would still watch them on Youtube, later I had an external hard drive but I was still stuck with an old CPU, you know a lot of constraints or I just watched Super Sentai left and right without understanding the context. When I look back at that time I started as the fool who pretended to know everything about Tokusatsu and got 99/100 answers wrong in more than one instance... now I tend to ask myself the question, "How much of old school Super Sentai have you seen?" then later, I end up throwing the question at others after I ask myself tha…

My Wild Imagination Of What If Nostalgia Critic Reviews Gosei Sentai Dairanger!

Well I haven't thought of how to carry out a what if Doug Walker did a review for other Super Sentai series, well it's on to review Dairanger, Nostalgia Critic style since the DVD is coming out soon. Before that, you might want to check out my joke of a Doug Walker/Zyuranger post.

Well I don't think he'll really keep saying too much about it at first until he realizes that the show's unusually violent. That is he might say, "So really, what's up with all these violent scenes and wow, it's really brutal!" type of reaction. He might actually start to say, "Well this wasn't the regular show you grew up with, you might as well be ready to be shocked and be amazed at the world of Gosei Sentai Dairanger!"

I guess he might want to poke fun at the Gorma or their weird ceremonies. Or better, he might actually say, "Really? We're having a Star Wars moment here?" when it comes to Ryou's meeting with his father Zhang Liao. He …

I Just Started Watching Gogo V, Subbed By Another Imagination Station!

Well it's finally here, Gogo-Five subs have finally been released. So it's the first 25 episodes plus the movie has been released after a long time of wait. I'll admit I was really getting impatient in more than one level after I heard the announcement and finally, it's here and I'd say that even in just three episodes, I find myself wanting to see more of it. Prior to its release, I had a funny dream TV-5 aired and bastardized Gogo-Five before I saw the announcement. FUNNY!

Gogo Five presents the first train mecha in Super Sentai which serves as some kind of transportation fortress. The mecha is brought into battle in a way like the Victory Trailer in Carranger. In this one, the train houses the components of the Victory Robo which combine in an atypical way.

My Personal Picks For Top Ten Hottest Super Sentai AND Power Rangers Hot Female Warriors

While my comrades at JEFusion have shared this post on Watch Mojo's top ten Power Rangers girls and well, I'll just have to disagree at some points again. I thought just Super Sentai or just Power Rangers might be too easy but what if I decided to try something harder by picking from both but meanwhile, here's my list of attractive Super Sentai heroines who are just there in chronological order and not by the attractiveness scale. Now for my top ten list from bottom to top laced with some of my personal biases so don't hammer me okay?!


10. Natsumi Shinohara

 I thought that after watching Carranger, the real distraction IMO is not Zonette's cleavage (and I think Nostalgia Critic would say, "WTF... how could you?!") but Natsumi herself. Yeah I know she's pretty much a tomboy but in spite of her boyish behavior, I can't deny her natural beauty. Even if…

Ninninger May Not Have Its Own Timeline!

While watching Ninninger and expecting it to be its own timeline, I just gave a thought that perhaps like Gokaiger, it belongs to the VS. Continuity rather than its own continuity. So why am I making this stand? Here's what's happening in the series, and if you think that a Super Sentai timeline is possible, you should watch more of the 80s Super Sentai which will make things obvious that there is no Super Sentai timeline.

The first instance was the guest-starring of both Sasuke (Kakuranger) and Yousuke (Hurricanger) as themselves, rather than the actors guesting as another character. I mean, if you remember, we see Super Sentai cast members coming back as different characters after their respective roles are over. But here, they came back as their previous roles. Common sense will tell us that if Super Sentai had a timeline, there's a lot to account for and the series will have to explain a lot of plotholes like, "Why didn't the ninjas and samurais of the past e…