Sentai Groups Using Individual Nature-Related Powers

Super Sentai had groups using elemental powers. These are:

The Biomen used nature related powers via their swords- Red 1 used fire, Green 2 used wind, Blue 3 used shock waves, Yellow 4 used lightning and Pink 5 used laser beams.

The Dairangers had used different elements- Ryu Ranger uses fire, Shishiranger uses mist, Kirinranger uses time, Tenmaranger uses gravity and Hououranger uses wind. The newcomer Kibaranger uses sound.

The Kakurangers being ninjas used nature-related powers. Ninja Red uses fire, Ninja White uses wind, Ninja Blue uses water, Ninja Yellow uses lightning and Ninja Black uses earth.

Ginga Red used fire, Ginga Green used wind, Ginga Blue used water, Ginga Yellow used lightning and Ginga Pink used well, plants. However these powers were inherent within them before they even donned their Ginga suits. Cheesy huh?

The first three members Hurricane Red used air, Hurricane Yellow used earth and Hurricane Blue used water (which is appropriate judging by their mecha) and the two additional members used thunder.

The Magiranger siblings being spell casters naturally used nature related powers. Magired used fire, Magiyellow used thunder, Magiblue used water, Magipink used wind and Magigreen used life force.

The Boukengers indirectly used their elements- Bouken Red used fire naturally due to his title but only when he does the Red Zone Crash and later using Zubaan, Bouken Black uses speed, Bouken Blue uses air when he uses the blow knuckle, Bouken Yellow uses earth using her bucket scoopers and Bouken Pink uses water in her hydro shooter. Bouken Silver the sixth member apparently uses life force being a hanyo.

Last but not the least the Shinkengers (thanks to whoever made a comment, I hope you make a blogger account too). How could I have overlooked this? Hmmm. Anyway we have Shinken Red using fire, Shinken Blue using water, Shinken Green using plant life, Shinken Pink using air and Shinken Yellow using earth basically the five elements of Feng Shui. As for Shinken Gold, I don't know what he uses so if anybody knows, I'll make corrections in this blog. :-P

Comments have posted it's either light or metal. But looking at the kanji, it's hikari or light.

Blog updated as of: November 18, 2009.


  1. you seem to left out the shinkenger. isn't it obvious that they use elemental powers?

    you know i'll criticize your blog because i have been noticing this trend for a while now. it looks like your every analysis of every past sentai must include boukenger and you always find a way to find a similiraty between them and the rest. like in this post you added boukenger but claimed that they indirectly use elemental powers. don't get me wrong i love boukenger but never really got the sense of elements in there. you've had past post that discusses the very intricacies and every details of boukenger which isn't really a bad thing; it's just that your blog is becoming more one-dimensional. i've come to the expectations that your latest post is about them (or dekaranger in some cases) that it is enough for you to create an encyclopedia about them.

    you must cater to other sentai fans though because i am sure not everyone's favorite sentai is boukenger. (i don't mind if you don't post this comment publicly. i am just expressing my opinion)

  2. Okay thanks for the advice. I need whatever opinions there are to cater to other fans. I post this publicly to show I'm gracefully accepting your opinion.

  3. Hi, just dropping by to give what I think about shinkengold. Infact shinkenger's powers are based on the chinese five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and also water.

    For the japanese, they too have the five elements - wood, fire, earth, water and heaven/sky, which substitutes metal instead.

    Heaven/sky, if you read up a little more in detail about this on wikipedia, is associated with metal according to feng shui. But, this is just my thought.

    Anyway shinkengold's element is metal. But sometimes metal is referred to as gold. This is because metal (gold) is shiny. And because it shines, he was given the element light (hikari) instead. Thus his visor has the character of light.

    If you notice the number of strokes the shinkenger used when they transformed - all are 4 strokes with the exception of shinkenyellow having 3.

    The reason I believe shinkengold's character is not metal because the number of strokes for metal in chinese is 8 (that's too many!). And because gold shines a lot, he was given light instead. Well the writing of light has more than 4 strokes; infact it is 6. So i guess the script writers gave him the "special" technique to create mojikara (correct me if i'm wrong in the spelling).

    I'm not that of an expert on why these are placed as such but you could check it out on wikipedia. Just type "chinese five elements" and there is a whole lot of it regarding the topic.

    Hope I can just do my part in explaining. Do accept my apologies if i confuse you with my explanation.

    Thank you so much for reviewing the super sentai shows from past till now. Keep up the good job with the blog. I just found it out two days ago. Very interesting.

    Aaron Oo

  4. Aaron I hope you can be my follower too and invite others too.

  5. i think shinkengold's element is light or hikari! that's what his kanji said!

  6. Hey, thanks for inviting!

    Yeah I agree with Ling that light is shinkengold's MAIN element due to the kanji on his visor.

    Speaking of which (I find it difficult to express when writing but do pardon me for my explanation), Mako's element - heaven/sky (tenku) is somehow indirectly related with metal.

    I did some checking up. Um, remember the Beijing olympics mascots? One of them ni ni (the green mascot)symbolises the open sky with her golden wings on her helmet. Now, in the 8 trigrams in feng shui: Qian – Heaven – belongs to the metal element. So Mako's element - sky should be representing metal infact.

    However, i see that the metal attributes more to shinkengold due to gold being a metal.

    Not to confuse all of you, let's just put shinkengold's element as light.

    Sorry for misleading all before this as i'm like the blind leading the blind. Thanks again.

  7. Aaron I hope you can invite more people. By the way, please do follow other Super Sentai blogs too.

  8. Hi everybody! I liked your blog and this post. Indeed, the Sentai series often use elements.
    Just a correction on Dairanger part: the Tenma Ranger uses gravity and Kirin Ranger uses time. You changed the names.
    Congratulations for your blog.

  9. you got a mistake for dairanger on your post. Tenmaranger actually uses gravity power and kirinranger actually uses time

  10. @Maia1995- Thanks. Did the correction already.

  11. i've thought to aaron's opinion about boukenger, they are not fight with their individual nature, and i conclude, boukenger refers to individual ability. Bouken black has ability in speed, blue in flying, yellow in strength, pink in diving, and red in his leadership. I think it is similar to gaoranger and abaranger. In gaoranger, the hero can fly, swim, speedy but they don't have individual element like wind, water or air.


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