Lucky Yoshi Sudarso, Lucky Ninningers!

Well I felt this episode of Ninninger had people I'm happy for namely Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers DIno Charge) and for the Ninningers, for meeting a childhood hero. Okay, I only heard of Jiraiya just NOW and yes, NOW and I felt like Ninninger's sending me on the mission to watch... JIRAIYA. 

Yoshi Sudarso is seen speaking in English in this episode and Yakumo Kato and he speak in English. So I was wondering, was he simply going "uhhhh..." like any guy who can't understand Japanese. Perhaps the actor Gaku Matsumoto was able to interpret everything so, lucky him. He's the first Power Ranger to actually make a cameo role and honestly, I wish there were more scenes though but time may have not allowed it.

Here's Sudarso's video and sure, he really looks happy in this one. All I can say is congratulations to him for his fun moment. Not everyone has the opportunity to even make a cameo. I just wish he had more screen time. But again, did he just decide to make a cameo and watch the rest? Probably. But regardless, I wish he'd bring the whole Dino Charge batch to Japan! Sure he wasn't able to make a huge role but... he did spend a lot of off-screen time with the Ninningers and that's really good.

And just for a bit of detail...the cameo was icing, the cake itself was Yoshi Sudarso's tour around Toei. If Toei hated him, they would not even allow him to enter into the studio in the first place. No, they were not making fun of him since he was allowed to make a cameo. His bigger moment though was when he got to meet the cast and not the cameo. I mean, his cameo was just the icing that said, "I got to meet the Ninningers." but the cake was, "I got to meet them and talk with them. We had a good time together." I guess it was quite unplanned and for me, not really necessary to wrap up his visit considering that he still had a schedule to fulfill.

Meanwhile, let's talk about the lucky Ninningers meeting a bigger sempai though I wonder, did Sudarso also meet his guy? I hope so. I may not be a huge fan of Power Rangers but it would be fun if they did.

So you're meeting a Henshin Hero who's old enough to be your pops. In my case, Kenji Ohba is old enough to be my father. I feel happy for the Ninningers. Too bad Sudarso didn't stay longer perhaps due to his busy schedule and it was probably just a momentary leave. Schedule, schedule anyone?

I guess these guys were Jiraiya fans huh? I feel so happy for them! Now only if I can organize a fan event which of course is beyond me. =P


  1. Good for Yoshi to make history as the first Power Ranger to guest star on a Super Sentai show.

    I highly recommend Jiraiya. It's an epic metel heroes series!

    Speaking of Ohba Kenji, Keep a look out for him as you watch Jiraiya it's one of the best episodes in the series.

    1. Too bad it happened so much later, I guess it's because of tight schedules or Toei and Saban have had other plans in their heads, not to mention Disney era kicked in too. Although in due fairness, James MacLurcan met the Go-ongers off-screen.

      I also wished the following guesting happened:

      1.) Paul Schrier as Mr. Brown but language barrier anyone?
      2.) Amy Jo Johnson as Mako's mother... still ridiculous wishful thinking.


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