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Where are the Super Sentai Teams Now in their Fictional Universe? (Part 3-2000s Era)

Except for Kyoryuger since it's still ongoing, let's get back to the 2000s era...

In Timeranger we have Yuuri, Ayase, Domon and Sion return back into the future after the final battle with Gien who was wired crazy.  So Tatsuya lives his own life, reconciles with his father and later meets doppelgangers of his friends including one who looks like the deceased Naoto.

After the Orgs were defeated, the Gaorangers went into their normal lives. Kakeru became a doctor again, Gaku went back to the military, Sae goes back to school.  For Shirogane, he had a hard time adjusting to his new era.

The Hurricangers and their allies the Goraigers later went back to the academy.  So it's confirmed they have graduated.  For Nanami what is known of her is that later she became a pop singer.

The Abarangers after defeating Evorian apparently still stuck together except for Asuka returning back to Dino Earth.  So Yukito still continues with his chiropractor job with the group as well, Ranru be…

Where are the Super Sentai Teams Now in their Fictional Universe? (Part 2-90s Era)

Well this was the era where Power Rangers eventually came to existence but let's start shall we?

The Fivemen were last seen leaving the Earth to recover their stranded parents.  Most likely they went back to their teaching careers.

The Jetmen had a three years later epilogue.  So for Gai Yuki, we don't know what he was doing, perhaps he lingered around Sky Force and became a commander before he was mugged to death.  For Ryu and Kaori they got married and Ryu could be in Sky Force.  Raita married Satsuki is still farming and Ako became an idol singer.

The Zyurangers ascended into Heaven after the defeat of Bandora to be reunited with Burai.  They later descended to Earth to fight in the Legend War in the Gokaiger continuity.

Where are the Super Sentai Teams Now in their Fictional Universe? (Part 1-Late 70s-80s Era)

Inspired by this post titled "Where are the Power Rangers in the Fictional Universe?" I thought I might do one for Super Sentai.  Moving on...

After Goranger, it seems that the team had still stayed together in the Dino Gon Curry House and the Eagle Military Branch. For JAKQ after defeating Iron Claw, it's most likely they have either parted ways or may still be together.
Battle Fever J- Perhaps they all went back to their original lives after defeating Egos.  For Diane Martin the first Miss America, she's in America and may have not recovered.
Denziman- May be currently running the Toei Amusement Park.

Super Sentai Series With Post-Series Specials

There were some Super Sentai that can be noted for having post-series specials.  These are the following:
Chojin Sentai Jetman- After the conclusion of 51 episodes, there came out the Jetman Toei Hero Encyclopedia where Ryu and Kaori are featured as a married couple, they talk about their days as Jetmen before living normal civilian lives.  Along the way, they recall their adventures and in the end, it's discovered they have named their son as Gai, named after their late friend Gai Yuki.
Mirai Sentai Timeranger- After the tearful bittersweet conclusion of Timeranger (since Tatsuya and Yuri well it's impossible for them to be together), we do get a special which is a self-contained episode.  The first five Timerangers go use the Time Gamma to see all the Super Sentai series as the years passed from Goranger down to Gogo V before it ends with the endorsing Gaoranger which became the anniversary special (25th season).
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- There was the Shinkenger Returns OV…

Super Sentai Whose Power Rangers Counterparts Who Were Too Different

Well it's time to write another comparison and clarification of Super Sentai and Power Rangers just a little bit for those who are new to enjoying Super Sentai, before jumping into conclusions please read this first so you don't get too much of a shock.  They were:

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and MMPR Season 1- While Zyuranger focused on members of ancient mankind who were revived in the present day from suspended animation to fight Bandora's forces, MMPR followed the formula of Turboranger of having teenagers with attitude chosen to fight Rita Repulsa's invading forces though neither Zordon or Alpha could provide a real explanation why they were chosen.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger and MMPR Season 2- Compared to Dairanger which is presumably self-contained from Zyuranger, MMPR Season 2 was a continuation of the first season with the teenagers with attitude motif.  In Dairanger, it was basically a fresh new batch chosen to fight the return of the Gorma and the themes were chi b…

Final Thoughts on Gobusters

Gobusters for me was a pain to watch most of the time and I skipped several episodes, perhaps I'd say it's Kobayashi's worst work but I'll credit her for Gingaman, Timeranger, Shinkenger and Ryuki.  She just needs a break or something.  Now moving on... and thanks to Christina Tran for the pictures.

