Finally Hit the 1,000,000th Mark!!!!

When I started this blog, I just thought I didn't really have a sense of direction or was ignorant about blogging.  In fact, I just wanted to spread Super Sentai knowledge to people especially to Power Rangers fans.  Well, at first I thought I wanted to turn this into a hate blog but later, by not being a picker on Power Rangers and marketing Super Sentai as nicely as possible, I began to get more audience by not being an unfair hater.  So yeah, tomorrow's my birthday and the Kyoryuger's first episode.  But I may be catering to my other blogs than this one for other reasons.  Xie xie, arigato and thank you to the supporters especially to Power Rangers fans who are open minded about Super Sentai.


  1. Happy anniversary and birthday, you did the wise thing to only be professional to only concentrate on Super Sentai analysis instead of bashing on PR. For your decision you are a true Jedi!

    I started getting into Toku at 16 and I am 33 and like the Changeman end theme, Never Stop!
    Continue to indulge in Super Sentai till it ends!


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