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Poll Results for January 31, 2010

Now here are the current poll results that ended as of January 31, 2010. It's time to announce the winners.

Which Sentai era was the best? The results are: 59 out of 117 votes for 2000s Sentai, 32 out of 117 votes for the 1990s Sentai, 22 out of 117 votes for the 1980s Sentai and 4 out of 117 votes for the 1970s Sentai. Naturally the winner is 2000s Sentai. Sadly for me, my favorite was the 90s sentai because it was that era where action was more intense than any other.

Concerning the views of Kaoru Shiba, well here's the result: 55 out of 121 votes for "It's an Interesting Twist", 26 out of 121 votes for "Poor Takeru" and a tie of 20 out of 121 votes for "Awesome" and "Red rangers should always be male."

Lastly for the poll that ended as of today, what do you think of Goseiger. 70 out of 106 people think that it will have the old Sentai feel (which I don't) while 36 out of 106 people think it won't (I'm in this crowd).


Dairanger Team Analysis

As Chinese new year is fast approaching (and so is Valentine's Day, boo hoo can't believe I still don't have luck with Jasmine-San) and tomorrow is well, the first day of February, I'd like to start it with the Dairanger team analysis. Ps. Dairanger's red, green, blue and pink rangers' animals remind me of Changeman too!

Ryu/Ryuuranger- He is half-Chinese, half-Japanese fellow sired by a Chinese father and a Japanese mother. He is what the show would have as the hesitant red ranger who is unable to accept his destiny at first until he realizes he is needed. He also carries the mark of a tragic past, moving towards the future and also being the most bad-ass member because he's practiced more fight skills than the others and his Dragon Fist techniques which accompanies with what Chi Beast empowers him namely Ryuseioh kick a lot of asses which makes fire a fitting mastery for him. I think he also pays tribute to Ryu of Jetman with his battles with Jin Mato…

Super Sentai Dance Teams

Super Sentai had its own list of dancers. Here they are as I can remember:

The Maskman team danced to the tune of the Shot Bomber/Jet Cannon theme.

The Gaorangers performed at least one dance number for the credits, I think it was a special.

The Hurricangers danced at the end credits. LOL.

The Abarangers were also good dancers, something not put into Zyuranger.

The Dekarangers for me actually beat the Maskmen's dance skills. They danced at the credits and I love their steps.

The Magirangers beat Gogo V and Fiveman as they're the first sibling force to dance in the end credits. LOL.

The Gekirangers also danced at the credits. They also had one episode they incorporated dance itno their attacks.

The Go-ongers also danced at the end of the credits.

The Shinkengers had their own dance number in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger ending credits. So there are two Takerus who can dance now.

The Goseigers dance in their own number.

The Gobusters danced at the end of the credits.
The Kyoryugers were …

What I'm Thinking of Goseiger with These Pictures

Somehow Shinkenger is kind of looking good at first. However it seems I'm not very excited about Goseiger... I don't know why.

The cast looks so young and new. I wonder if they have knowledge in martial arts. Looks like Takumi Hirose won't be interested in them. :-( My impression is it's more of a Sentai that won't be so appealing to the grown up audience. I just think Gosei Red looks way too young for his actual age.

So far the weapons are looking good and Gosei Red's sword reminds me of the 80s GT Sword of Red Turbo.

Maybe this time, it's using REAL flames unlike Shinkenger's which I think was for practicality reasons because the sword was too big for that stunt. Maybe the CGI just improved. I don't know. According to Fantasy Leader, it's REAL flames like the fire sword in Bioman.

Face Value Preferences Between PR and Super Sentai

I felt like that there's been some face value judging between Power Rangers and Super Sentai preference. What do I mean my face value preference? It's because of some attractive cast members male or female as a means to target either male or female audiences or both. I think even some younger adults watched because of these. Let's go shall we?
Below are some of the cast members that I believe really created an impact on face value preference. Why? The fact sometimes, the popularity of a show is based on the face value of the actors/actresses playing which of course may leave a bias to view the other counterpart. How true indeed. Some people judge surface value too much.
Note DO NOT add pre-PR Sentai in the comments because I'm referring to choosing between PR and Sentai counterparts. Most of these are pretty subjective to me so you can always disagree with some things here, just don't post bad comments, leave them for hate fics!
For the males:

Amy Jo Johnso…

My Favorite Ranger-Based Theme Songs Sung by the Cast Themselves

Yes there were some ranger-based theme songs sung by the actors who portrayed them in some Super Sentai shows. In the case of Dekaranger and Boukenger, all the members of the Sentai group sang for the soundtrack. Sadly not all of them can really sing :-(. Please note most of them are bonus songs NOT in-show songs.

I'd like to list some of my favorites as they really do stand out in my opinion. They are:
I also liked Haruka Suenaga's rather mellow song "Sakura". It was my favorite song from the soundtrack and my favorite ranger-based theme song. I take my word back- this is my NUMBER ONE.

Ayumi Kinoshita's song "Hard Rain" is nice. Strangely enough, Jasmine-San (my friend that looked like her) likes this song too even if she can't understand a word because she's of Chinese descent and if I'm not wrong, she can play the guitar. Fortunately it's not heavy metal because my ears have gotten too sensitive for some reason. :-P

I like Rin Ta…

Slightly Remastered Sentai in Dubs

So far Sentai whenever it was dubbed had some slight alterations aside from the most obvious (cutting out of scenes of sexiness and gore) also had some other remastering done with sounds. However NO crazy edits like Disney's was ever done fortunately.
Bioman when it was dubbed in English had some of these errors I could remember- Bio Robot theme playing instead of the minus one of the opening in some fight scenes, Bioman opening theme playing instead of some other music or sometimes no music at all when it was supposed to be played. One example was in Bioman episode 11 when the music "Sexy Lady" was supposed to be played but there was no sound at all.
Maskman remastered the opening and ending in Tagalog. However the Japanese vocals still existed in the show. However a glitch occurred when the Great Five theme was supposed to stop after the robot was formed but continued on for awhile.
Turboranger when it was remastered featured Tagalog written title cards instead of Jap…

Shinkenger: Juzo's Death, Takeru's Return

Finally Takeru gets his last battle with Juzo and I find his duel far more intense than Red Mask's desperate battle with Baraba in Maskman so I guess he's the better Takeru.

After a rather long and intense battle, Juzo finally gets what he deserves. It ends where Takeru Shiba strikes him down in a diagonal slash defeating him. Takeru suits off and Juzo restores back to his human form. Juzo dies in an unusual way as he crumbles down.

Seeing the next episode, how Takeru will return still remains to be seen. On the other hand, two more episodes to go. Finally Doukoku reappears and it's going to be the intense final battle.
However at the looks of Goseiger, I need to see a few episodes before I throw my judgment but it seems it won't click much with me though.

Music in Super Sentai and Power Rangers Compared

I think it's just something that's gone over the throats of fans to which music is better. This area seems relative or a gray area because of culture. I'd like to really talk about Sentai and Power Rangers soundtrack.
Okay let's start with Super Sentai music because Super Sentai came in first. Super Sentai in its shows also had the habit of inserting popular songs while using fast paced while rarely using heavy metal (apparently the people have sensitive ears like I do). On the other hand, the soundtracks sound like dance music and some range to "classical" (ex. Zyuranger's opening) to the romantic.

There's a different song for the opening and the ending as to avoid boredom. Somehow each one has a reason for playing those different songs. There were also songs for the mecha which of course added greater flavor to the soundtrack although we can only hear minus one or instrumentals in the shows. Some openings were sung by the actors. Liveman was …