The shocking revelation of Jin Masato with his real body is pretty surprising and last minute.  And also the fact he sacrificed himself so the Messiah card can be removed from Hiromu's body was a brave thing to do while being typical of heroes to risk themselves.

The final battle with Enter shows just how crazy Enter is.  While I was hoping the Messiah virus would return, infect the world systems and cause a really destructive finale, instead we have Enter empowered by the Messiah card instead.  I guess it was done so Gobusters doesn't copy too much from Power Rangers RPM.  I'd say I was disappointed Messiah was erased for good after his supposed return, plus I …

Kyoryuger on My Birthday

Well it's my birthday today and the Kyoryugers have just timed to give a present to me and all those who are celebrating their birthday with me today.  So I guess for all Sentai fans with the same birthday as I do, it's been a nice present for everyone.  And also thanks to all my supporters for helping me reach the 1,000,000th mark but I hope you will check out my other blogs like the the Oriental Fanatics Celebs where I'll be putting all your favorite Henshin actors and actresses instead of this blog.

Finally Hit the 1,000,000th Mark!!!!

When I started this blog, I just thought I didn't really have a sense of direction or was ignorant about blogging.  In fact, I just wanted to spread Super Sentai knowledge to people especially to Power Rangers fans.  Well, at first I thought I wanted to turn this into a hate blog but later, by not being a picker on Power Rangers and marketing Super Sentai as nicely as possible, I began to get more audience by not being an unfair hater.  So yeah, tomorrow's my birthday and the Kyoryuger's first episode.  But I may be catering to my other blogs than this one for other reasons.  Xie xie, arigato and thank you to the supporters especially to Power Rangers fans who are open minded about Super Sentai.

What's the Rule of Thumb of Secret Identities in Super Sentai?

While the idea of secret identities aren't really that emphasized in Super Sentai, however it could be possible that there's this "rule of thumb" about one's secret identity. And here are the instances of that rule implemented:

In Chodenshi Bioman in episode 13 "Jun", Jun had to hide her identity as Shiro instructed them that not even their families and friends can know they are Biomen. However later on, some civilians knew of their identities like Dr. Man's son Shuichi or Shota Yamamori in episodes 35-36 when he wanted to join the Biomen. But that rule doesn't seem to be strictly used.

In Kosoku Sentai Turboranger being the first team of teenagers, they always tried to hide their identity presumably Dr. Dazai told them to do so. Well maybe behind the scenes Dr. Dazai said, "First your Turbo Bracelets aren't toys, use only your powers when necessary and third you must not let anybody know you are a Turboranger." Later on, Misa Yama…

Comeback and Sacrifice: Shiro Izumi and Hiroya Matsumoto

Sorry for not updating for some time and the viewership dropped.  So hope I can do some Kyoryuger insights.  Now moving on...

First is Burai's rather sad death in Zyuranger.  Shiro Izumi's first character Yuuma survived in Changeman but as a sixth rather, it sucked for Burai.  I like Burai but hated the fact that he only had thirty hours to live but the arc was so well-written, I liked Burai even when he died and I was really having a hard time accepting when I read about his death.  But yeah, it was pretty much expected and made more sense than Tommy just goofing off and waiting for Zordon's call. For me, Burai deciding to live the rest of his life fighting Bandora until he dies was the best decision he made in his whole life after he broke the evil from within.  For me, this dramatic scene was really well-written, tears for Dragon Caesar.  Later, Burai came back as a ghost in the Legend War and later with Naoto and Mikoto to give Gai Ikari his destiny.

The second is Hiro…

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 Super Sentai Fans!

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 everyone 

Greetings from...

The Dairangers

The Gekirangers and Jan says it's "Wakiwakiwaki!!!!"

Master Sha Fu...

SCRTC Head Miki Masaki

The Fist Saints Elefan Kampo, Bat Li, Sharkie Chan, Gorie Yen, Pyon Piao and Michelle Peng....

And of course from Gai Ikari and Ryou with their gyoza restaurant...