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Coolest Scientific Villain Poll Result

Now for the top three voted scientific villain:

First place goes to-
Gaja and Ryuon got a tie- 7 votes. Hee hee.

Second place goes to-
Dr. Hinelar- 6 votes.

Third place goes to-
Emperor Tranza- five votes

Results for Coolest Scientist Commander

So far here are the top three highest number of votes for coolest scientist commander of Sentai:

1st place- 19 votes.
We have Swan Shiratori f Dekaranger. Hee hee.

2nd place- We have three who got 5 votes, it's a tie.
Sanjoru Sugata
Aya Odagiri of Jetman
Morio Makino of Boukenger

3rd Place- We got 4 votes for...
Oboro Hinata of Hurricanger

Sentai's Most Brutal One-on-One Final Duels

Sentai really had some final one-on-one duels that would have really killed anybody in the real life. These scenes are wehre the injuries are sustained not by just one but two characters in a severe exchange of blows.

Here are the following final duels that were really too brutal:
I think Flashman's duel between Red Flash and Kaura deserves first place. It was really the one that put a lot of injury between the two of them. Looking at all the violence in it, it could have really killed them both in a draw.  It's weird how Kaura survived that ordeal though before he died at the end of the episode.

The second one to really come close to the classic Flashman duel between Red Flash and Kaura has to be Boukenger's Bouken Red vs. Ryuon. The final battle took place at the musuem where Ryuon started using a LOT of Precious in the attempt to kill Bouken Red, it's hard to determine the outcome and well, the accelerator suit got damaged pretty badly during this battle. In fact…

Swan Shiratori: The Swan's A Genius

The polls are almost closed and as the science rush is about to end, I really find out that most of those who voted have put Swan to a big lead. Now I believe it's time to really write something about this alien from Chinyo on her scientific career. Let's get on to it.

Swan Shiratori herself has been assigned to the Earth branch of the Special Police Dekaranger and she's been the one designing their mecha, modifying their mecha and in charge of the technical side of the base. She apparently had feelings for Doggie Cruger and vice versa, a plot not taken too far probably due to complaints. She was also the first female scientist/commander to have a ranger form although her fighting abilities may pale to Aya Ogadiri of Jetman.

She has been shown like Doggie Cruger to be both caring and severe to the Dekarangers at times. She has been seen to be able to decipher through the toughest of situations and it's suggestive that she may have had personally traned Hoji Tomasu hi…

Jetman Mecha

I have to be quite rude not to make an entry on Jetman's mecha. :-(

After all, it was the 90s sentai that managed not only to pay tribute to Gatchaman but also to "fodder" into other sentai more ideas that kept it fresh (despite the apparent lack of action scenes later). It was also my favorite 90s sentai with its rather fresh start and deeper character relations (Maskman came close though :-P).

The Jet Birds:
Ah yes those magnificent Jet Birds. They were created by Skyforce to help defend the Earth from the Vyram and are powered by birdonic energy, probably an alien form of energy.

So far the one that was most unique was the Jet Owl because it was able to lift up heavy rocks and the Jet Swallow with its wing attack which personally was my favorite aside from my crush on Ako Hayasaka back then. They were the first set of mecha to assemble into...

the powerful Icarus Haken. This was a tribute to the second God Phoenix in Gatchaman II as well as the Gatchaspartan in Ga…

Sentai and Psychological Warfare

Sentai whether old or new also had times when both heroes and villains engage in psychological warfare. Psychological warfare is a battle of the minds that reduce the use of physical strength and focus more on brain power. How does this work? Here are some of the most common:
There's the appeal of pride. My favorite example is how Zonos takes too much pride in his beautiful voice that he considers Yuuma/Change Pegasus' horrible singing a pain to him. It's what really saved the day. :-P
Disgusies are another. Most of those who mastered disguises are the women themselves although the men did participate (but under their instruction) in this kind of warfare. Both heroes and villains have practiced this art but usually perfected by women (men do more rough work than women do).
Exploitation of hidden weaknesses is another. Perhaps the most infamous example was when the Jetmen's weaknesses emerged thanks to the Vending Machine Jigen. It literally put them against each …

Sentai and Animal Themes

Super Sentai so far has animal themes real or not, most of them are usually referential to them one way or another like:

Note: There are mistakes so I'm open to corrections. My mind has gotten pretty crowded. :-P
Sun Vulcan was the first to use animal themes namely eagle (red), shark (blue) and panther (yellow) in relation to their attack patterns. Vul Shark was one to be closest to his animal being water. However no animal related mecha was used yet.
The Changemen used mythological animals as its motiff although not in its mecha. So far only Change Dragon's animal speaks for itself with his personality.
Liveman was the first to use animal based mecha. Somehow the animals didn't only match their styles but also their personalities. For example, Red Falcon like his namesake has slashing skills, Yellow Lion uses lion-like attacks, Blue Dolphin is an expert in aquatics, Green Rhino and Black Bison are expert in ramming attacks.
In Jetman, the five birds somewhat represent a…

Sentai Groups Using Individual Nature-Related Powers

Super Sentai had groups using elemental powers. These are:

The Biomen used nature related powers via their swords- Red 1 used fire, Green 2 used wind, Blue 3 used shock waves, Yellow 4 used lightning and Pink 5 used laser beams.

The Dairangers had used different elements- Ryu Ranger uses fire, Shishiranger uses mist, Kirinranger uses time, Tenmaranger uses gravity and Hououranger uses wind. The newcomer Kibaranger uses sound.

The Kakurangers being ninjas used nature-related powers. Ninja Red uses fire, Ninja White uses wind, Ninja Blue uses water, Ninja Yellow uses lightning and Ninja Black uses earth.

Ginga Red used fire, Ginga Green used wind, Ginga Blue used water, Ginga Yellow used lightning and Ginga Pink used well, plants. However these powers were inherent within them before they even donned their Ginga suits. Cheesy huh?

The first three members Hurricane Red used air, Hurricane Yellow used earth and Hurricane Blue used water (which is appropriate judging by their mecha) and th…

Sentai Karts for the Red Rangers Only

Super Sentai had some of its karts which were for the red rangers. I think some of them did hold a specific purpose, others just built for that way. Either way I'd like to talk about them.
Maskman's Spin Cruiser was developed for a good reason- to save a boy and his father trapped in a vortex warp created by Capilla Dobler. It was the only arsenal they had that could save them.
Turboranger's Turbo Attacker was simply an alternate vehicle in Turboranger for Red Turbo, a concept later ported into Carranger. It didn't have much of a storyline though. It was imfamously used against Racer Bouma in a rather epic duel.
The last but not the least, the Jet Striker in Jetman. Its true nature wasn't revealed until Kaori Rokumekan, Ako Hayasaka and Raita Ooshi were trapped by Camera Jigen and its alternate mode as the Fire Bazooka was the only one that could save them. Towards the end of the series, Radiguet destroyed it overpowering the Fire Bazooka's blast.